Friday, 30 May 2014


All of my people, I greet una. How una dey? How body? How pikin? And that wicked boss wey no gree give you promotion? Don't worry, there is God in everything we do. Shebi na only him waka come this earth? Tell am sey make hin kontunu....... There is God. So yesterday, I dropped a tutorial on how to tie gele and I got lot's of response and result. I'm proud of y'all (in my fake British accent *smiles*). A blog reader stated the challenge below and I'm guessing lot's of us faced the same issue today. Truth is I still face it (*covers face) but here's what I do

Hi Moby,
 I came across your blog just about a week ago and I must say this, you are really creative and good. May God bless your hand work.

About the tieing of gele that I just read now, although I know how to tie it as I once learnt it. I know it well to the point of setting the layers, but the problem I always have is making the layers stay very well and flat, especially the upper ones. I always get to the point of forming up to six or seven layers, but it's always the first three to four layers that maintain their stay.

So please, how do I form more layers and make them stay, do I have to make them stay and flat with pins(although I've never tried to use pin)? Most times I get to tie aso oke very well, but I don't always get satisfied with my tieing of sego(and the likes) and wrapper(like ankara or lace).

Thanks. Looking forward to reading back from you.

Dear Concerned Reader,
Thanks for reading my blog. I was blushing for a minute there. May God bless our handwork (AMEN). About our stubborn layers wey no gree stay, I'll advice you either make your layers before you tie the ends so that the layers will be pulled tight when tying or you tie the gele very tight before making the layers so when you're making the layers, it stays on very tight and firm. Then you use your hand to press the layers down. By doing so, you are making the layers flat. Please don't use pins on the layers o so you don't hurt yourself. Just keep pressing down and the layers will be flat.
I hope I've been able to solve our layers problem?

To our stubborn layers,
Please be staying when we tie you. Don't be giving us extra wahala when we want to make you. It's hard work tying gele then you will now want to do strong head and be removing. Abeg try and do us good when next we make you. Thank you.

 From a concerned gele tier, Moby.

So I promised to post pictures of some people that tried tying the gele and I must say I'm truly impressed. I can't post all the pictures but I'll post three of them. Kudos guys *high 5.......oya low 5...then side butt....finally chest high*. Be easy on the chest part o. No go bust pesin silicone *hehehehehe*.

Good night guys and cheers to the weekend.

Thursday, 29 May 2014


Hello lovies mi (trying hard to sound razz). Happy democracy day o. I remember I used to love public holidays (a break from the daily activities).. but now I just don't seem to care seeing everyday is holiday for me. Anyways, I got a request from a friend asking me to teach her how to tie the female head gear (gele) after she saw Aunty Temi's makeover (you can check it here). So to honor her request,  I'm going to show us how to tie the gele, step by step with pictures. Don't mind the camera and the camera man. Ok, now go  get your gele (aso oke, singele, segoe, damask,even wrapper sef) and let's get to work. For my illustration, I used the gele called Singele also known as wire gele. Let's get to work.

STEP 1: Get hair out of the way. Pack hair to the back or clip it if you can. Do not tie gele with fringe or hair in front (else you might look like you're carrying load...LOL). I have my hair in braids so I just packed it to the back.
STEP 2: Fold half or the edge of the first quarter and it should be the same from top to bottom so that the front of gele is smooth and tidy.
STEP 3: Place on the temple (forehead) and on top of both ears. Put gele over head and make sure it is very firm and flat in front.
STEP 4: Ensure that one end of the gele is longer than the other. The reason you have a longer side is because it's going around the head. Then take the short side in and the long side out (place the longer end under the shorter end) and pull really tight so it doesn't fall off.
STEP 5: Take the longer end round in one straight line.
STEP 6: At this point, you can decide to tie it first before you make the layers or make the layers before tying. The choice is yours. The layer is what im pointing at. Its a fold made when tying gele. Ensure your layers are really flat and you can make as much layers as you want (but exceeding 10 layers would be aseju).
STEP 7: Make a knot (usually at the middle) according to how big you want your gele to be at both ends (the short end and the end that has gone round).
 *end that has gone round

*the short end waiting since morning
STEP 8: Tie both ends preferably twice.

STEP 9: Set layers very well. I don't have a big mirror so I use the window. Serves the purpose of a good mirror well.

Use pin where necessary. And we are done. Yipeeeeeeeeee..
*NOTE: You shall sweat like this by the time you are done.
 Try to make the back as neat as much as possible.

You may not get it well right now but don't beat yourself up. Don't worry, you don't have to be perfect on your first try. Just keep practicing... The more you practice, the easier it becomes. I've been tying gele since I was little.. like 9 years old (believe it.... if you don't, call my mum on 08034084xxx). So if my gele looks this good now,  then you know sey no be beans *smiles*( no be today mata, it haf tay'd LOL). So go and keep trying and if you need another tutorial, then send me a message on Love you loads.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

4 finalists emerge in Nigeria's first weightloss reality show - The faSttest shedder

Four finalists have emerged in Nigeria’s 1st Weight loss Reality TV Show - The faSttest shedder.  According to Seyi Olusore, producer and designer of faSttest shedder, “it has been a life-changing adventure with well-known fitness and wellness experts who have helped the shedders achieve weight loss in a careful and safe environment via various careful and safe Diet/Exercise routines.”  What started out with 10 contestants in the faSttest shedder House is now down to four. The finalists are Debbie Ogundiran, Zainab Kashaam Eniola, Funmilola Oke Yetunde, and Nneka Agbanusi Nwando.  
Auditions/Screenings took place in February 2014, at Fuzion Fitness Centre, Maryland, Lagos and was  conducted by 3 Judges - Maje Ayida, Tayo Badejo, Trisha Maja. 20 contestants were selected to go through the medical screening conducted by the official medical consultant-Dr. Ukot and 10 shedders made it into ‘The faSttest shedder House.’ The screening process involved different physical exercises, medical checks and a required BMI to determine the ability of the individuals to survive the show’s duration. The 10 shedders were required to undergo daily tasks which included all kinds of challenges and competitions, exercise routines, Zumba dance and other endurance contests to test the strength of their determination. 

Specially selected fitness Trainers (Seyi Olusore, Gbenga Salami, Damilola Omowaiye, Emmanuel Abayomi Cole, Stephen Ezute, and Sani Imonikhe) were in charge of the shedders’ fitness programs, whilst having Dr. Maymunah and Ebun Akinwale handle their Physiological and Diet wellbeing respectively. 
At the end of 21 days, all 10 housemates were up for eviction. The eviction show, anchored by BellaRose Okojie, had the shedder whose percentage weight loss for that week was the lowest sent home. Since the show began, the shedders have lost over 122.8kg in the last 51 days and these four finalists lost about 60kg out of that. 
The faSttest shedder (that is the winner *the closest to lepa from orobo…LOL)  gets  N1,000,000 (1 Million Naira) plus 1 year free gym membership, whilst the first runner-up gets N500, 000  (Five Hundred Thousand Naira) plus 6 months free gym membership and the second runner-up gets a Wardrobe change by RhemieRoses plus 3 months free gym membership.

Showing on TV (Saturdays 11am- 11:30am) wapTV and  Channel 116 on StarTimes. 
And for Global Audience, visit (Fridays 4:30pm) & Repeat (Wednesdays 1pm-1:30pm) 

The faSttest shedder is a Naked Pictures Production. Watch the first episode and others here
For more information visit:
Twitter: @fshedderng
Instagram: Shedamsfitness
BBM Channel: C00468748
 YouTube: faSttest shedder 
Hotlines:08025941661, 08188585391, 08064535579, 08112820883.


Hello lovies…. hmmn. “Some people dey vex oooo” (**hands on chin + dramatic shaking of my head**) todays matter 'get as e be oo'.. Two days ago, I shared a link to one very funny and hilarious app which calculates bride price. Like I said, it is a very funny app that was intended to be a pun… like seriously, who wouldn't want to know or at least see what her bride price could be (**we definitely know it is not a serious tool for measurement of such**), but everybody would want in on the joke. As you know curiosity killed the cat, I decided to check mine (and for my sisters sef and even for a guy LOL). So you could imagine how I felt when I was told I'm a premium babe na (**wink**). I found the app totally comical and very funny because of the options like: if you are dark, fair or whitenicious (**I know some whitenicious aunties LMAO). The funniest ones were "Ada Ada in the morning and Caro at night", "Sexy Bow legs Beyonce". I could go on and was a good laugh for me. But I have come to understand that some people with very strict opinions do not see the joke in this, hence they have laid a petition for the “destruction” of the app (straight face).
Our very own Alibaba said...
'Some People set their bride price (or that of their daughters) at millions (in some cases not naira ooo…hmmn)... When they should even be doing sales and promo... because of what we know them to be. I mean for such “types” (una know na..the full time caros…LOL)  guys should be getting like 70% discount'. (LOL…no be me talk am oo). I’m sure no one raised a petition for Alibaba to be crucified or exiled because of that….because it was everything it was. A JOKE!..

Now here's the petition for the app to be taken down and some reactions (strangely from men).
Frank Kobola at cosmopolitan calls it 'Horrifying & sexist' (hmmn that means the words ‘Menstruation, ‘Menstrual pain, etc are sexist (as na men full am), the characters ‘spider man, He-man and Sango are sexist. The fact that a woman would get a ‘bachelors or master’s degree  is sexist)… I ask …Sir Frank, where art thou sense of humor? Or did you calculate for a loved one and the result wasn’t profitable ni?? 
According to Ikechukwu Oyemelukwe (the person behind the petition to take down the app):
"Bridepricecheck is a web app that assigns virtual monetary value (in Naira) to women in an attempt to calculate their bride price based on factors such as their level of education, skin colour, nationality, weight, beauty, physical features, spoken accents, country of residence, employment status etc" (bee ni)
There's more...
"The Bridepricecheck app promotes racism, sexism and discrimination against women. By assigning a price tag, it devalues the true worth of a woman; it promotes the ideology that women are the lesser gender and are expected to please men (err the Bible says that too Ephesians 5 22-23). The app assigns less monetary value for having darker skin and a greater value for being mixed-race/ lighter (same with the currency power**let’s kill the world leaders). The app assigns a greater value for being tall; having no tribal marks, and deducts a value for having a particular accent (errr all ye rappers ati singers, how do ya’ll describe the ideal babe again??). It even goes as far as limiting the level of ambition and education women are expected to have by deducting monetary value for women who obtain a PhD degree ( but seriously, how many women with Phd are/stay married**just saying oo) . This is not in any way different from the mentality that the terrorist group Boko Haram have towards women (CHAI!! *surprised look**Boko loun loun!!), and how they have demonstrated this with the kidnapping of over 200 Chibok school girls. The world is still dealing with the actions that ensue from such repressive mentality and on a daily basis we get reports of rape, violence, oppression and harassment of women."
(Loud yawn*) I'm bored already. Why is this man taking panadol of our headache o. Very soon we won't be able to laugh at anything without being racist or sexist or “heightist”... I am a woman, and I didn’t even get up to 1 million naira on the app, but I haven’t killed myself and I haven’t been loved any less… I am dark, “not tall”, Nigerian, no accent….and I definitely know it’s not the app that would prostrate to my parents…the man that would, knows what I worth that’s why he wants to spend the rest of his life with me…. . Life is too easy to take too serious oo…ordinary app don dey warrant petition. Hian

Who else shares the same opinion with Mr. Ikechukwu and Sir Frank….please bare your thoughts and if you haven’t seen the App, follow this link

Monday, 26 May 2014


Guess what lovies???? (..Erhmmmmm.....Nope wrong guess...) Here it is: The third edition of Lagos Makeup fair is coming to town (Yay!). Oya Guess what again? (Part 2...LOL) For the first time, it would be a 2-day event and this is so you can get all your makeup addictions fully fed (Una go buy tire!). I am super excited as I've waited for this for so long and its finally happening. Nothing can and would make me miss this (God keeping us).  This event is proudly sponsored by Maybelline New York and the  LMUF3 is the 13th edition of The Makeup Fair Series and is dedicated to providing a platform for professionals in the business of makeup and beauty to showcase and demonstrate their products to a variety of possible clients and business partners.
Exhibitors/sponsors would definately receive an end-of-event result. There is a huge chance they would experience an improvement and increase in sales, enabling them reach out to a new makeup and beauty buying audience, launch new product ranges, test the market and build a clientele database, thereby improving brand circulation (Hmmn! dis english take style plenty abi? dey work...LOL)
Exhibitor Categories include: Makeup/Beauty products, Tools and Personal Care | Wellness and Spa | Hair Care, Products and Accessories | Cost Categories | MakeUp & Beauty Brands | Non-Brands + Sole Reps/Franchises/Owned Labels | Non- Brands (only) | Services (only)

Date: Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd June 2014
Venue: Anchor Events Place, Ikeja, Lagos
Who is going to be there: Me and you. I've booked with my ChiChi a.k.a mama Ayomide (my personal person) and we are storming the fair together (the show is NOT for makeup artists alone oo, anyone and everyone is welcome). Who else would be there? I'll love to know so we can hook up.
Stay happy


Hello boolicious boo-s (New word alert..I'm so adding that to my vocabulary bank)... How are you and how is the most dreadful day of the week going?...yeah yeah Monday things right...
So boo sent me a link to this very amusing app. The application helps calculate your bride price (now I have your attention abi). Some funny people decided to create a website to calculate your bride price. How cute and interesting! To all the Men (marriage worthy ni o), if you're already planning (or thinking of planning) your wedding, abeg use this app to calculate your babe's bride price (so you don't over pay ..*no carry last oo LOL).. Boo calculated my bride price and guess what? I'm a premium babe **dancing skelewu** Doro premium **doro wife.... My wife material get measurement. So people Please go and check it and come back to give me the gist...You can check for yourself or for your friend(s) and even enemies too..LOL I know some people's bride price go be change...LOL and some of una own go dey scatter scale but still check. Its fun and very funny.... A friend sent hers and I really don't know what she pressed o but her wife material na die.

Oya sharp sharp before I open my eyes, go and check yours here . Let me know what it is in the comment section... I won't sleep until I know o.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

A Word for Today
“These Things”

"Can anything ever separate us from Christ's love? Does it mean he no longer loves us if we have trouble or calamity, or are persecuted, or hungry, or destitute, or in danger, or threatened with death? No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us."
-Romans 8: 35 & 37 (NLT)

Many things often strive for our attention, especially things that want to pull us back from the love of Christ, (afflictions, tests and trials). Economic situations, security issues, relationship matters, career, etc, often threaten to separate us from the love of God, we need to realize that in all 'these things', God has declared us victorious, therefore we do not need to worry or fret about anything. The testing of our faith comes at such a time like this, we often profess to have faith, but many are trying to do things their own way, ways that are contrary to the will of God. It's important to know that God doesn't change, He is ever constant and cannot fail, even though systems of this world and human beings may fail, God can never fail. The enemy will try to deceive you to relent in your service and love for God, it is through dedicated and faithful service to God, that blessings come (Exo 23:25), don't let anything separate you from loving and serving God the way you ought to, don't be tempted to use the time meant for God to earn some extra cash, or even spend the money you ought to give to God on other things, faithfulness is required of us. Our heads will be lifted up. We are the chosen of the Lord and He will cause prosperity and abundance to flow in our lives as we stay faithful to Him, not allowing any of 'these things' to separate us from His love. Zechariah 1:17 "Say this also: 'This is what the Lord of Heaven's Armies says: The towns of Israel will again overflow with prosperity, and the Lord will again comfort Zion and choose Jerusalem as his own."

None of 'these things' will separate me from the love of God, I will stay true and faithful to serving Him with all that is in me. Victory is mine! Halleluyah!
Source: Jola & Dexter Akin-Alamu



Hello guys.....I'm so sorry for my sudden absence (on my knees ooo…*no priding*). It wasn’t totally my fault though, I fell victim to the “red eye-ism” of Nigerians and Nigerian organizations. Imagine, my Internet Service Provider decided to cut me off before the stated expiry date, saying I exhausted my data….see groove…everybody sha wants to swindle the next person by hook, by crook and even by book. Nkwanu? For how? There is God sha. Anyways, I missed you all very much. My life felt incomplete for 3 days but thank God I'm back and better *smiles* and I've been getting lots of rant messages from concerned citizens. Can see we have lots of Rant-ees in the house. I promise to post them so we can help each other.
Today, I'm doing a movie review. I've been hearing a lot of people go on and on about the new x-men movie and as you know me, a sharp babe wey no dey carry last, I carried myself and boo to go see the much talked about movie and guess what? I've caught the fever and I will also talk about it too. The movie na die (as in die!), the entire length of the movie was worth every penny dropped. Now I want to rant.
Dear Nollywood,
Firstly, una no dey try at all. As in all of una need sense baptism…When would you take us to the point when we can go to the cinemas to see a Nollywood movie and we would come out excited and joyful knowing the movie was worth the spending??? Ehn when? Then some of you would come out and say ‘I am an actor, greet me properly….Nonsense! Though I know a few of your movies tried, no doubt but don't you guys watch all this Hollywood movies? The industry lacks inspiration and that's our biggest problem. No one wants to think nor spend. I saw a Hollywood movie that was shot in 1993 and that movie is better that what you people give us in 2014. Haba!!!!! And then 'we' blame piracy for what I don’t even know (na pirate dey hold camera or dey shout ‘cut’?). Go and do a good movie and let us worry about buying the pirated copy or not. (Gbam!)
*sorry oo jare** Now back to my review, the movie was off the hook. Fans of the original X-Men movies will almost immediately get the satisfaction of seeing Professor X (Patrick Stewart), Magneto (Ian McKellen), Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), Storm (Halle Berry) and Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) back together again – it was completely mind blowing. Pure action and I had a good laugh  (I wonder how this Hollywood guys always manage to fuse comedy with something so serious and still make sense). I loved every part of the movie. Watch the trailer following the link below:
TRAILER: X-men: Days of Future past

Final thought... X-Men: Days of Future Past" is a tremendously entertaining film that blesses the eye, mind and soul. I rate it ‘five star. I recommend this movie to everyone. But if you're taking your children, you'll just need to cover their eyes at the beginning when Hugh Jackman's bare buttocks was in our faces. Asides that, you're in for a good watch. If you've seen Xmen: Days of future past, I'll like to read your thought. What do you think? And I think if I was promised a super power, I'll love to have mystique's power. I could be anybody I want to. What power would you love to have? Or if you have anything to say that could encourage our Nollywood people (or just vex for dem too) Please post …
Cheers friends.

Thursday, 22 May 2014


Hi. I’m Sunbo. I’m 28 years old. I know most of you know me as Bigma. By profession,  I’m a freelance radio presenter and an entertainment media publicist. But I’m not here to talk about work. I’m here to be real about how I feel.
Recently, it has come to my knowledge that I come across as very manly. Apparently that is the reason why I’m chronically single. So what if I can handle my vodka way better than most men! So what if I love puffing on menthol cigars! So what if I’d rather be in control of who I’m intimate with! And yes, I talk open about my sex-capades! I’m just me.
I know I don’t act like your regular ‘girl next door’ but underneath all this manly-ness, there is definitely a woman. I hurt the same. I’ve had heartbreaks. I cry. I mean, I’m human.
I’ll never apologize for who I am or what I stand for, so don’t expect me to. I think most of the men I’ve ever dated or liked all suffer the same ailment..they were never man enough for me. Quit the silly excuses of ‘I’m not ready for a committed relationship but I’d love to be in your pants always’ crap! Or the ones who could never grow the right amount of balls to tell me how they feel. Its simple, you are not man enough for me.
So that’s why I’m waiting. I’m waiting, not searching. Don’t feed me crappy lines in hopes of getting laid. A real man would simply ask. Just so darn tired of all the wimps around me!
All said and done, let me reintroduce myself. Hi, I’m Sunbo, a manly woman who is waiting for a manly man who would bring out the woman in me. You can read my blog here

***** Dear Friend and sister Sunbo, It is a tough world out there for those of us that can measure up to men in certain areas. Some men can't stand the thought of a bold, able and capable woman thus they mask their flaws and shortcomings with lines like "she is too manly"....that's utter BS....We are in an era where women like men can; make money, flex, spend lavishly and stupidly, drink and get high, smoke and even pay for sex. So don't sweat it,the boys you've encountered are only preparing you for the man you'll end up with. Don't worry, you'd be fine, okay?

So, I've decided to make my rant episodes open to the public. If there's anything you want to rant about from the situation of  the country, to your relationship problems (I know there are things you can't say to your partner's face but you just want to rant it out), to your personal life, anything that's worth ranting about, you can just send it to my email addy and I'll post it however you want it (anonymously or non-anonymously). Let the rants begin!!!!!!!!!!!


I just saw something ooo…and I am actually very surprised…you know how we call some people ‘akagum’ or ‘aka-araldite’ (like Omawunmi called that oga)..It’s a real disease oo… “Tightwad-itis” A.k.a 'akagum' A.k.a ‘aka-araldite’ LOL. Actually the correct English word for a tight fisted person is “tightwad”….but the disease come add the “itis” so that we would know that it is sickness to be one of those people that before money will pass the space in between their fingers, it will take prayer and fasting. LOL
This term is used to describe people that are extra stingy. You know people that can't give without thinking about the consequences or the returns. People that remind you every day of their life the money they gave you 5 years ago and how they were such a blessing to you back then. I've met people like this and this is the look I usually have when they start talking.

For today’s talk, I'll focus on male tightwads' (ladies una own dey cook). This type of guy hates to part with money. 'A stingy man is one who does not make offers'...especially if he has to give his money...Most well brought up women are uncomfortable asking for money from men especially in a budding relationship but they have wants/needs and sometimes even when they can afford it, they want to be taken care of and spoilt by their men...
If your man wants you to always tell a tale, spell every word out or give a project defense speech before he drops something...He is stingy....a confirm tightwad. (no be abuse ooo LOL).

Let me gist you (*clears throat*). I used to date this guy (long long ago…in a faraway land LOL). Mhen this guys picture is what you'll see in the dictionary when you check the meaning of ‘tightwad’. *The bros stingy like say na work*…… I didn't notice until later in our relationship.  Now let me make this point clear, this guy is well-off meaning he is financially stable (*he hold well) So don't blame me for raising my hopes high. On this faithful day, he asked that we go see a movie and I humbly agreed. So off we went to the cinema. On getting there, as he was about paying for the ticket, he asked for my student ID card  and I was like eeehwo..

Well that's not totally wrong, it is good to cut cost and manage money well (but that’s a red flag…girls notice). So he got the ticket for half the price. Now, ladies learn from me; when you are going on any kind of date, please chop for house. Even if na garri you get, abeg soak am take hold belle. As for me that day, I didn't eat before leaving the house so I was already hungry before I saw him but as a bad sharp babe na, I didn't say anything I just kept calm and let Jesus take the wheel. Since we were going to see a movie, I knew (rather I thought) popcorn or hot dog and a drink were sure (if only I had known). Anyway, the movie wasn't showing until about 30 minutes after we bought the tickets (which was already like 10 minutes after I got there) so I suggested we chilled at a fast food joint but this brother refused my proposal ooo. He said we should walk round the mall that it was more fun *see me see wahala*. Hunger plus walking round and looking at other people eating...not a good combo. I was starved and was suffering inside, but I no talk.
30minutes later, we were about to go in and I wanted something so I asked for a drink. He said we should go in and get our seats first and then we would get snacks. We got our seat and this guy stayed seated. At this point, it was either I die of starvation or go get it myself so I stood up and told him I was going to get hot dog and a drink. As a good girl na, I still asked if he wanted anything and he said 'okay, I'll have a bottle of coke' then he brought out his wallet and I was thinking he wanted to give me cash. Lo and behold, he handed out a coupon for one free 50cl coke Imagine!!!!!. Was I angry? No. I was furious.  The look on my face was more like this
 But in my head, I was doing this
Some guys will go as far as asking for reimbursement. Yes. They will ask that you pay them back because he didn't enjoy the food or the movie was crap. Naija guys will even use scope to ask for their money back and you won’t even know when you’ll give him double the money spent in the name of 'I don’t have change' or 'the ATM isn’t dispensing'. Chai! May it not be well with and for those ATMs ooo.
A man will not be thinking about how much he spends on you if he believes you could be 'the one'. In the beginning, he'll be happy to pick the tabs and if he doesn't have enough, he'll politely ask you for extra cash or tell you beforehand he doesn't have enough.
Babes, please when you are going out on a date, hold your money ooo. The guy may decide to be a douchebag. Call his bluff and call a cab. When you spend your money, leave a little in your account for rainy days when things don't go well (so that you can quickly use an ATM or a POS machine) or in case you need to call a cab. We call that kind of money 'strictly backup money when he's an ass'. Should be like 3k or more. You should never touch the money until the worst happens (don't tell but I have my own backup money too)
In other news, ladies, don't depend on a man totally. Get something doing on your own. If he wants to give you, fine. If he doesn't, still fine. After all, partnership is about sharing your life together. To the guys, respect yourselves and respect us enough to pay when you take us on a date. We kuku did not ask you for it. You asked to take us out. LOL.
If you've had a bad experience like me, please share you experiences. I'll love to have a good laugh. Moby cares….*wink
Picture source: check it here

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Hello lovelies. How are you and how was your day? Mine was kinda subtle, was indoors practically throughout, had my beauty nap, my energy nap, 2 power naps (I sleep the sleep wella! LOL).. I saw most of you in my dream, especially the anonymous posters…*smiles*.
So I was blog stalking (which I usually do…not a crime *rolls eyes) and I came across some very beautiful pictures (I love art drawings though…that’s probably another thing you did not know about Moby * double wink*). Apparently, the man that took the pictures just died (that's why we are hearing about him now). Let me digress a bit. Is it just me or do People actually get very popular when they die??? We should cultivate the habit of recognizing and celebrating people when they can appreciate the acknowledgements and even enjoy their superstar moments…(so better start celebrating me now ooo….you can start with a car…*wide grin) .
Anyways, this man known as Okhai Ojeikere (born Johnson Donatus Aihumekeokhai Ojeikere….phew! long names) died about 3 months ago, precisely on February 2nd, 2014, at the age of 83 (daddy lived long).  Born in 1930 in the Nigerian village of Ovbiomu-Emai, he later mainly lived and worked in Ketu, Lagos, Nigeria. Why I am interested in this man? ,  You'll get to see for yourself and I bet you would also be very interested. He is a legend in my books, a photography legend but I didn't know him until this morning. I wish I had known him or even heard about him before now; I might have tried meeting him in person but God knows best…He always does. I will be guiding us through a series of century old black hairstyles captured with panache by a standout photographer, Late Pa Okhai Ojeikere. Some of us would be able to recognize and identify some of the styles while some (those of us from the Indomie age LOL) might not know any. Some won’t even have a clue of what’s going on so we are gonna play a game. The first person to mention at least 5 hairstyles in the pictures below will get 500 naira airtime (any line…450 naira for mtn). Post your e-mail address with your answers so I can reach you should you be the winner.. Let the games begin…good luck…*smiles*

All photos were gotten from Daily Mail UK but originally sourced from FIFTY ONE Fine Art Photography Gallery. Feel free to google 'Ojeikere Hairstyles' and see so many more pictures of historical black hair styles.