Friday, 30 May 2014


All of my people, I greet una. How una dey? How body? How pikin? And that wicked boss wey no gree give you promotion? Don't worry, there is God in everything we do. Shebi na only him waka come this earth? Tell am sey make hin kontunu....... There is God. So yesterday, I dropped a tutorial on how to tie gele and I got lot's of response and result. I'm proud of y'all (in my fake British accent *smiles*). A blog reader stated the challenge below and I'm guessing lot's of us faced the same issue today. Truth is I still face it (*covers face) but here's what I do

Hi Moby,
 I came across your blog just about a week ago and I must say this, you are really creative and good. May God bless your hand work.

About the tieing of gele that I just read now, although I know how to tie it as I once learnt it. I know it well to the point of setting the layers, but the problem I always have is making the layers stay very well and flat, especially the upper ones. I always get to the point of forming up to six or seven layers, but it's always the first three to four layers that maintain their stay.

So please, how do I form more layers and make them stay, do I have to make them stay and flat with pins(although I've never tried to use pin)? Most times I get to tie aso oke very well, but I don't always get satisfied with my tieing of sego(and the likes) and wrapper(like ankara or lace).

Thanks. Looking forward to reading back from you.

Dear Concerned Reader,
Thanks for reading my blog. I was blushing for a minute there. May God bless our handwork (AMEN). About our stubborn layers wey no gree stay, I'll advice you either make your layers before you tie the ends so that the layers will be pulled tight when tying or you tie the gele very tight before making the layers so when you're making the layers, it stays on very tight and firm. Then you use your hand to press the layers down. By doing so, you are making the layers flat. Please don't use pins on the layers o so you don't hurt yourself. Just keep pressing down and the layers will be flat.
I hope I've been able to solve our layers problem?

To our stubborn layers,
Please be staying when we tie you. Don't be giving us extra wahala when we want to make you. It's hard work tying gele then you will now want to do strong head and be removing. Abeg try and do us good when next we make you. Thank you.

 From a concerned gele tier, Moby.

So I promised to post pictures of some people that tried tying the gele and I must say I'm truly impressed. I can't post all the pictures but I'll post three of them. Kudos guys *high 5.......oya low 5...then side butt....finally chest high*. Be easy on the chest part o. No go bust pesin silicone *hehehehehe*.

Good night guys and cheers to the weekend.


  1. Moby dear. I don't like putting anything on my ear ooo. So putting the gele on my ear is a no no cus it causes discomfort, head ache, pain and numerous other wahala. Noice inclusive. I will send u my pics. 2 lazy to do it. Anyway, I am going 4 my make up class so I will be thought gele.

    Pls can I advertise what I do here? I do bead necklace, hair fascinator and bridal hand fan. I also bake cake. No look my resume think sey I be big chick oo. I passed out last year november 4rm NYSC and didn't want umemployment 2 overwhelm me. Started my business fully feb this year. Tnks.

    1. I thought I was the only one in the pain and discomfort department caused by gele. The longest gele stays on my head is an hour. After that, its off. Yes you can advertise on the blog. Send me a mail and let's talk bizness

    2. I thought I was the only one in the pain and discomfort department caused by gele. Thank God I'm not alone. The longest gele would stay on my head is an hour. After that,its off. Yes you can advertise on the blog. Send me a mail and let's talk biznes

  2. I know the 2nd girl on the left. But she's look fairer. Whitenicious things.

  3. Moby your blog is amaze-balls. More grease to your elbow.gone through all your posts and i think you're doing a wonderful job.

  4. lol u are so hilarioud
    so i like geles but i am a bit tired of the signature round-fan look. i would love something different for my trad wedding.
    anyway Please check out my giveaway up on the blog at

    1. I think the easiest to make is the fan gele. Guess that's why most people tie it. I'll definately check it out

  5. Replies
    1. Ahn ahn. Lemme tie gele for you and I'm sure you'll change your mind. Pleaseeee *eyelashes*


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