Monday, 26 May 2014


Guess what lovies???? (..Erhmmmmm.....Nope wrong guess...) Here it is: The third edition of Lagos Makeup fair is coming to town (Yay!). Oya Guess what again? (Part 2...LOL) For the first time, it would be a 2-day event and this is so you can get all your makeup addictions fully fed (Una go buy tire!). I am super excited as I've waited for this for so long and its finally happening. Nothing can and would make me miss this (God keeping us).  This event is proudly sponsored by Maybelline New York and the  LMUF3 is the 13th edition of The Makeup Fair Series and is dedicated to providing a platform for professionals in the business of makeup and beauty to showcase and demonstrate their products to a variety of possible clients and business partners.
Exhibitors/sponsors would definately receive an end-of-event result. There is a huge chance they would experience an improvement and increase in sales, enabling them reach out to a new makeup and beauty buying audience, launch new product ranges, test the market and build a clientele database, thereby improving brand circulation (Hmmn! dis english take style plenty abi? dey work...LOL)
Exhibitor Categories include: Makeup/Beauty products, Tools and Personal Care | Wellness and Spa | Hair Care, Products and Accessories | Cost Categories | MakeUp & Beauty Brands | Non-Brands + Sole Reps/Franchises/Owned Labels | Non- Brands (only) | Services (only)

Date: Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd June 2014
Venue: Anchor Events Place, Ikeja, Lagos
Who is going to be there: Me and you. I've booked with my ChiChi a.k.a mama Ayomide (my personal person) and we are storming the fair together (the show is NOT for makeup artists alone oo, anyone and everyone is welcome). Who else would be there? I'll love to know so we can hook up.
Stay happy


  1. I'm also going to be there and I'll look for you

  2. Replies
    1. Please attend na. It would be really fun. Even if I don't buy anything, I'll love to meet all my fellow beauty bloggers like YOU

  3. I'll definfitely b thr



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