Monday, 26 May 2014


Hello boolicious boo-s (New word alert..I'm so adding that to my vocabulary bank)... How are you and how is the most dreadful day of the week going?...yeah yeah Monday things right...
So boo sent me a link to this very amusing app. The application helps calculate your bride price (now I have your attention abi). Some funny people decided to create a website to calculate your bride price. How cute and interesting! To all the Men (marriage worthy ni o), if you're already planning (or thinking of planning) your wedding, abeg use this app to calculate your babe's bride price (so you don't over pay ..*no carry last oo LOL).. Boo calculated my bride price and guess what? I'm a premium babe **dancing skelewu** Doro premium **doro wife.... My wife material get measurement. So people Please go and check it and come back to give me the gist...You can check for yourself or for your friend(s) and even enemies too..LOL I know some people's bride price go be change...LOL and some of una own go dey scatter scale but still check. Its fun and very funny.... A friend sent hers and I really don't know what she pressed o but her wife material na die.

Oya sharp sharp before I open my eyes, go and check yours here . Let me know what it is in the comment section... I won't sleep until I know o.


  1.'s soo funny...mine is 990,000.00 super premium babe,your bride price is goin to cause a war in this africa..lolzz

  2. Loooool dis thiing no well....looool

  3. Very funy app. I'm also a premium babe. Doro premium

  4. Very lovely blog. Keep it up moby. The sky is the beginning for you

  5. I love love love your blog, Moby. So refreshing and upbeat. I am hooked already.


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