Wednesday, 14 May 2014



The urban dictionary defines a drama queen as someone who is overly dramatic or someone who blows everything out of proportion. So I ask myself the question:

Me: Moby, are you a drama queen?
Moby: Let me tell you a story. 730 days ago (camera moves and takes us back like all this nollywood movies), someone called me a drama queen and I didn’t talk to that person for 48hours…. Beeni (yes in yoruba). Why would anyone call me a drama queen and get away with it? So I decided to check the dictionary which didn’t help matters for that person as I found the definitions somewhat derogatory (my naïve self yea?). Well, the definitions I initially got were; a paranoid person, someone who gets angry over little things, crazy, attention seeker, plenty things like that sha. So I decided to check for more definitions of a drama queen.. Lo, I found out; she’s a diva and an exceptionally talented person. Finally a definition that suited and utterly described me and that’s the definition and the only definition I am sticking with as far as I am concerned (call your police).
 When my mother gave birth to me, she named me Mobolaji Amusu but people will not let me rest saying my name is too boyish so I english-cized it. Moby was coined from Mobolaji ( you’ve figured). I have two beautiful sisters. My mum didn’t give me a brother, not her fault. My dad didn’t aim for the B-spot (LMAO)…if you know what I mean.

Me: At what point will you answer my question. Yes or no, are you a drama queen?
Moby: (flips hair) Yes I am. But the good kind of drama queen.
Back to the matter. This is a blog for the confident, independent, success seeking , goal oriented paper chaser. It is a platform to unwind, mingle, share heart to heart experiences, voice out grievances, let go of steam, beef whoever needs to be beefed, criticize, analyze, dissect, subtract, add… (now I’m sounding like Trisha)…anyway.. it’s the blog…..yeah…the blog… for all.

Welcome to my life as Moby.......... The Drama Queen.



  1. Go Moby!!! Love u always *muah*

  2. Nice blog, Nice Concept, Nice Concept with Full 100% Originality...

  3. Nice blog, Nice Concept, Nice Concept with Full 100% Originality...

  4. I just saw ur blog on Stella's blog. I love ur writing style. Hope I have a wonderful experience

    1. I'm sure you will.... Thanks for visiting *smiles*

  5. Very nice concept...Keep it up


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