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I just saw something ooo…and I am actually very surprised…you know how we call some people ‘akagum’ or ‘aka-araldite’ (like Omawunmi called that oga)..It’s a real disease oo… “Tightwad-itis” A.k.a 'akagum' A.k.a ‘aka-araldite’ LOL. Actually the correct English word for a tight fisted person is “tightwad”….but the disease come add the “itis” so that we would know that it is sickness to be one of those people that before money will pass the space in between their fingers, it will take prayer and fasting. LOL
This term is used to describe people that are extra stingy. You know people that can't give without thinking about the consequences or the returns. People that remind you every day of their life the money they gave you 5 years ago and how they were such a blessing to you back then. I've met people like this and this is the look I usually have when they start talking.

For today’s talk, I'll focus on male tightwads' (ladies una own dey cook). This type of guy hates to part with money. 'A stingy man is one who does not make offers'...especially if he has to give his money...Most well brought up women are uncomfortable asking for money from men especially in a budding relationship but they have wants/needs and sometimes even when they can afford it, they want to be taken care of and spoilt by their men...
If your man wants you to always tell a tale, spell every word out or give a project defense speech before he drops something...He is stingy....a confirm tightwad. (no be abuse ooo LOL).

Let me gist you (*clears throat*). I used to date this guy (long long ago…in a faraway land LOL). Mhen this guys picture is what you'll see in the dictionary when you check the meaning of ‘tightwad’. *The bros stingy like say na work*…… I didn't notice until later in our relationship.  Now let me make this point clear, this guy is well-off meaning he is financially stable (*he hold well) So don't blame me for raising my hopes high. On this faithful day, he asked that we go see a movie and I humbly agreed. So off we went to the cinema. On getting there, as he was about paying for the ticket, he asked for my student ID card  and I was like eeehwo..

Well that's not totally wrong, it is good to cut cost and manage money well (but that’s a red flag…girls notice). So he got the ticket for half the price. Now, ladies learn from me; when you are going on any kind of date, please chop for house. Even if na garri you get, abeg soak am take hold belle. As for me that day, I didn't eat before leaving the house so I was already hungry before I saw him but as a bad sharp babe na, I didn't say anything I just kept calm and let Jesus take the wheel. Since we were going to see a movie, I knew (rather I thought) popcorn or hot dog and a drink were sure (if only I had known). Anyway, the movie wasn't showing until about 30 minutes after we bought the tickets (which was already like 10 minutes after I got there) so I suggested we chilled at a fast food joint but this brother refused my proposal ooo. He said we should walk round the mall that it was more fun *see me see wahala*. Hunger plus walking round and looking at other people eating...not a good combo. I was starved and was suffering inside, but I no talk.
30minutes later, we were about to go in and I wanted something so I asked for a drink. He said we should go in and get our seats first and then we would get snacks. We got our seat and this guy stayed seated. At this point, it was either I die of starvation or go get it myself so I stood up and told him I was going to get hot dog and a drink. As a good girl na, I still asked if he wanted anything and he said 'okay, I'll have a bottle of coke' then he brought out his wallet and I was thinking he wanted to give me cash. Lo and behold, he handed out a coupon for one free 50cl coke Imagine!!!!!. Was I angry? No. I was furious.  The look on my face was more like this
 But in my head, I was doing this
Some guys will go as far as asking for reimbursement. Yes. They will ask that you pay them back because he didn't enjoy the food or the movie was crap. Naija guys will even use scope to ask for their money back and you won’t even know when you’ll give him double the money spent in the name of 'I don’t have change' or 'the ATM isn’t dispensing'. Chai! May it not be well with and for those ATMs ooo.
A man will not be thinking about how much he spends on you if he believes you could be 'the one'. In the beginning, he'll be happy to pick the tabs and if he doesn't have enough, he'll politely ask you for extra cash or tell you beforehand he doesn't have enough.
Babes, please when you are going out on a date, hold your money ooo. The guy may decide to be a douchebag. Call his bluff and call a cab. When you spend your money, leave a little in your account for rainy days when things don't go well (so that you can quickly use an ATM or a POS machine) or in case you need to call a cab. We call that kind of money 'strictly backup money when he's an ass'. Should be like 3k or more. You should never touch the money until the worst happens (don't tell but I have my own backup money too)
In other news, ladies, don't depend on a man totally. Get something doing on your own. If he wants to give you, fine. If he doesn't, still fine. After all, partnership is about sharing your life together. To the guys, respect yourselves and respect us enough to pay when you take us on a date. We kuku did not ask you for it. You asked to take us out. LOL.
If you've had a bad experience like me, please share you experiences. I'll love to have a good laugh. Moby cares….*wink
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  1. I always carry vex money with me oh. I have a problem not wanting to drop cash but always wanting to make out, or eat free food like wtf? I've been there oh, I'll even shop for two while returning to school. Dude is late now so I should just put a socks on it

    1. hahahahahaha Amaka. You are so funny. Don't sha ever forget you vex money o so you won't end up like some of us

  2. Moby, I've had my own fair share of tightwads o... I don't think I ever saw this guy's wallet. I know I always have to have backup money when I'm going out with him before it turns to gobe. I love your blog sha.

  3. Lmaooooo....I'm officially in love wit dis blog....nice one

    1. Awwwww now you're going to make me cry...thanks Anon

  4. www.eniwealth79.blogspot.comMonday, 26 May 2014 at 16:07:00 GMT

    lool. Just saw your addy on sisiyemmie's blog. It seems we started our blogs on the same day. I wish us luck. lool. About tightwads - just learned that by the way. Back at Uni, those boys were so stupid, they would only buy you one bottle of coke on a date and the next thing you will hear in school, would be gists of how you ate 7 plates of rice and 15 bottles of malt. So we tagged it ''vex money''. I hardly even agreed to go on dates with fellow students.

    1. What's the name of the uni you attended. That's not cool at all. But I'm sure it taught you a lesson


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