Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Hello guys, girls, uncles, aunties and every…. How are you and How’s your Wednesday going?...hope say market no fall press belle??....LOL (that’s in my warri accent).
Mehn  it is not easy to run a blog o. I’m always thinking about you guys all the time and I just always want to post something to help you get through the day and make you happy. Today I am going to teach us something that could save us some money (ladies especially….and the guys that pay..*wink*)…
I am sure today’s DIY (Do It Yourself) would make you very happy because it’s easy and beautiful and it’s something you have always wanted to learn…(thank me later). So I did this beautiful monochrome spiral nails last week, by myself, (I call it ‘nails that speak’…….maybe I should call it something else) and I got lots of amazing comments, accolades and many questions on how I did it.  Being the Moby that I am, I told all concerned to check my blog today as I will be showing my Mobylizers how I did it (Moby loves una well well)….. It won’t take you up to 30mins to get it done. So sit back, go get your materials and let’s get ready to go spiral on ourselves…(in an attempt to increase bride price…*wink* LOL).

MATERIALS NEEDED: Your nails (LOL….before nko), paper tape, cotton wool or cotton bud, nail polish remover, bent bobby pin or tooth pick, a cup of water (room temperature meaning not hot or too cold), white nail hardener, any color of nail polish (I used white and black).

Water in a glass cup

Paper tape

Got these for 50naira each

White nail hardener

Nail polish remover

My very long nails

Cotton wools

Bent bobby pins
Now let’s get to work.
STEP 1: Apply nail hardener on your nail first so that the polish will stick on your nail for a long period.

STEP 2: Apply base coat (I used white but the next time I’m trying this, I’ll use purple or blue) and let it get dry.

STEP 3: Place paper tape round your fingers. This would help reduce the mess (polish stains on your fingers) and the cleaning time.

STEP 4: Take your first color of nail polish (I used black) and place 1 drop in the water. You will notice the nail polish spreading and becoming transparent. Place a drop of another color in the middle of the first drop (I used white) then shake the cup gently to enable the polish spread. Then place a drop of the former color or another color (I repeated with the black paint). Keep dropping different polish colors in the middle of the former until you are satisfied with what you see.

STEP 5: Take your bent bobby pin and make your design on the polish. I just dragged mine to change the round form of the polish on the water.

STEP 6: Dip a finger into the middle of the polish in the water. Use bobby pin to remove excess and then bring out your finger.

STEP 7:  Repeat this for the other four fingers. After you’ve done the five fingers, take off paper tape and clean off excess stain.

And we are done….Shikena.
It’s as simple as that. I did this two times on different days because I was feeling myself and feeling like a pro. One time I took the pictures with my phone and the other I took with my camera so you might notice different backgrounds in the uploaded pictures.

I have a bad news. I will be cutting my nails on Friday. I’m starting my guitar lessons and my instructor asked I cut my nails. So to all the people that have been jeloxing my long nails e.g. Tito, Lola, Iya Dayo, AMAKA, Lese, and many more, your prayers have been answered. Don’t worry I will be back for all of you……in my next life sha. Anyways, I would love to see the outcome if you tried it. Please send your amazing picture(s) to I will be glad if you do.

Have a lovely night rest my beautiful and amazing readers. Moby cares……..mwaahhhhhhh


  1. Wow!!! A loud clap! Another loud clap!!! This is perfect! I love everything bout it nd it works like magic. Can't wait to try it out on my nails.
    The tutorials is well explained, keep it up swit. This is great.

    Chill for me o, gonna send u a mail when I try mine out.

    1. Awww Temi, thanks. I'm waiting for your picture o. Thank you

  2. Lwkmd why is my name in block letters now? I can't remember when I wore short nails last! I wanted to learn piano nd I was told I have to clip my nails, naso I Waka oh!
    Hugs and kisses!!

  3. Wow! This is just amazing... How did you figure this method out? Will definitely try it out on a day I'm not too lazy...awesome awesome Moby!

    1. Was wondering how she found out this method too. Very perfect 1

    2. Thanks Aby. Na youtube o. Thanks *mwwaahhh*

  4. Wow... So cute. Nice one Moby

  5. Woah dis is great...Moby u too get sense oo
    .wil try it out. Luv u

  6. Very beautiful and easy to do. I would try it when get home. Tnx Moby

  7. All I can say is Waoh. Bookmarked!

  8. I've carry last o. Moby this is beautiful.

  9. gradually getting impressed...hehehehe. GOOD ONE


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