Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Hello dear readers…How market? Hope sey the hustle dey pay, glory be to God oo.. Body neva strong well o but we dey push am. I hate going to the hospital *yuck*. The smell, the nurses, everything about hospital I hate but I had to go because of the way I was feeling. Turns out I have malaria and I was given the option of injection or plenty medicine. I'm sure you know what I chose. Straight to the matter....
I probably haven’t told you that I make bags, purses, jewelries and accessories with Ankara and other materials (**yeah I’m badt like dat **pops collar**)…Anyway I do and I also have a school (small one for now) where we train people on how to make these things, hence empowering them with skills that would help them survive today's hardships and difficulties.
We have successfully empowered and graduated 2 sets of students (9 in total) and there are already testimonies from most of them (dey don dey make the money).
The skill acquisition school is called Moby Impressionz, and we are on the verge of a 3rd session of skill acquisition and empowerment.
The modules include;
·         Bag / purse making (Ankara, leather, etc)

·         Slipper/sandal making (Ankara, leather, etc)

·         Jewelry / accessory making (bowtie, earrings, bangles, brooches, hair bands, etc) with ankara

·         Item wrapping (journals, tablets, pouches, etc)

·         Plus a special class on entrepreneurship development.

The classes run for three weeks, Monday – Friday (9am – 2pm).

The fee is N30, 000 (thirty thousand naira) for the entire duration. Your fee covers;
·         Registration

·         Tuition

·         Startup work materials (which belong to the students even after the classes)

·         Certificate
The next class would begin on the 16th of June, 2014. Registration closes on the 13th of June, 2014

Venue is; 1, Fadeyi street, beside Holy Trinity Hospital, off Awolowo way, Ikeja bus stop, Ikeja, Lagos.

For further inquiries call: 08076504656, follow @mobyimp_1

It is an advantage to learn a skill, especially considering the unemployment level in the world today. Avoid getting caught in a stampede at your interview. Learn a skill, empower yourself and secure your future.

Spread the word, you might be saving a life…..



  1. 1. I know you love me but why did you infect me with malaria too?
    2. Is it on twitter or instagram?
    3. Abeg write description from ikeja b/stop
    4. Get well soon

    1. Awwww Amaka. Sorry ehn.I hope you've seen a doctor. it is love na. Pele dear. I don't know how to answer the 2nd question sha. From ikeja bus stop,I'm guessing ikeja underbridge,take a keke napep going to Allen avenue and drop at fadeyi bus stop.I'm sure from there,you should be able to locate the venue. Thank you very much *mwwaahhh*

  2. How many thing are you doing sef Moby? Blogger,makeup artist,ankara user,everything. What else do you do that you've not told us o

    1. Hahahaha...I'm sure I do so many things I don't know myself. Very soon we'll all know,including myself.

  3. Ohhh Moby,so you are Moby Impressionz. I saw your work some months ago on misspurpleheart's blog and I really love your work. Its just that I stay in Abuja. If not I would have come.Lagos people are very lucky.they have plenty workshops and schools. Nice one

    1. Dear anon, go to wuse market and ask question. They do them their. I learnt bead making, wire work at wuse market. Now make up at garki. Are u a learner? Hope ur not a first timer in abj. I also learnt hair fascinator, bridal hand fan.

  4. Amaka,no one gets lost in Lagos.when you get to ikeja,ask for direction and stop acting like a baby.

  5. Hmmmmn person dey find olori Amaka trouble oooo.........hmmmmn....makzy no vess abeg

  6. Moby where are you na..I've been waiting for a new post since morning.shey malaria is still in your body ni. Please come back


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