Monday, 23 June 2014


Hello guys. Yaaaaay its Monday....this is probably the only Monday I would ever love because I’ve been dying to give you lovies plenty gists... So, I won't do much introduction because tori full boku today.
Where do I start from sef?... Okay so Saturday 21st, was the Lagos makeup fair 3 in Ikeja... How I was looking forward to it. I had day dreams and night dreams about it...Infact, the only thing my head could process effectively was how I was gonna storm the fair. Saturday came and I made sure I satisfied all my makeup hunger. If it was possible to buy the whole of Anchor events centre (na the venue be dat), I would have. All makeup lovers were there and I spotted a few beauty bloggers. I met Amaka there so we did the waka together. ** I sure say d kain sleep wey she go sleep that night go tie wrapper because I put her through plenty stress**. She's such a darling though and ever smiling.

L-R: Moby, Amaka and Biola (my makeup student)

L-R: Moby, Amaka, Biola and one babe that joined us
Boo was there with me (** big smile+puppy eyes**). We had a meeting earlier that day then went to the fair after but he didn't do any waka with me. He didn't have time for all that one (proud nigga). He met a couple of friends there and they just chilled. Apparently the president and the vice president who is also the creative director of the Lagos Make-up fair series are his friends.... How cool is that? Lola Faleye is extremely awesome. Really cool lady. She even gave me a freebie *yaaaaay..... I'm feeling like a bigz geh na*

The humble president, Alvin Ekerette-Ekpe.... really humble guy

From L-R: Alvin, Lola and Le Boo

Moby et Lola

I bought plenty tinz o....kilode?. Even Amaka said 'na only Moby waka come'. I was going to buy the whole of the fair o. Had to beg Amaka to stop me from shopping. Note that I am not a ‘shopaholic’ but I love to shop.**na you know if difference dey or not...**rolls eyes in pidgin**

The highlight of the day was meeting Stella of Stella’s addiction. I love her... I adore her because she's good at what she does. I remember I used to stalk her blog a lot because she would do a beautiful makeup job and explain very well how she did it. When I first saw her, I felt she was going to be a snub but she surprised me. She's the most down to earth blogger I've ever met. Really cool lady.

Stella and Moby

I think the organizers did a good job (asides from the fact that I know them and they are my friends *hmnnnn....yinmu o. Famzing*)..the fair had it all..... Good location, good stands and good stella**grin**. And ehen!... abeg o, are those Maybelline ushers paid to be so nice and polite? I think they had the best customer service..and that is one thing you hardly get in Nigeria...”polite” customer service.

Love her Eye lid. Was done using the Maybelline kajal.
One stand didn't have any service talk less of customer service. God save you I can't remember your name if not I for spoil business for you small..(Maybe I remember and I just don’t want to spoil business for you....small..**raised eyebrow**). She was just shouting at her sales wonder no one was at her stand sef.
Here are some of the stands

Sweet Stella took a pose for Moby
I will be doing a review of all the things I got as time goes on. I'm really excited I got all of them even though my account feel am small. Here are the things I bought

Ben Nye Banana and Topaz translucent powder

Dark and Lovely color intensity permanent color *I'm changing my hair color soon*

Dark and Lovely scalp soother

LashFix eyelashes

Red Cherry eyelashes in Black

Foundation brush

Zaron Gel Eyeliner

Sleek face contour kit

Maybelline mascara and Colossal kajal

NYX Jumbo pencil

L.A. Girl Concealer

Flash 'n' Pout

I got this in my freebie bag. It is Sleek eyedust in Silver.
Alright beautiful people of Moby world....beautiful Mobylist, Mobylizers and Stabylizers (*na una kuku talk am LOL)..and beautiful drama queens....(and kings**yimu**) so the thing I type, my fone dey ring..and na nature dey call me **from white house ni oo**....gotto go download....more gist to come.... Who was there? Let's gist


  1. Na only moby Waka go oh!!! She been wan buy the whole place.
    Erm, I was there but you don kuku talk the gist finish. It was nice meeting you too *winks* let's do this again

    1. Yaaaay. Then let's go to the naturals in the city then...pleaseeee *eyelashes*

  2. Moby come and give me small Ben nye powder na. that thing is too expensive for me and my purse

  3. I was there too o. we would have wakaed with you and Amaka o. Beurifu geh

  4. Haaaa....dats him....dats our boo...finally we get to see dis our boo ooo....hmmmn the bros fine well...and my he's huge....I likey...lolz

  5. Moby does la boo read ur blog?

  6. Hmmm nice shopping and fun girls!! *big smiles

  7. So if I say la boo is damn cute & sexy (I am only complimenting) and that you are a lucky babe, he'll see it and his head would swell...oh shoot!..I already said it..rotfl...but he looks good ..lucky gal

    1. I hope he doesn't see this o cos I won't hear the last of it. I avoid telling him he's cute all the time before his head goan swell nao. Thank you pweety lala

  8. Replies
    1. Yaaaaaay. He checked my blog and left a comment...what else can I ask for? *faints*


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