Monday, 30 June 2014


Hello beautiful Mobylizers...How are you and yours?...I strongly believe all is well with us and to our fasting brothers and sisters ‘Ramadan kareem'.
Today is another Monday I was seriously looking forward to ( I beginning to love Mondays? NUUURRRR WAY). Anyway I have plenty gist for you...My weekend was packed with fun, excitement, food and plenty rain...LOL.
I have already given you Friday's gist, so let us get to Saturday. It was the ‘Naturals in the City meet up' and I was able to kidnap a natural hair friend of mine who happens to be one of my ‘hairspirations’.
She's made her hair before the meet up......and I did her makeup *yaaay*

Her hair is amazingly beautiful, black, very curly and soft...I want my hair like hers as soon as possible. On the day, we left the mainland very late due to prior engagements but still got there in time to meet the event. The rain that day didn't help matters at all. There was heavy down pour of rain on the Island and it just disoriented everyone and partially disturbed the event but you know Nigerians na, under the sun and in the rain, the show must go on and it did. The meet up took place at the Omenka gallery and being a lover of art, I felt so much at home. The beautiful drawings, pictures, paintings and craft just welcomed me with warm embraces... This one here was my favorite.

When we got there, the rain had sent the exhibitors packing and seeking shelter in different nooks and crannies. This was the only downside of that day. I wasn't even comfortable bringing out my camera in the rain so I couldn’t take enough pictures but I took a picture of the Apples and Oranges stand where people were getting their hair done for free.

We got inside the gallery where the main talks were held and there was a good attendance to. By that time, my friend was already shaking after being soaked by the rain or I thought she was... Poor girl.
*taking selfies*

A representative from Apples and Oranges was talking about hair and to my surprise, the speaker was a guy! Never heard a guy talk so passionately on the topic ‘hair’. Had to go meet him after his talk to ask all my plenty questions because from the way he spoke, I was sure I could trust his judgment.

 Anyways, these were the things I bought.
Satin bonnet

Coconut Oil

Africa naturalistas Shea butter

Apple Cider Vinegar

Jamaican black castor oil *notice I've cut my nails... sad face..*

 Finally I have a satin bonnet *yaaaay*. To all my fanz and haterz, Moby now has a satin bonnet o.... hehehehe. During the event, I took a picture of this beautiful woman's hair. She was so funny... She said she used to cut her hair at the slightest opportunity and for the flimsiest reasons like if she failed an exam, sharp sharp she'll cut her hair as her punishment.. LOL. She'll just tell her father she's going to the salon and my people salon na salon.. whether na barber's salon or hair dresser's salon, na salon finish am .. Cool woman.

In the course of the day, I met ilola of Africa naturalistas. I was expecting to see a very tall big woman but she's kinda in the small department (like me) and her hair is beautiful. Highlight of the day was talking and taking a picture with Berry of Berry Dakara and Cakes. Berry wanted to take a picture of my hair but we forgot *sad face*. She's so sweet and her hair is out of this world. Cakes is a lot  more handsome in real life sha.  Kisses Berry.
Cakes and Berry

What the lord has joined together, let no man put asunder *me by the side*

Peace y'all

This is what I looked like after the rain finished with me.

On our way home, we stopped at the Mr Biggs in that Mobil gas station at Maryland. That's the worst eatery I've ever been in. There was no one to attend to us and the only guy that later came had to attend to like 5 people at a time. And their chicken was so dry and it tasted funny *yuck*. Never going there evuuurrrr.
So that's how my weekend went...oh Sunday???....Ehn I went to Church, sang and danced well...and I prayed for all of that concluded the weekend...Now it's your turn...  How did yours go? I really want to know.. Tell meeeee!!!!!! LOL
Take care of you and yours....keep smiling and be the best you can be at all times and have a positive attitude through out the week...Winks***


  1. Its my first time commenting...I love ur everyday gist...I'm a lover of natural hair but I don't know how to go about it, and the necessary ointment to keep it soft nd smooth cos my hair is very stubborn. Will be glad if I can reach you on another platform other than your blog. Thanks babe.

    1. Thanks May O. You can send me a mail

  2. Moby you and your friend look alike o. See your nose and eyes. Hmnnn. And your haiis amazing. Nice hair piece. I think I saw you. Not sure sha.

  3. Moby your hair is beautiful sha. It looks really curly. What are you using?

  4. Moby hian am jealoux of you oh! Err, that eatery is okay now, been there once. Anyway there's a chicken Republic down the road too. Nice haul. That castor oil, am coming to steal it

  5. Ur weeknd was amazing ooo judgin frm ur writup it shows u really enjoy urself
    i went out on a date wit my special frind nd it was fun

  6. Awwww, thank you so much! My hair ain't outta this world o. Far from it. I have so much catching up to do.

    It was really nice meeting you too.

    And I'll tell Lola about the bonnet :p

  7. Wow...I need a satin bonnet like yesterday, please where else can I get it?
    Nice post by d way...always a pleasure reading your posts


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