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Hello Mobylizers...I’m sure I’ve told y’all that y’all is the bestest kina people on earth (I just found my American accent.... you dig?). Anyways, how are you and yours? God bless us all mightily and abundantly...
So, I have decided to start something new for our blog. You know we have the rant Thursdays, where you can rant about anything and/or anyone so other blog readers can share your pain and help with pieces of advice. I’m adding the ‘dear Moby’ day **big grin**...where you can send me a personal issue or problem, a challenge you are facing, or something bothering you and you are unsure of what to do and need a second opinion. The inspiration came due to watching lots of Trisha. I just love the way she handles all these issues.. even ones you can't phantom.  I would do my best to try and provide answers and/or solutions where necessary and other Mobylizers would also try to help with contributions and possible solutions. And we could even pray about it together if need be. I posted something of such before (my unfortunate date with rape.... you can check it here) and it was good. You can send in your letters or mail to and I will treat it discretely. Your letters are only published with your permission.

So  I got a mail from a very young friend..(19 years old) and it was quite disturbing. This mail actually inspired the creation of this platform on our blog. Let me also state that, you can send mails by proxy...that is; you can write me on behalf of someone else you know that has the challenges. So people, let’s do this....Let’s save this young man’s future.

 Dear Moby,

           I just recently passed out from secondary school. I am the 4th child of 6 children; my younger sisters are still in secondary school. I am 19 years old and I have always wanted to be a rapper. My Father is banker and my mother is a lawyer. My eldest brother lives and works in London. The 2nd Child (my other brother) is doing his masters also in London. My elder sister is in her final year in the university.

           Moby, why I write you is because I have a serious issue with my parents and my siblings. I have always wanted to be a rapper. I remember I use to write many lyrics when I was younger and even till now. I really love to perform on stage, go on tours and be very popular. But my entire family is against it and it saddens me. My father insists I must be a banker like him but I hate the job. I want to live the life of a star, with girls, money, fun, alcohol, parties and all those things. It has been my dream to be like 50cent, he’s my mentor. But no one would agree. So my father said he wouldn’t send me to the university and that he would stop giving me money unless I decide to read banking and finance. The only person that sort of supports me is my eldest brother but he is not around to help.

          I decided to join my friends that do internet scams. They make a lot of money and I can make money to promote my music career. I have already made up my mind to do this but my cousin (your friend) said I should write you 1st. She has been trying to convince me otherwise. I really do not know what step to take. Please tell me what to do.. I really want to be a rapper. Thank you.

Moby speaks:

Dear friend:
                           Your story is a very serious case. The truth is you are the only one that should decide what you want to become but you always need guidance from your parents, elders and other people with experience. The truth is, I find your reasons for wanting to be a rapper a bit shallow. Women?, alcohol?, parties??...Maybe your Father senses you want to be a rapper not for the passion of the profession but rather for the ill gains and pleasures. When your dream career does not have some positive, edifying values, then it’s not an ideal thing to go to. But in the end, you can be smart about this. Go to school, study something good, then when you come of age and can make your own decisions, then you can do whatever you want.  As for the internet fraud thing, you would be digging your grave fast if you try it. Doing that would only bring more trouble...I won’t tell you not to do it, I’ll just let you know what the bible says about it in the book of proverbs it says “wealth gathered by dishonesty would diminish” so the choice is yours. For now, you are obliged to listen to your parents. You are only 19, maybe you don’t have to study banking & finance, you can pick another course you are comfortable with and try and convince your Father you would prosper in that. I know my mum really wanted me to be a doctor and I wanted to be an actress. I went to the university and now if I decide to do anything, she can only support me.... that's all. Your actions would speak louder.. If he sees your true commitment, he would be willing to give you a chance. I hope I have been able to help. God bless you.
Mobylizers over to you.... what do you think? I'm feeling like Oprah right now.   Let him have your views..        


  1. Hmmm....mami....I gotta say this as it is.....I believe in doing EXACTLY what makes me happiness can not be compromised for no bloodclat and that includes my folks or even my here is the the end, you gotta live with your choices even though you were given options by your the is all bout YOU! wanna be rapper and nobody wants you to be one?....well, I am gonna tell you to be a rapper and damn whatever ANYBODY says.....I believe that your parents are supposed to support and RESPECT your decisions even if they are wrong...they have NO RIGHT whatsoever to impose ANYTHING on me, that is what good parents like I said, you wanna be a rapper? whatever it takes to be a rapper cuz in the end..its all bout you...Yes!...that line of making money is wrong...buh if your parents took their time to understand your passion for music - THEY WOULD NOT DRIVE YOU TO THE STREETS WITH THAT IMPOSED SENTENCE OF yeah...if you think you are a grown-ass man and you can live with this decision of yours...then go ahead and do what it takes to be a rapper....Parents are only humans like you and I and THEY ARE NOT PERFECT!.

    1. Hmmmm.No way sister being a terrorist / suicide bomber was Al mutallabs made him happy shld his parents have supported him if he told dem?would u?

    2. To answer your question, yes I would support it....cuz in the end.....he is FULLY RESPONSIBLE for his the are supposed to have an opinion on the don't have to agree or disagree with me.......try having yours..........

    3. We not fighting mami, jst airing know a parent is responsible for how d child turns out, God placed the child in your care not for u to leave him/her to themselves.the word says 'train up ur child in d way he/she shld grow".If the child turns out bad, they'll point to the parents and vice versa

  2. I totally agree with Tibs on this one. Your parents should NOT and I say again SHOULD NOt tell you what to do. The boy is other countries,he should fend for himself by now.if he wants to be a rapper,his parent should support him.they shouldn't give him options.I believe if he goes ahead to read whatever course his father wants him to,he would forever regret it.I thought it was only in the olden days parent tell their kids what to do.abeg o. If I want to be a stripper,my parent had better support me or else ehn....yawa go gas

  3. I quiet agree wif Moby on dis; dear poster, it might av bin ur passion to be a rapper buh I want u to consider d fact dat d world is evolving nd education is becoming inevitable, y nt go to d uni study any course of ur choice nd be doing ur rap tin by d side till u finish uni nd den u can decide weda to go into full time rapping or anoda way,I believe by den u ll see tins differently,ur reasons for wanting to go into rap does nt go dwn well wif me,its suppose to be more of a function of passion dan gain, Dat if u ar asked to do it free u can*Anonymous blogs stalker*

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  5. Moby has said it ooo
    Go to school Dear...choose d course u are comfortable with face ur studies after ur education u can start ur music career by den i believe ur parents wil not hv any choic dan to support u...i believ dey want d best for u
    and pls do not involve in scam
    my 1 cent

  6. Dear poster, please go to school. Education is the foundation everyone needs. You can face your music afterwards. You can't tell what will happen in future + music most of the time isn't a lifetime job.

    Dear Moby, thanks for the tag. I've put up a post on it on my blog

  7. Ernie I totally disagree with you.....we shld know dat kids nwadays are lazy and want d easy way out....and when rapping ends wat wld he fall back on??? he if decides 2 want 2 be say a male prostitute or a drag queen, he shld be supported???...wld u support such if it concerned u??...I think not...when we make/take descisions we shld always consider hw it wld affect out loved ones....that's love and self ur husband and folks shld often be part of ur descision making....Imagind a marrird woman wanting 2 be a stripper or worse jst because she thinks it'll make her happy??....pls poster go 2 school....ud be d best rapper is u hav a degree 1st...and ud be a smart 1 too

  8. Dear poster, please it's best u go by Moby's advice,she is 100% right. U come from a responsible and loving family,and their duty is to guide u into being a successful person in life. Its only a child dat is not from a good home dat wil say he can be watever he wants to be regardless of his parents opinion especially at ur age,because they should be involved one way or the other in your decisions. Pls go to the university and at d same time,u can pursue ur dream in rap. Education is 'one' of the foundation of being successful. Am sure u wil have a different perspective wen u grow older. Morever, uve got noting to loose so far u re still engaged in ur rap tin. And pls,dnt engage in Internet fraud. My little advice

  9. Hello dear, like you my father wanted me to read banking and finance or accountancy but i read mass communication @ the end of the day to pursue the creative side in me. I had to justify my choices so i started writing down my creative taughts in poetry. I shared my poetry with my entire family and i won my dad's heart(Trust me it took time). Right now i am doing my masters in advertising and marketing to further find better ways to package my talent! Now to my point going wild in the name of proofing a point will take you no where. Having a conrete plan and striving to achieve them on your own without becomming a crazy person will help you gain respect from you parents. Negotiate with them and do a course that would help your music career mass com is good or brand management. (Your music career is a brand you are trying to build). I had to work in a bank for 5years to save up for my masters when my dad saw my effort he wrote me a cheque of 1m to support my dream. Get your priority right, work smart, think smart, strategise and pray..... My watch word is Pray like you know and have nothing, work hard like your life depends on it. Please dont go wild, it might take a while but you wld be glad you never gave up your dream.

  10. I totally agree with moby. Even if you don't want to read banking and finance you can read something else like Music. This would help you be a better rapper/musician. But you still need to go to school!


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