Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, mummies and daddies (found out my mum reads my blog so I can't be saying any rubbish anyhow again ooo...so we'll be using codes to say all those things old people can't decode, you dig???) Hello mummy *winks*

So today I’m doing a post on how to draw the perfect eyebrow..(yep that’s what’s on todays menu…**eye brows**). The decision to show us how to draw the eyebrow didn't just come out of nowhere. On my way to work, I saw this lady with very beautifulllll brows...(the extra “L’s” is there to let you know how very beautiful the brows were). To add sugar to the gist, she highlighted the brows and it was just a gorgeous sight to behold. Na die the eyebrow be. Was going to ask for a picture of her but my camera was not reachable at that moment. **I'm not a perfect eye brow drawer o but I dey try sha since Makeup dey pay bills small small **.

I have joined the fight against eyebrow abuse...say NO to eyebrow abuse

But before we start todays expose’, I’ve noticed a lot of eyebrow drawing tutorials are online…like plenty, so why do I still see loads of eyebrows that are not cool at all at all. Anyway to all those still sending pictures of their gele and dancing nails, thank you.. welldone.. You guys are too much. Abeg chop knuckle .... You make me happy and proud all the time. Please keep trying...the more you try, the better you get. As for those that asked me to come do the dancing nails for them, yes you...you know yasef. I wee not do it for you. Ntoi..( tongue out) I am not a nail fixer...**I just dey use scope and YouTube do all the tins wey I dey do... Hehehehe*

 So let's get down to business
Materials needed: Eyebrow pencil, mascara wand or toothbrush, a concealer or foundation (a shade lighter than your skin colour), brow filler or brow definer (optional), Q-tip (also known as cotton bud) and your eyebrow(s)…LOL

Mary Kay concealer

Angled brush

Q-tip a.k.a. cotton bud

Mascara wand

Black opal brow pencil
Note: You can only draw a good eyebrow on perfectly shaped eyebrow so before we start this tutorial, get your blade, thread, wax or whatever you use to shape your brow and get your brows prepped for what’s coming next. Please I use God name take beg you, don't scrape off the whole thing. It’s damn scary....a brow without hair???? It’s not something I like to see. I hope my mother sees this *hahahahaha*. Just as your eyes are the window to the soul, then the eyebrows are the frame for that window (GBAM....Moby says so).
Already shaped eyebrow
Before we start proper work, let’s try these few steps so we'll know where the brow would start and where it would end and where the arc should and would be.
First, Place your brow pencil vertically, touching the curve where your eye socket and nose bone connect, a little close the tear duct. The point where the pencil touches your brow is the beginning of your brow. See picture.
Take the pencil again and place it at the side of your nostril and align it with the outer corner of the eye. Where the brow or eye socket and the pencil meet after the eye is where the brow should end. The end of the tail is also referred to as the tail of the brow. See picture.

The arch is very important because it could take your look from pleasurable to surprise or even angry sef. LOL... To determine where this arch would be, place the pencil along the outer corner of the nostril and align it with the middle of your eye brow right above your eye, the pencil will meet the brow bone/ eye socket. That should be the highest point of your eyebrow’s arch.
After you have established the beginning, arch and end of the brow, let's do the work gan gan. 
1a) Brush brow with your mascara wand or toothbrush so you can have neat brows to work with.

1b) Using your 'sharpened' brow pencil (emphasis on sharpen), draw a light stroke under the bottom side of your eye brow. Follow the line of the already shaped eyebrow. Please don't press your pencil.

2) Going to the top part of your eyebrow, start from the inner-brow toward the outer-brow. Draw another straight line on the top line of your eyebrow following the line of the already shaped eye brow. Use your brow pencil to create your upper arch to your desired thickness. Make sure the arc looks natural...not too thick. The end of your brow should be thin.

NOTE: If you make any mistakes in the line, you can correct it by using a Q-tip (cotton bud). Clean the area and draw it again.

3) Lightly fill-in your brow using your pencil until you have covered the entire eyebrow section. You can also use brow powder with an angled brush. (Tip: Try not to be heavy-handed so as not get drastically dark eyebrows).

4) Use your mascara wand or toothbrush to blend and smooth-out harsh pencil lines.

5) Pay special attention to the inner-brow. Buff and blend to smooth-out harsh pencil/powder lines.
6) Dab a little concealer onto your angled brow brush. You use this to clean around the eyebrow making sure you have a clean line tracing from the inner eyebrow bone to the outer corner. Do this for the top and bottom of the brows.

7) In a downward motion, be sure to blend it in properly so you don’t have any harsh lines of concealer on your face. You could also use a foundation to blend it out finally for a better blend.
(Tip: An angled blending brush or flat top brush works perfect as a second step. Blend in opposite directions of the eyebrows until it has successfully unified).

8) Complete the same steps to your upper arch.
Viola...we are done. If you don't like stress like some of us (pointing at self), you could just easily get a brow stencil. I don't know how much they cost but they do a good job as well.
Brow stencil

Remember, both brows should look like they are really related (avoid contradicting brows on one face….LOL…if its Nike let them both be Nike, not one Adidas one reebok). They may not look like twins but they should look like siblings. You control the thickness and the arch. Practice until you find your perfect brow. Please avoid making your brows look too long. Your brows should look as natural as possible.
I used my phone to take the pictures so please ignore the picture quality *covers face*
We have come to the end of today's class....I hope I’ve helped someone reading this. Oya get to work now. I would love to see your finished work. Please send in all pictures of your trials and trust I will reply with corrections where necessary and a thumbs up!. Send pictures to moby.amusu@gmail.com. You know I love you all shey? Oya  bye for now. Mwaahhhh....


  1. Beautiful tutorial plius you look so beautiful. I love your hair style too

    1. Ha! omo... i ef'd up shaving ma brows ooo!

  2. Honestly mami I am too lazy to do all this...**i think I can draw my eyebrows tho*** buh mehn to save time when I'm rushing to school in the morning... I just did my ebrow embroidery.... It's easier for me and it lasts up to 2yrs....smh.... I cld be damn lazy you know....

    1. Hahaha. Tibs. What's an ebrow embroidery? Not heard of it before.

  3. Good job dear,I learnt something.kisses! Adun.

  4. The first time I went for makeup classes I was taught eyebrow grooming and filling. Omo!! See ef up. So I don't think they would be able 2 know all by looking at the images and explainations.

    I am still learning everyday. Eyebrow no easy.

    1. Really??? There are loads of video tutorials online that should and would help. Eyebrow no be beans o. Hahahaha

  5. Very good tutorial! Of course, I'd rather not have to "draw" my eye brows, but if I ever see the need to, I'll come back here.

  6. Thanks for this tutorial,Lord knows I suck at applying make up. I've watched video after video on YouTube and I still can't get it. I like the sound of that brows stencil,I might try that.

    1. You are welcome. I could teach you sha if you are in Lagos or keep visiting this blog. I'll be dropping tips every other day. Or the brow stencil isn't a bad idea.

  7. All this plenty English, am not sure I can do this. Like ernie, am too lazy for plenty make up wahala and I think I like my brows the way they are.
    Nice job and Moby come and give me that lipstick *bats eyelashes*

  8. Moiby, thanks for this tutorial. I tried the steps to work today and guess what? People noticed the difference from the ones I used to do before. Thanks

  9. Yaaaaaaay. Foinally I have nice brows.yipee

  10. Moby I will tell your mummy for you. Thank God I know her personally. That my fine sugar mummy...hahaha. I'm sure you know who this is. Nice blog you have here. Keep it up sugar

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  12. Nice tutorial.

  13. Great tutorial , i have really ,die hard, unruly eye brows ,sometimes i dont bother with them ,and sometimes i get tweezzer happy. Nice post.



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  15. Moby what colour of eyebrow pencil is advise (I know it's brown) but what shade e.g if I wanna go for black opal or Mac pencils...thanks Luv, expecting your reply. I use davis 018 for now but don't wanna use it anymore.

    1. Why don't you like davis? Is it too light for you? If it is then get davis 03 or buy mac pencil (brown). I know lots of people use davis cos its not expensive and is easy to get. Let me know what the problem is.. Awaiting your reply.

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  19. Well explained
    liked the tutorial


  20. Nice tutorial...am gonna try all these 2moro. Thanks

  21. good one...jst comin up on make up tho, still tryin hard

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  23. hello, my name is fati,I've been having
    problems drawing my brows i do use filler but it doesn't give my desired result

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  25. Pls wat type of eye pencil can I use

  26. Pls wat type of eye pencil can i use

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