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Hello my dear Mobylizers...Special greetings to you today.. Like play like play o, its Monday already. Hmnnnn.. How Market??....How Body?? I'm sure this week is going to be a blessed one filled with unlimited favour *somebody shout halleluya*.hmnnnnn I'm getting a vision. Yes... That sister wearing white, yes you *looks like Tibs*, you've been asking God for a Limo... The lord said I should tell you that very soon, the Limo would arrive in front of your house. Do you believe? Shout halleluya *winks*. So I got a few messages and some requests from my lovers of this blog...Well I'm sure this week is going to be amazing and eye opening. You just keep refreshing this page.
I believe I must have mentioned something about me making bags and having a school where we teach how to make bags, shoes, accessories etc...Did I?.....Well if I didn’t, I have now *big smile*..*wink*

The school graduated her third set of students (yea third..we haff try small *grin*) on the 27th of June. It was a very beautiful need to see the bags my students made (dem wan collect market from mi oo)...beautiful bags, jewellery and loading....

Anyway, my business development manager (yes oo I have one...LOL) decided to do a missive on the graduation and asked that I post on the blog..and I have ...straight to the matter.

Moby Impressionz is a multifaceted organisation that seeks to; empower potential customers with knowledge and skills in handcrafts, make-up artistry and entrepreneurship development. We equip individuals, schools and other bodies with skills in:

    Bag Making
    Footwear making
    Item wrapping and re-design
    Jewellery and accessory making
    Make-up artistry and make-overs
    Entrepreneurship development.

We also offer services in:

    Bag customization / sale
    Statement jewellery (customization / sale)
    Footwear customization / sale
    Makeup services (all purpose)
    Business consultation
    Item wrapping / customization 

In May, 2014, the first Moby Impressionz skill acquisition class commenced with four students who after three weeks on intense and focused training, graduated with a mastery of the skills in the above mentioned modules.

The following month, June 2014 witnessed another set of students who have also graduated with a fresh business mindset and with skills that would help secure their future. Success stories have not been in short supply as some of the students were already making good business contacts even before they completed their 3 week long course.

On the 27th of June, 2014, Moby Impressionz graduated her third set of students. As usual, they had three weeks of learning at the Moby Impressionz centre in Ikeja. Again, it was three weeks of thorough grooming, teaching and impartation by seasoned facilitators. This set wasn’t short of fun, drama, teamwork and best of all enlightenment. The students were cooperative and very dedicated. They challenged each other often and worked as a team when required.

On her graduation, Ruth (one of the students) who came in from Abuja to attend this course registered her utter joy and satisfaction with Moby Impressionz. In her words; “I didn’t believe it was possible for me to learn all I have learnt in just 3 weeks. I came here a total novice now I am leaving as a professional. Thank you Moby”.

Esther, another student who had a 2 year old son and was carrying another baby in her at the time, said she was almost discouraged at some point because of the stress of coming from the Ojo area of Lagos every day with her young son and the baby she was expecting. “when I started practicing what I had been thought and I saw what I could make, I couldn’t believe I could think and create something wonderful and even my husband encouraged me to go every day so I made up my mind never to give up, Now I am very happy, my husband is happy, everyone around me is happy. Thank you Moby”.

The journey continues and Moby Impressionz is bent on delivering quality services in training and sales. We are poised to make sure every potential student is fully equipped with skills that would help her / him thrive in todays harsh economic clime.

The choice is yours. You can make a move to be the sole determinant of your financial status by just registering for the next class and getting yourself informed and transformed to avoid a deformed future.

At Moby Impressionz we believe; “if you do not build your dreams, someone would hire you to build theirs”.

For information about Moby Impressionz classes and/or product order, contact us;

Mobile: 08087646638
Mobile: 08076504656
Ff @mobyimp_1



  1. Go Moby!!!!!!!!!! i love what you believe in and from now on i'll believe that:)
    Congratulations Moby, your best is yet to come:)Keep shining Star

  2. I am so proud of you Moby. Just keep on keeping it up dear. The sky is the starting point for you.

    1. I promise to keep on keeping it up hun. Thank you very much.

  3. Hahaha....Oh mami...Congrats to you.....Muah!...I saw the limo....**shrugs** at least it looks like a limo....**deep sigh** is not long enough!...hehe...Nice one mamacita...

  4. Yaaay!!! Moby is doing us proud. You go girl

  5. And I really want to learn how to make bags o.all those african print bags but there's no time. This is sad....sad face. Moby tell me sorry o

  6. More grease to ur elbow. May God give u greater increase.

  7. Nice one. I think i might come for the bag making classes when i am on leave but you might have to give me a crash course because i won't be able to afford to stay for 3 weeks.


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