Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Helloooooooo...How are we doing today? I’m sure y’all are balling tight or sleeping... Either ways, may God bless our hustle.
A few months ago, we were hit with the sad news of the rather early demise of one of our own: Zara Gretti (Rest In peace sister). At the time of her death, she was a rapper/singer formerly based in the United States but came back home (Nigeria) to ply her trade. She was also an on-air personality with Rhythm 93.7 fm.

She battled with multiple sclerosis, an auto-immune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord and she once made it known publicly that she needed help from her entertainment colleagues and the entire nation to raise funds to help alleviate her condition, but did not get the help or assistance she wanted even from the celebs she looked up to (**na wa...rolls eyes**). She was practically shunned and some even insinuated she was faking the illness.

She was born, Margaret-Mary Joseph and was only 28 years old when she passed on. She was once managed by Toni Payne and released a few popular songs which include “Aboko ku”, “Flyest” and “Teno”. She also did a song with Dokta frabz titled ‘yeah’... (I really like Aboko ku)

Four months after her death, she is still missed and remembered by some of her very close friends and colleagues. Ibk spaceshipboi (@ibkspaceshipboi) is one of the friends that hold her (Zara) in high esteem and close to his heart. He is a Nigerian rapper and was the winner of Don Jazzy’s Enigma competition. He also is an Award winner for the best rap/hip hop artist of the year (crystal awards 2014). He has composed an emotional, and beautifully rendered piece in memory of Zara Gretti. He did not only compose and record the song, he did a video too. Video  Audio -

May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. And I hope and pray that these our celebs would show more compassion especially to their colleagues. Remember God giveth and God taketh away and it is only in giving we receive from God.

God bless us all.



  2. Finally,I'm first to comment.I remember Zara and I liked that abokoku song. Its sad she left the world so early, but she is in a better place. These our celebs can be selfish,wicked and insensitive. Same thing happened with OJb.once you are not a Big artiste that they feel they can get smething back from, they would just ignore but would be the 1st to go and compose tribute songs so they can gain more fame and even make money. I even heard many of them that she called 'friend' didn't even attend her funeral and but for God , some of these celebs would have been selling cd's in alaba or be full time runz girls.They seem to forget they we're not born celebs but rather favored. Thank you Moby for this blog, you entertain us, cheer us up, encourage us , teach us and even preach the word of God to us. May God grant your hearts desires.Amen.

  3. Well done Moby. Nice job Ibk I'm a huge fan. love your works "I come in peace" and this one here is very beautiful.

  4. Hmmmn God giveth and God taketh away and it is in giving we receive from God.Thanks are a star.


  5. So sad ...May her soul rest in peace.

  6. What a beautiful soul Zara was!!! Continue to rest in peace, girl!

  7. Zara.. I don't think her peers really liked her cos even after she died, there wasn't so much news about her. Poor girl.Resr in peace Zara


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