Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Hello Lovies mi (in my thick Yoruba accent). How are you o? Today is review day. I'll be reviewing both the Colossal Kajal & Volume Express Mascara today in a single post as requested by Funmi.


Price: I got this for 850 naira at the Lagos Makeup Fair. I priced it for 1,500 naira  in a store in Ikeja city mall. Guess its the fair price I bought it for. Lucky me *yaaaaay*

Packaging: It is in a bright yellow tube in plastic and this kajal comes in a retractable form so no hassles of sharpening! Likey...... This kajal is a big hit with me as the case with most of you.  I am a total kajal person and I never step out of the house without a black waterline for ages now.

It is smudge-proof and water-proof as well (this is so classy for me). It stayed on my waterline till I took it off at night. That's more than the 6 hours that was promised....I likey.

Below is a pic with single swipe first & then multiple swipes of the kajal.

I only needed to swipe 2 times to get the desired black that I wanted compared to the other liners I used to use.

Overall, a decent kajal that is smudge & waterproof and in budget.. That's all I need

Its a YES for me. Its pocket friendly, smudge-proof, Water-proof, Retractable - so no sharpening!

MY VERDICT: I give it a 10. I am definately repurchasing. And I'm recommending it. You will not regret this pick. Trust me *winks*


Price: 1200 naira. I'm guessing its the fair price also.

Packaging: It comes in a cocoon-shaped container in the same yellow packaging as the kajal..

The ‘Colossal volume express mascara’ is another great product by Maybelline. On the pack, it says:
‘Our smoky formula creates intensely black lashes for a black kohl effect, super dark and super sultry. The mega brush loads lashes with big bold volume in one coat without clumping’.

When I applied one coat, it wasn’t enough for me (volume-wise) so I added a second coat and I loved the result...It became thicker and darker. Then the Moby in me asked me to add another coat and the result was amazing. My lashes got really dark and long as though I had false lashes on. I love this mascara but it came off as easy as it came on. Is that a bad thing?

I decided to try it on boo's lashes too. He has really long, beautiful eyelashes so I just kidnapped him and put it on his lashes.
Right eye with double application

Right eye with mascara
Left eye without masacara

However, my problem with the ‘Colossal volume express mascara’ of which boo complained about the same thing is the smell and the mega brush. The smell is kind of a turn off for me *thumbs down* and the brush is kinda big, so it might not really brush out short and curly lashes very well. I like thinner wands because they get into any length of lashes and brush them out well.

Overall, this mascara is just about fine for everyday wear and does build volume to an extent on the lashes. You can get it in any makeup store anywhere across Nigeria.

MY VERDICT: I give this a 9.

Its worth it and I'll definately repurchase.

Has anyone ever tried these two product and has an opposite view? I'll like to know. Please leave your view in the comment section. I love you all plenty *mmwwwaahhhhh*


  1. I can't do without a black liner underneath my eyelids just like you but I haven't really tried this Maybelline product before. I would look out for it though.

    Nice review! Being a while I used mascara. About the smell of the maybelline masacara, that shouldn't b a p if it's not so bad.

    1. Its not that bad sha but I was expecting a very nice smell. Thanks Temi

  2. My own mascara smells like honey oh *covers face*

    1. Amaka o. Really? Mine doesn't smell so good. Guess I took the smelly one *sad face*

  3. Nice review....u mean that's a guys eye????.....omg!...I'm jealoux

  4. Well,the kajal is fairly good on the water line, but the lead in the kajal is short so it won't last for long

  5. Nice review Moby.

  6. i priced it here in Caly and was told 1500 Naira......
    i'm hating the distance between myself and getting lovely products like this.
    i got Zaron Kajal for my waterline because it shares the same properties with the colosal kajal but i lost it in a purse.
    I'm praying that i'll find it for 850 too.
    *sorry for ranting* lol

    1. Its alright. I'm sure there would be places close to you. You can just google or ask people. I wish I could help sha. Pele dear

  7. Boo's lashes are actually long. Nice.

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