Friday, 4 July 2014


Hmmmn…My country people…I dey greet us ooo…..(not sure why I’m in my pidgin spirit). Anyway, Today I’ve got another concerned, angry and fed up Nigerian citizen and he chose this blog to pour out his resentment. No more stories, let’s get to Mr. Kunle’s RANT!.. Here is exactly what he sent in…

Moby I am not happy at all….everything about this country Nigeria is pissing the hell out of me and then the ‘entertainment’ sector that is supposed to help us forget the present hostile and chaotic situation of the country is doing its best in making matters worse. I saw your rant about Nollywood and the comments your readers made and I thought to myself ‘finally I’ve met my kind’,  someone and people of like minds. Moby I must say you are doing a good job on the blog, not trying to flatter you, just being plain honest.

Anyway, what am I truly angry about? Moby did you go for the City people awards? Okay even if you and your readers didn’t, I am sure you saw the pictures…. If you didn’t then your case is more than be careful o. Attached to this mail is some of the pictures that surfaced online and some bloggers termed it ‘beautiful’….and I term those bloggers “ Ass kissers.....
Below are the pictures some people called beautiful....

The pictures above made me cry at some point *Hian*

What was Eniola Badmus thinking ? I know a lot of people call her fat and ugly but must she go an extra mile to prove them right? She wore a very pretty purple dress, looked beautiful, hair was classy, her cleavage? Not too sure, her makeup was errr..ok…but she forgot the little class she has at home…I mean she’s meant to be a lady, so when she sits (and is posing for a photograph), she should close her legs.. If you must be celebrated, act like you must.

Saw it on another blog where Ibinabo (president of the Actors Guild) said she’s sexy….Help me lord! say what??...she’s just a tad hotter than weird MC…and thanks to 'whitenicious' for that. This can only be seen in Nigeria.
Talking about Whitenicious, please what did lepa-shandy fall  in? who’s focusing the sun on her face? Or why the hell is she looking so bright (up nepa!)

And then Tiwa Savage and Dr SID came as if they were forced to attend the event so it won’t look like no B-list artiste came as the entire event was packed with phased out individuals. I don’t blame them anyway, it’s the nature of the event that brought about the ‘less than a first date dinner” dress code she chose. That’s how you know the event is crappy

Please dress and act the way you want to be addressed. You want to be taken serious then act serious. I just hope they will do something about themselves to step up their game. That’s my rant. Moby you better post this or else I would rant about your blog on another blog then I would kidnap you and sell your parts..Loooool…just post this…okay!

Thank you.

MOBY SPEAKS: IF NA YOU PESIN THREATEN YOU LIKE THIS, U NO GO SHARPLY DO AS YOU ARE TOLD? Oga I don post o...abeg ooo… I hope I am safe now. But these pictures sha and these award organizers please try and help us na….Let us start competing with the Grammys and BET awards or even teens choice awards sef. Please ehn. God bless you ranter. Who feels the same way as our angry ranter of the day? I actually see his points and quite agree with him on many of the issues….please let's read your view.... your views count and matters….


  1. This has got to be the funniest rant have seen. If moby no post,na to share body parts o.hahaha. But he spoke the truth sha. See class and her makeup is horrible. She nees to go to a school of poise.she lacks to. Worst award ever.

  2. Even if I get a free invite, I will not go to these nigerian shows and award. Stupid waste of time

  3. I kinda think Kunski went to far on the Tiwa dress, hun its coutoure. As for ibinabo and whitenicious ermmmm. Dude she be mullato, she suppose yellow plus make up na. All in all, I do agree t was a very' one kain' gig tho! !

  4. Fake people fake organizers smhh..eniola badmus need to hit d gem ASAP..ugly makeup, all her Olympus are almost fallin off

  5. Lol,on a serious note though our celebs have got to up their game. Most of them look like they're going clubbing or something. That's why I said I can never blog about celebrities,in this country? Lailai

  6. Lol I love dis rant thing o

  7. Lol....leap shandy fell in hot water.....Tnx to dis ranter o, smtin shld b done, I concur!!!


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