Friday, 18 July 2014



Hellooooo lovies. How are you? Its friday already... Yaaaaaaay. Even though I'm not doing anything major this weekend, I'm just happy its friday. So our blog was tagged by the amazing Amaka and realest babe ever liveth Erniesha. Do you want to learn the lyrics to your favourite songs or you just need a little laugh, just check out their blogs. Thanks Amaka and Tibs *mwaah*....yaaaaay. I used to see this on other people's blog but now my turn haff reach. The essence of the tag is to enable people know you more. So I'm supposed to write 20 random things about me. That's easy...oya let's do this...

1) I'll like to be a pastor or a minister some day. I know that's weird cos loads of people don't want to be. Well that's why its random.... Somebody shout halleluyah *runs away*

2) *I'm back* I am an AJEPAKO. I am so pako, I purge when I eat anything tush. Mention it..yes I purge when I eat that too. Bring me some amala with gbegiri and ewedu and 2 thick pomo and I'm good. Now I'm hungry...

3)The thought of marriage scares me. I don't know if that's a bad thing. When my turn comes, I'll guess I'll have to deal with it.

4) I hate SNAKES. Nooooooooo. I can't stand the sight, thought and feel of snakes. I watched Snakes on a Plane facing the I was watching the wall instead of the TV.

5) I wake up in the middle of the night to just put down a random thought. My journal and my pen are always close to my pillow so when I have a dream about something or having a big thought, I just wake up and put it down and go back to sleep. * I'm bad like that *double winks*

6) I LOooove BACKRUBS. I can just sleep till eternity if I get a good backrub. I can be a cat like that.

7) I love doing gbeborun...but only with a selected few. If you are not my gbeborun buddy, you will never hear me share a gossip with you. My gbeborun buddies are my mum (twale iya dayo *i'm razz shey*, Lola my sister, boo *bestest gbeborun buddy*, Bimbo and Sunbo *no one makes gbeborun sweeter than these two*).. If you want to join the crew, please apply. There's still space for two more people *winks*

8) I hate disrespectful children. Like children that can't greet when they see an elderly person. Its annoying.

9) I think I would adopt a child when I get married. Like an Asian child. They are so cute.

10) I don't really like sharing. I'm not I'm not. I just feel no one can take care of my things like I would. But I'm working on it sha.

11) I have crazy mood swings. Like this minute, I'm happy, up-and-about and the next, I'm just blehhhh...I just want to look and not say anything.

12) I am by choice 'a Lazy woman'. I call it SELECTIVE PARTICIPATION. I decide when I want to be lazy.

13) I'll love to have a school. I love kids that much.

14) I Love my mum. When God made mums, he gave me the bestest one *mwaahh*

15) I want to be rich and successful.

16) I like fine boys *covers face*. Not like to want to date them o...more like just want to say hello and get your number and *clears throat*...don't think otherwise o. Just be friends. That's all.

17) I really wanted to use glasses as a child. I thought it was cute. So I would sit very close to the TV and be staring very hard hoping my eyes would get bad *yimu*. My eyes were actually getting better doing all that. I was stupid as a child. Don't blame me.

18) I have never wanted to be a good girl neither did I want to be a bad girl. I just wanted a taste of both worlds and gurl did I. Thank God for God sha.

19) I get tired of things very easily. Like I just get bored and just let it go.

20) I want to have a gay friend. Like a gay best friend. Someone that I can go shopping with and he won't get bored. Boo can't stand shopping with me cos I don't make up my mind as fast as he wants so he just leaves me and then I'm on my own. Not cool at all.

And we have come to the end of 20 random things about me. I'm going to tag the following bloggers cos I really really want to know them. *drum roll please*

Have a fabulous weekend Mobylizers. Love you all *mwaaaah*


  1. Thanks for the tag dear! I'll get to it as soon as i can. I liked glasses and used to sit in front of the tv too! Lol...but i wasn't as lucky as you, now rocking my 4 eyes!

    1. Awwww pele dear. I would switch place with you if you don't mind *winks*

  2. @being an ajepako, I'm also a pako babe o. I guess that's why I like you.we can relate on different levels. All the random things about you are like the random things about me too.

  3. Thanks so much for the tag honey you are such a funny and lively babe. Very obvious from your blog.

    So swirie just like u I really don't share stuffs I wear with people. What ever I wear is always mine... self I like fine guys no be small but just that I act like I don't care so I don't even bother to talk or ask about his name. That number 17. Heheh wen I was young 2 of my friends and I really wanted to have eye problem cos we wanted to use glasses. We always felt it makes someone look fresh and cute and so we envy those using glasses. Infact we went all the way to an eye clinic to seek for medicated glasses but they refused giving us.lolzz

    1. Hahahaha. I also went to the eye clinic with my mum and I was forming long sightedness. Hian...they didn't give me the glasses o.

    2. How come all the girls I know want to use glasses. I thought it was very geeky and cute at the same time. Men I tried o. Even started wearing my mother's recommended glasses so I can have bad eye sight but man proposes God disposes

  4. Thanks for the tag Moby, I would get to work asap. Lol you are funny sha, I liked glasses too because my sis wore one but when my eyes got bad nd I had to get one, I didn't like it anymore.

  5. Thanks for the tag
    I nominated you for a sunflower award

  6. Moby you are so interesting. I like that you want to be a pastor. All will be well at the end. Nice one

    ~moby's biggest fan~

  7. YAay!!! did the post.....Ok so #3 - Shake it off like you just don't care mami......#11....that got me laughing....#20....oh God they are the best companions for me....How you doing mamacita...

  8. I love the way you always make use of 'we'. Makes your readers feel like they belong. Coolies. I hate snakes too o.once I saw a snake and I almost ran mad.I just don't understand why some people would say they like snakes. That thing is too evil abeg.


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