Tuesday, 29 July 2014


*Everybody blow your trumpet…..”Pam pam paran ran ra ran” ** we sang that song like 100 times during our devotion** Hello guys. How are we doing? I'm back now o.... Writer's block has gone” fooinally” ..’yay!’and I'm so happy because you guys really helped. Thank you so much.
So we were nominated by three amazing bloggers .... Tosin, Amaka and Ernie *I can sense a grammy coming soon**fingers crossed**. Thank you so much guys I am very glad you let me occupy your thoughts sometimes, you occupy mine from time to time as well. I'm sorry for not answering the questions since oo . I have just been really lazy and mentally busy *if there's anything like that*. Now that I'm ‘less mentally busy *big grin*, I've decided to answer, post and tag other 7 remarkable bloggers. So let's get right to it because this is a very looooong post.

Let me just chip in at this point that I will be answering 5 of each questions...so that I don't bore everyone. More like I'm avoiding answering some questions **wink** “whispering....please don't tell Amaka and Tosin and Ernie” Thank you. Now let's do this.

The rules are:
1. Share eleven facts about yourself.
2. Answer the questions set by the blogger that Nominated you.
3. Nominate bloggers.
4. Set 7 questions for the nominated bloggers.

1) I'm so happy I made the move to start a blog. WHY? I've met some of the most amazing people ever and still meeting. Thank you all for being so amazing.

2) I shower at least 3 times a day....even when the weather is cold. Boo thinks I'm a “mami water”...turns to boo *doing my mami water dance...yes I am a mami water*…*smiles*

3) I don't handle disappointments wells. Shikena!

4) I hate competition in any form. I Remember when I was in secondary school, I was so comfortable with my 5th position and I always came 5th. I cared less who was 1st or 2nd as long as when my mum opened my report card, she saw that my percentage was not below 60 percent and I was 5th.

5) I don't ever do a good makeup on myself. I mean I make money doing makeup for people but then it becomes a problem doing a good makeup on myself... Looking like I might hire a makeup artist for my wedding...you can start applying now.LOL

6) I don't like people easily.... But once I do, I like completely that I can go to the ends of the earth for such person. And if or once I stop liking you, then it’s sooo over.

7) I am very respectful. Blame that on Iya Dayo (my mother). I'm happy I am.

8) I drink coca cola a whole lot...I used to drink nothing less than 5 bottles in a day .Once, I didn't see my period for 7months and my doctor's first question was ' how much sugar do you take in a day?'

9) I love high heels....I love that they make a woman look elegant. I have quite a number of them BUT I don't like wearing them. I have this fear of falling and embarrassing myself so whenever you see me wearing high heel, trust there's a flat slippers 10inches away from me (yeah that close) or someone is holding me so I can walk well…*wink*

10) I'm claustrophobic. I didn't used to like going to the bank because of that security door at the entrance. I was always scared it would refuse to open one day *rolls eyes*

11) I hate ELEVATORS. Ask me, staircase or elevator?...I'll pick staircase. No matter how high the staircase goes, I will use it. I Remember an ex of mine told me I embarrassed him because I took the stairs and didn't take the elevator..see insult o... na by force? Make nepa go take light? God forbid..LOL

I thought I won't be able to write 11 random facts about me (again) but I did it *yaaaay*. So now I'm going to answer Tosin, Amaka and Ernie's question... Let's do this *jugging and warming up....doing my 100 push ups cos this is going to be serious)... So, on your mark, get ready..... GO'!!!!

Tosin's questions.

1)What is your inspiration in life?

God is my greatest inspiration. I mean what am I without him? Nothing. Then everything around me inspires me....lately I found out the cockroaches in my house inspire me to write. Remember the post of the killer cockroach? You can check it here..LOL

2) One amazing thing you are looking forward to before the year ends?

I have plenty o Tosin but the major one is to get a new laptop. My current laptop is killing me. How I blog with it sef, na only me understand.

3) Your favorite sport?

I'm not so much of a sport person but if I have to pick, then it’s definitely basketball. Just watching tall, sweaty guys running around the court in shorts is way better than watching Suarez biting people's ass’s off.

4) Your favorite character in the Bible.

That has to be Esther. Her story just inspires me and I pray every day to be favored like her for the rest of my life.

5) Your favorite fashion item?

It's kinda hard picking a favorite but I would go with my Kajal or eye liner. I just can't do without a dark water line.

Thank you Tosin, I hope I did justice to your questions…..muuuaahhh!!!! #nohomo…LOL

Amaka's Question

1. Ever been attracted to the same sex?

Amakaaaaaa ooooo you be jamb official?.....Truthfully YES. I was just really wild back in the day but I outgrew it.

2) Your favorite season of the year and why?

That has to be rainy season. I know lots of people complain of the mud and the dirt but I just can't stand heat. My mum thinks I'm an Alien that came in from a very cold climatic region. When everyone is complaining of cold, I'm complaining of heat *that's a random fact about me*

3) Most visited Web page?

GOOGLE. I can't get tired of you. If google was a man, I think we would be married….*oops**

4) Do you have any pets?

No I don't but I would when I have my apartment and it would be a dog....thinking a chuwawa (spelt the way its pronounced...its chihuahua...thank me later)

5) Righty or lefty?

I'm a Righty. I love lefties....don't know why. I even tried learning how to write with my left in Uni.

Amaka I try?….*raised eyebrow* Muuuuuuah for you too….*hugs*

Ernie's question

1) In ten words or less, Who are you?

I am Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (catches breath....hahahahaha) please refer to google to check meaning.

2) Who is your ideal man/woman?

Bolatito Charles Olubukola Shokunbi. Dasall (my oga at the top)…Life Is Fun With Tito.

3) If you could meet anyone, alive or dead...who would that be?

Eve.... I want to ask her; ‘Wtf was wrong with you’? Why didn't you just refuse the apple? I can only imagine how amazing and naked we would be right now…*covers face* LOL.

4))Beauty vs Brains?

Brain over beauty any day anytime…

5) What is your take on Rebound Relationships?

It is almost inevitable..I mean you don’t even know when you’re in one. I apologize to all my rebound boyfriends. Focusing on someone new can help a person recover from a break-up. It gives you hope to fill that empty feeling inside you. I'm sure I must have been a rebound at some point so I don't blame anyone.

And that does it….Whewww!!!! That wasn't so hard right..Thanks again Ernie….**kiss for you too**…’wink’. Okay so I would be nominating:

www.duruadolphusjnr.blogspot.com (just found his blog...thanks to Ernie... he is a good writer)

My questions.
1. If you were to be an animal, what animal would you love to be? And why?
2. In your next life (that's if there is), would you want to be a boy or a girl?
3. What do you do on a very boring day?
4. What is your ideal man or woman like?
5. Who is your favorite comic character?
6. If you were given an opportunity to hang out with a celebrity for the weekend, who would you pick?
7. What's your thought on same sex marriage?

Thanks once again to the amazing bloggers that nominated me and to all our blog readers. I love you all *mwaaah*


  1. Thanks sugar! And this is the second post I'm owing you, I'll post them very soon!

    1. Please do. I'm waiting o *waiting mode activated*.

  2. your an interesting pelson and a nashural babe*in tatafoo's voice....lol
    Thanks babe for nominating me

  3. Yay!!!!.....Erhmm...mami...I think we should write the next edition of the Oxford dictionary...I see lots of potential in you......hehe...I am loving those facts mami.....Real shit!......Nice one mami...

  4. One word... ORIGINAL. Moby you are too interesting.boo must be very proud.you are just too funny I swear. I laughed all through most especially at that part where you said Suarez biting people's ass's off.so true.keep on keeping it up o.I will remain anonymous till I can figure out how I can use my name.how do I go about it o?

    1. After typing ur post, u click "select" profile....its under the 'reply as' then choose 'name/url' from the drop down menu...from here u can use whatever name u want or ur email sef

    2. Or you can just open a google+ account. I think that's easier. Thanks for stopping by Anon.

  5. Real babe. You did justice to them questions

    1. Shey?? Thanks for the nomination once again *oya chop kiss....mwaah*

  6. Thanks girl. But wait o, what is the name of this award? I thought i was a coke addict but i see that you are worse o, take it easy on the sugar o. Diabetes ain't a fun disease (Mowunmi listen to your own advice)


    1. Sorry babes. Its the sunshine award. I posted this with my phone so I couldn't attach pictures. Would do that soon. I've taken it easy on sugar now o seeing I've been adding extra weight of late. I don't want to be an orobo o*sad face*

  7. Me I will tell sha o... #shouting...Amaka, Tosin, Ernie, moby doesn't want to answer all your questions o so she answered 5 instead of 7.what should we do to her o?oya moby I've told them,now you're screwed..but you know I got your back anyday anytime.#kisses der

    1. Ahhh Anon, e no good o. Now they know *sad face* but I'll forgive you. *mwaaahh*

  8. Congrats on your award Mami (lol, Tibs has taught us how to say Mami). I think you are a very interesting character. You love heels? Seriously? lol. I think im the only girl who is not keen on heels. Thanks ever so much for nominating me, and I will answer asap

    1. Thank you Obi. I love heels o but only in my head do I wear them. Hehehehe

  9. LOL.. Love your responses! The Eve one got me the most - I literally burst out laughing xx

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  11. Hey Mobi, thanks for the Nomination, i am so humbled by it. I will get to it ASAP.

    Oya Disection time: heheh @ #2 Haba 3 Times a day, thats too much nah, Shey you want to finish all the water in Lagos ni? diarisgodooo lmao @ #10 Bubba, the feeling is mutual oh, i hate being in enclosed places. I still fear that Being locked in a Box alive, kai thats my worst 1000 ways to die oh! lmao. Aswear if it happens yeah, i will just run mad down there. @ the Question for Eve, mehhhhnnn Mobi I tire oh, help me ask Eve oh! that lady just screwed up the loads of Fun we were to be having down here :). Imagine if we were all naked Taking pictures and uploading on Instagram. heheh That would have been just EPIC! lmao! nice one Mobi, aswear you are a real Funny Lady! :)

    1. @naked pictures on Instgram, that got me laughing... Thanks Duru


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