Friday, 15 August 2014


Hello beautiful people… I’m so happy….Blessed in such a way that I can’t be stressed. That I have such amazing friends and readers like you and that today is Friday. I believe you all are on that same frequency… If not, adjust your dial sharp sharp... Bera*wink*  Yaaaaaay. I have one owanbe tomorrow but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to invite everyone...but I promise to eat your portion of the party rice. So how many portions am I supposed to eat? Still counting... I'm watching my weight o but I'll do anything for you *yinmu*
I remember telling myself I'll blog about everything and anything that crosses my in everything. Even when I'm not making sense, I'll just come here, write my scattered thoughts and run off… One thing I wasn't sure of was blogging about my hair. I mean loads of people blog about hair so I thought if I join the bandwagon, it would just be fruitless, shey??? I didn't want to really blog about hair cos I can count how many natural hair friends I have....they are not more than 5...and 4 out of these 5 would educate you on how to take care of your hair so what's the use repeating what almost everybody already knows? But guess what? Two very close people just cut their hair. Like really??? How cute is that? (I take the credit for influencing their decisions). Now I get to educate two newbies. Just want to use this opportunity to say 'welcome to the family boos'. So this post is for all the lovely ladies who have bravely done a big chop!! CONGRATULATIONSSSSS!!!! I would have put up their pictures but one of them didn't agree. Anyway, don't rely on me to always put up hair post. I seldom do that but maybe if you beg me, I might just think about it...but there are loads of hair blogs....just use my bestest friend GOOGLE, I'm sure he would help you.
Today, I would educate the natural hair freshers like I said earlier especially because I influenced their decisions to cut their hair. Those who have been in the game can also find one or two useful hints as regards grooming natural hair and for those still trying to gather the liver to do the big chop…c’mon get to it already. LOL. So friends, lets to this….let’s give the natural hair newcomers their welcome speech:
Step 1: Realize that your hair is now different...(you definitely cannot whip your hair back and forth now…except you are ready to lose your head..LOl… No more beyonce’s move in the club anymore… NTOIIII). Your new hair will not behave like relaxed hair and it will not look like relaxed hair. All techniques employed to make your hair look relaxed will damage it! So embrace your new kinky nappy look! Yes it looks good on you!!!! Work it!
 Step 2: Build an easy regimen. I know going natural can be overwhelming and you are suddenly told to pre-poo, after poo, use ACV, Co- wash and so on. Just create and easy routine for you. Are you 4B, 4C, 4D, 4P,4Y or I am I don't know what my hair type is and I don't Kurrr (that’s care in my language…don’t ask which language) is hair o. There are so many things we naturals have found to confuse ourselves... Please don't get on that train just yet. Ignore them all! Yes I said it! Start with something simple that works for you. An example of a simple regimen is as follows:
* Your new natural hair is prone to dryness, so “spritz” with water at least every 2-3days and follow up with an oil/moisturizer of your choice. Water is the best source of moisture for your hair; it improves elasticity and reduces breakage.
* Wash your hair a maximum of once a week. Use sulphate free shampoo. Shampoos containing certain sulphates and alcohols that dry your hair, in fact I'll just say it... Use Dudu Osun.. It’s just 100naira. It’s cheap and it works well. However, when you shampoo, always follow with a conditioner.
* Deep condition at least once a month. Do not skip deep conditioning because you use regular conditioner and also, be careful not to allow your deep conditioner or your regular conditioners touch your scalp. It makes your scalp dirty and leads to dandruff, itchiness etc. Just check my friend Google again and he would tell you the best deep conditioner for you and you can also make yours.
* Detangle with a wide tooth comb ONLY!!! Your new hair doesn’t like small combs. Comb your hair when it’s damp or there is a leave-in condition in it. There is no need to over comb your hair, because you are trying to get it to look “neat” , it will break when it’s combed more than once a week. Learn to finger detangle while there is a leave in conditioner in your hair, to avoid breakage. Natural hair really hates to be over combed; mechanical damage will ruin your precious hair. So don’t worry, your hair looks beautiful, no need to tear it apart because you want it to look perfect.  
* Sleep with a satin cap, to avoid the pillow case from drying your hair and pulling out your strands. I just got my own satin bonnet. You can order online if you do not have any store around you that sells. Or just get a satin pillow case. Now back to the steps:
Step 3: Leave your hair alone!! Hand in hair syndrome causes knots and breakage. All naturals are guilty of it. “I love my hair more than necessary so I am always touching it”, well……..stop it!!! It weakens the strands. *points at self….Moby you need to stop touching your hair all the time…. Sad face*
Step 4: Do protective styles. The purpose of a protective style is to protect your hair (especially your ends) from the elements, in order for the hair to grow unhindered. However if you must make a protective style, avoid letting it be too tight. If it is, then ‘bye bye’ to your beautiful edges. I do protective styles when I start getting tired of my natural hair.
Step 5: Stop waiting for it to grow!! Enjoy this phase! Enjoy every single stage of your hair.
Step 6: Remember you are gorgeous. Don’t let negative comments get you down! I have had my fair share of negative comments about how natural hair isn’t beautiful ‘blah blah’, and I just let it slide!!!! Work those curls whether you have baby curls or kinky curls, it’s all beautiful!
This would do for now. Adhering to the above tips would guarantee a healthy, beautiful and attractive natural hair. Like I said, there are a lot more do’s and don’ts and you can find them on several hair blogs. I am not a hair blogger just a sister with natural hair at the moment so I’m sharing this to ease you into the world of natural hair and natural hair grooming.
Diekolola, thank me later for this *winks*
Be good people….take care of you and yours…and have a very beautifullous weekend.


  1. Nice post. You are doing all the right things in my own opinion. Just listen to hair and you should be fine.

  2. I don't think a newbie need anything more than these. @hand in hair,I am guilty of hand is always touching something but I'm really trying to stop. I'm trying.been a year plus now and I'm still trying.its harder than you think.

  3. If you pay me 1 million naira,I will still not go natural.una wahala too much abeg. #brazillianhairforever

  4. Nice post. Teambraids and weaves tho


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