Friday, 29 August 2014


Hello guys.... So yesterday night at about 9 pm, I was planning on going behind Gbemi's back (she is my exercise buddy) and just eat beans and plantain before going to bed (NOTE: I'm still watching my weight and I'm not supposed to eat after 7pm but my stomach was crying for food). So I picked up my phone and I saw a comment from our very own Petite Diva. She nominated me for the Gratitude and Giving challenge *yipeee*. Since it was from her I decided to check it out *turns to petite is only you o that can make me leave my food and start typing*. So I started typing my own. Trust me na...I no dey ever carry last. There are rules to this challenge...I hope I get it right o cos I was super excited to type mine and then nominate people.

Let's do this....

Here are the rules

When nominated you have 24 hours to accept the challenge.

You have to write or say 3 things you are grateful for on any social media platform just once.

You are to take a picture of a simple pleasure. A simple pleasure is something that makes (or made) you smile in a day preferably non humans (because I am sure a lot of people would list the humans as what they are grateful for). For example a cup of coffee, a bottle of your favorite soda or drink, a scoopful of ice cream, a butterfly that just perched on a window, something at your work desk, a game…You get the drift. It is something that should be inexpensive. It is not an opportunity to show off cars, watches, shoes and all the things that people like showing off nowadays.

You have to give out at least 5 USD (convert it to your local currency) within 7 days of accepting the challenge to a less privileged person or a cause or a charity organization. That's about 840 naira.

You nominate three people (within your circle) to take up the challenge.

If you don’t accept the challenge you are required to donate at least 20 USD to a charity organization of your choice.

So here are the things I'm grateful for:

I'm grateful for life... You know waking up every morning is a gift.. Not everyone is that lucky and so I am grateful for the gift of life. Do you know how many people would give anything to be alive?

I'm grateful for love. The love of God, the love of my family, the love of my friends....the love of you all... Thank you so much.

I am grateful for good health. Let me just digress a bit? Do you know how many bottle of coke I take in a day? I've been drinking coke since I was this in this little *looks at the floor*. My mum used to sell soft drinks and I ran her business down... I'm sure I did. I would drink solo coke (not so many people know the solo coke... very tiny bottle of coke) and promise to pay but I wouldn't...till tomorrow my mom still hopes I'll pay her. I drink this much sugar and I've been fine. I know lots of people tell me I'll be obese in the future and diabetes and all those sugar-related problems but each time I check my sugar level, they say I'm fine. Its not me, its the lord's doing. Not saying I won't stop drinking coke o. I'll stop very soon *been saying that since forever*. I have good health and I am super grateful for it. I'll put a picture up soon. Let me finish cooking my indomie then I'll pop a bottle of coke *winks*

So I'm nominating

....And I'm nominating everyone reading this. Go on any social media and write what you are grateful for. If you can't think of any, just say you are grateful for knowing Moby *winks*

Have a lovely weekend mi loves...mwaaaah


  1. well i shall get to it ASAP, I have a lot i am grateful for

  2. This your weight that you're watching, are you sure it is not it that's watching you. LOL

    1. At this junction I don't know anymore.. I'm confused myself...hehehe

  3. Yaaaayyyy! She took the challenge and came out a trooper. Honestly we need to stop drinking coke. I took pepsi today. I am so buying Ribena tomorrow (apparently it helps me reduce my coke intake)...


  4. Thnks for nominating me, I'll get it as soon as I can :D

  5. I'm grateful for life, for helth,for family,for my friends most esp you Moby...thnk you Jesus


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