Monday, 25 August 2014


*Rushes in.. looks around...all I see is straight faces... I know I have to do this...Goes down on both knees* AYAM SORRY. It wasn't my fault. Everything was just against me... even my internet service provider too had evil plans for me. I'm so sorry. This post is long overdue so I will just sharpaly download the gist *bats lashes like my good padi Amaka*

First I want to say thank you to everyone. For the emails, text message, calls, comments, prayers.... y'all are the bomb..(#noboko o).... Thank you soooo much. So I was thinking if it was a good idea mentioning people’s names and thanking them one by one... People that know me well know I'm a forgetful marafucka person.. The way I forget things amazes me... so I spoke to a blogger friend of mine and she said it was better that way so here it is... Please if I forget to put your name, it wasn’t intentional. Put the blame on my brain... My butt hurts right now and my eyes are shutting... Boo usually proof reads my work before I post but the poor boy has slept... so please forgive me.
Here we go...*folds the arm of my shirt*

Iya Dayo and Leboo... Love you both to the moon and back..Thanks

Dayo and Dieko...*singing no one be like you*. I Love you so muccccch...

Qtestbee and Olasunbo.... You both are the bestest. Love you always.

1+the One called me o...I was feeling like one superstar. And that babe can pray for Africa. Kai... Thank you so much. She also told me her name but I will not tell all of you..Ntoiii *tongue out* number 2 role model. (I had one role model before before)... Thanks for the message. God bless you plenty

Ms Cookie... Are you a blogger? If yes, please can you drop your blog address in the comment box below? I want to know you by fire by force. Thank you. You are simply amazing

Pweety Lala... I almost mistook you for my sister Dieko. You guys sound alike... Thank you so much for sticking around.

Yours Truly.... The Chimamanda Adichie of our time. I am so lucky to have met you aswear.

Ugo.... The most adorable and most pleasant blogger I know. Thank you.

miss BNG... I think you are AMAZEBALLS.... The fact that you say things as it is, mehn I love you... Thank you

Lily....Lily...Lily... I was looking forward to seeing you o. Hmnnnnn. Thanks Sis.

Muriel.... I think I’ll name my child Muriel...Love the name and the person behind the name *winks*

Tibs and hubby... #teamMofaya for shizzle ma nizzle... If I no mention your name, even the gods will ask me questions. I Thank God for bringing you my way.

Temidayo... Even before I started blogging, I used to stalk this aunty. Beautiful blogger she is. Thank you

Tosin.... Mami rated toh badt. She is so adorable. You know those people you see and you just want to lick their faces,,,, that’s Tosin. Thank you.

Amaka.... I miss you swirrie. My madam at the top that called me before 4 am on my birthday... I miss you o *bats lashes*.

Petite Diva... God bless the day I found your blog. Beautiful blogger. I hope we meet soon. Thanks a bunch.

Uziezi... “New commenter alert”... you are welcome missy... Chop 1st timer kisser abeg *mwaaaahhh*.

Duru... Duru...Duru... How many times did I call you? God bless the day I met you in blogville. Thanks Papi....

Aunt Mo.... I need to know you personally. I always look forward to your comments. Thank you

Gbemi... The exercise/make-up artist buddy I never had... Thanks to Duru for showing me the way. Thank you

Oluwabibs.... If I didn’t mention you ehn, even God won’t forgive me. My friend from day one. Thank you for sticking around. God bless you.

Bukky... I love you Bukky cos you da bomb... like BOMB *did I make sense?* Thank you

Fola... My run-away love. Lovely blogger. Thank you huni...

Khafeelheart... Oya chop 1st timer kiss too....mwaaahhhh

Chris Okafor.... I know you see me.. and I see you too...Jah bless you brother

Muna.... ...we were supposed to hangout on my buyday birthday but it didn’t happen **sad face**. Let me know when you are in the country o..I still love you tho... mwaahhhhhh for you for answering my questions 100% correct.

Funmi Reese... I see you..... Thanks for visiting our blog. I should give you the 1st timer kiss too... Oya take *mwaaahhhhh*

Habeebat... My new friend *winks*. Welcome to our blog *mwaaah* commented once and disappeared....where you dey na....thanks though for your love’s soccer nemesis...I hope Man-U wins something this season ooo especially as they have started with failure...(*covers face*). Thanks for your comments and mails.

Anonymous’.... I reference y’all too... you make it all worth it. Thank you

To everyone I didn’t mention, I’m telling you it is not easy trying to remember everyone’s name o but when I do remember, I’ll edit this post and put in your names but you should know you mean a lot to me. Thank you so much.

Whew!.... This was harder than I thought mehn... It is not easyyy...

And the biggest of all birthday gift was Aby's blog post. I almost cried o.. chaiii... see love from a stranger. I am going to copy and paste it here... Here it goes.

Dear Moby,
Birthdays are celebrated once a year, but I believe people deserve to be celebrated everyday of the year, especially people like you. I haven't met you, but I've seen how amazing a person you are, you are a woman of strength, great talents and ambition and I am grateful for ever knowing you. So full of life and passion you are and a great spirit you have, there is always a smile on my face and laughter on my lips anytime our phone conversations end.
You are a shining light to the world, you are an inspiration to your generation, you are an inspiration to me!
I pray that you may continue to grow in wisdom and strength, that God may widen your coasts, I pray that God will totally overwhelm you with abundance of  His blessings, grace and favour, so abundant that it will overflow (picture a water fall). I pray that God will bless you to the point of tears...joyous tears! I pray that you will live to see your great grandchildren, and still be strong and over dramatic enough to dance sekem/shoki (and whatever naija dance is reigning at the time) with them.

You are on your way to becoming a great woman Moby! Today, I am proud and happy to be celebrating you, a great woman, Mobolaji O. Amusu. Keep soaring and shining!
With Love,

Aby Purpleheart.

Yes I almost cried reading this... I mean who wouldn't. Thank you Aby for this. God bless you.

So the main gist shey? Okay.... What did I do on Wednesday? I went to work feeling like it was just another day of the week.
My mum wanted the day to feel special so she followed me to the car to take pictures. That woman bought one mallam  radio that uses battery  *people that grew up not having light and generator would definitely know this radio* so that we would have a mini party in the morning before I leave for work. I just love me some Iya Dayo I swear.
Iya Dayo and Moby...mehn I don dey fat o *covers face*

I just had to join this picture. I was looking very fine that's why.
My friend Sunbo came over to chill with me (at work *smiles*) so that the day doesn't feel so ordinary. Then a cake came in for me...from Boo... I wanted to cry. It was so cute. Thanks Leboo baby..(according to Bukky LOL). I'm actually watching my weight so I could not eat so much *serious yinmu o*... Thanks huni.
So from work, I decided to spoil myself a little and I bought plenty oranges and took most of it sha *please don't abuse me o*. That's a good way to spoil myself na..(I repeat ayam watching my weight). On getting home, I saw another cake. My friend, Chika, who is a baker / chef, made me one beautiful, marvellous cake. She came in from Dubai for my birthday...or so I think. She's such a cutie *goes to my rooftop to say this* I LOVE YOU CHIKA. She is good mehn and she makes good cakes. You can also make your orders. Here's her email address Follow her on Instagram @chef_chika. Here's a picture of my cake.

Yes it is as sweet as it looks
So I changed from work clothes to my party cloth and then set out to pick my sister and her boo and off to E-centre. Boo's friend who's also a manager of the ozone cinema bought me and whoever I came with me movie tickets so I decided to watch 'Bad Neighbours'...Good movie...y’all should see it. Thank you so much Tope and Dupe Longe. They are such an amazing couple o. I’ll like to be like them when I grow up. God bless you...
Then I got the book 'Half of a Yellow sun' as a gift from Boo...signed by Boo, my sister and her Boo... It was so cool. Thank you so much guys... I've always wanted to get that book. Thank you *chop kiss abeg*.

After the movie, we went to Koko lounge (I think it’s called something else now) for their Comedy open mic night. We were invited by the same couple and I was feeling like a celebrity...SMH for me...
Anyways, that's what happened on Wednesday o. Thursday came and I went to Ikeja city mall to see the movie ‘Hercules’ with my friends, Chika (the chef) and Seyi (my natural hair friend) and I had an amazing time.. If you've not seen this movie, please go and watch it now or else *Tibssss where is that my bazooka o?*..I will shoot you..Thanks guys for hanging out with me *chop kiss*. After they left, Boo and I chilled at Melting moments... Its an ice cream factory close to the theater and it is opposite Bruno's place.... To all the single girls in the house looking for a partner, there is one fine boy that attends to customers.. He has got the cutest smile ever... Couldn't take his picture cos Boo was already giving me the side eye...but he looks available sha.. NOTE: I’m still watching my weight ....ish...LOL....This was what I looked like

I had to show off the back na *covers face*

Please don't tell Gbemi I cheated on our weight loss programme *sad face*

Duru come and take o....

This has to be the bestest birthday evurrrrr... The phone calls... Peeps were calling till 11 pm. I was feeling like Goodluck Jonathan at some point.... Thanks everyone... That's all I can say. Thank you so much. God bless you all.
What next? Ama sleep now till 7am and then get up, dress up and turn up....for work. Shuooo... see rhyme o... I should be a rapper mehn... I’m a natural. Who wants to have a rap battle? I’m ready when you’re ready. Hehehehe.

Thanks once again guys. Y'all are the best. Have a lovely blessed week ahead.



  1. Awwww see my name o.thanks Moby.we love you too.and that dress I loveeeee.keep watching your weight o.that's the way forward.

  2. You are one amazing lady!!! To remember all those names including moi... You are definitely a STAR!!! Glad you had a beautiful day and I'm sure you'll have a fantastic year too. Enjoy your new age dearie.

  3. Stunning and Beautiful>>>>>the right words to describe your look...Happy Birthday Again sweet, one day i'll visit lagos and we'll celebrate you berra keep the lovely, brown sexy cake for me *winks*

    1. Awww..Ugo..thank you. I don blush taya for here. Thaank you. Please let me know when you are coming and then we can oreder a lovely,brown sexy cake from my beautiful chef friend *winks*.thank you plenty *mwaaahhhh*

  4. Moby that dress is in fine. I have a date tomorrow. And I'm coming to borrow it. You should help a sister get a guy and I know this dress would. *batting my eyelashes like Amaka*

  5. Aww...mami....thank you so much for the shout out....means alot look very beautiful in that dress...

  6. If you see my face, you no go believe am sef! I don blush sotay my course mates dey ask me if I don dey kolo! Still you are wonderful moby! Beautiful beyond measure!
    Glad you had madt fun, I envy am die. Oh that dress *drooling*
    What I wouldn't do for ice cream right now *sigh*.

  7. 1+The One's name is Ayo*tongue out*...#Okbye

  8. Number 1: I see my name *jumpingonthechair*, Number 2: Your cakes were lovely, your friend is an amazing baker. Does she give classes? I need to dust my baking knowledge Number 3: Your dress was really lovely You are allowed some cheat days when you are on a diet and there is no better day than your birthday to cheat. I am glad you had loads of fun....I envy you

  9. All I see is my name.I don't even see any other person's you remember me.that's wonderful.I promise to holla at you when I'm in the country.can't wait to meet the reel you.and how come some pictures are clearer than the other?


    1. The clearer pictures were taken with my camera and the not so clear ones were taken with my phone. They don't allow cameras in the mall...only if you sneak it in.

  10. Awww u look so beautiful dearie. Congrats on your day once again, name serious flexing oo + I love the cakes, fabulous

  11. lol @by force b fire ahhh my head was swelling small small when i saw my name so i applied ice to cool down lol j/k. you are totally welcome. glad you had a blast on your birthday. i blog every now and then

  12. First of all you look stunning..I need to steal those gowns ahah I see my name oya chop kiss

  13. Boo is hawt.That's all I have to say.dang

  14. hehehehehe You know ehn Moby of life, its impossible to read your Post without laughing and **Wearing my Mr Nigeria smile.. heheh I mean you are a Natural craze woman by nature :p.. Awghh Let me tell you a secret Baby mi. When 2014 started yeah, i wrote somewhere on my Journal of thoughts, a goal i wanted to 2014.It was that I wanted someone to say the exact words you said above.. (Bubba, I just brought out my Journal to confirm, and it is the EXACT words) I wanted someone to say: ""God bless the day I met you""+ in blogville"" and you added Blogsville on top as jara. Babe you are just awesome by nature... God bless you Baby mi. You are awesome to the very core.

    @ A time ehn, i was like see Moby oh!!! I thought she was watching her weight nah lmao? but then you had me laughing as usual.. I want my Ice-cream oh, in short we are so hanging out Ozone soon, I have a Training on Friday.. Deal? hehehe Cheers Bubba, and thanks for bringing my dream to life. GOD bless the day I met you Ms. Mobilola Amusu.

  15. Happy birthday in arrears, dear.
    I will leave my presence more when I return.
    I will never forget you...God bless you.

  16. Dearest Moby.Glad to know u had fun.Tanks for includin ma name*feelin important* I dint disappear jare...Am one of ur biggest fan.Lovely pix u gat dere .Remain everly blessed


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