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Hey hey hey.....what happening yo!

So here’s how it is....I’m sitting by my coffee table.....there’s a hot cup of coffee brewing...with a saucer filled with biscuits.....and the daily newspaper somewhere on the get the picture???....I’m facing an open window with a view into a beautiful garden ..THEN!!!!!

...I catch a glimpse...

...A glimpse of the calendar...

And what do I see????.............Its freaking

It’s another time for a RANT! (the things I do in my head ehn...hmnnnn)

So today's ranter explores a very interesting topic, one that got me really excited and I know everyone must have had one or two experiences with today's focus either directly or indirectly....So guys “Espirit de corps”.....amma need your full co-operation on this one...


Moby, I have been looking for an avenue to pour out my mind on different issues I feel affect country negatively from politics to religion and even social issues. I have too much on my mind I need to let out and hope someone somewhere gets hear me. I got wind of the information that you have a platform where people can send in or pour out their grievances and even though I know it’s not a political platform and it probably won’t get to the high places, I have decided to share my vex with you and your readers. Hopefully and maybe we can effect a change starting from here.

Moby, I hate the Nigerian Police. They are an insult to what the police force stands for in every other country. In my opinion, it seems like those who are grafted into the police force are those who have failed in almost everything and thus they choose to become police men and women just to earn a living hence making life a living hell for the citizens.

In Nigeria today, you stand a better chance of survival if you are attacked by armed robbers than if you are stopped by the police. Sometime in 2012, a compound with block of flats somewhere around Ikota, was attacked by armed robbers. These men came in, ransacked the compound and carted away valuables. During the operation, the police was called for help but they didn’t show up. Now, after the robbers had gone, occupants of the flats came outside to try and encourage each other and to pick the pieces of their lives and about 1 hour after the robbery, men from the Nigerian Police force stormed the compound and started shooting. As this started, everyone ran for safety. I happen to have a friend who lives in that compound and he (my friend) ran under a car to avoid being shot. Behold one of the police men came to where he was and shot at my friend. He was hit 5 times and narrowly escaped death.

When the chaos calmed down and the shooting stopped, my friend was rushed to the hospital and by Gods grace he survived. He pressed charges and we got to hear that the police man in question said ‘he was sorry’ that he didn’t know. Can you Imagine such stupidity? You can read the story here...

This is what we go through in this country. We have “no-baked” police men and women and these mediocre officers are given weapons and left to roam the streets. Why won’t they kill innocent people? You would find police men totally drunk while on duty and with guns. What kind of death trap is that? And they mount road blocks and cause heavy traffic in certain areas and all they would be doing is collecting money from commuters. A police once stopped me and as he approached the car he just went ‘bros how far na, we your boys dey road oo anything for we?’ so what then is the difference between the police man and a local thug?

The Nigerian police needs a major overhaul. More than 80% of those who put on that uniform do not deserve to be boy scouts, talk less of police officers. An officer of the law should be a prestigious position not the last hope for survival. Look on the streets, you’ll see very un-kempt, dead looking, half baked people who call themselves police officers and these are the ones that are meant to protect life and property.

I know we cannot totally put the blame on the officers. I mean someone must have put them there. It is that someone or those ‘someones’ that have the problem. They need a re-screwing of the brain for proper functioning. The federal government have neglected this arm of the government for too long. Though they are a lot of unscrupulous officers, there are still a few who know what the job entails and are diligent and dedicated to their jobs.

The Nigerian Police force needs a re-orientation. I have outlined how this can be done (story for another day). But the police welfare, training, recruitment and assignment need to be checked and re-checked and seriously improved.

I would stop this rant here. I have said enough for now. More would come with time but let us all treat this issue with seriousness. I am not saying anyone here can do anything now, but someone here can be in a position of power and influence tomorrow. Please remember to do the right thing. Thank you.

MOBY SPEAKS:  Dear Mobylizers, there is soooo much truth in what our ranter has said. In fact, I am a 1st hand witness to the insolence of some of these police officers.

Sometime last month, we were stopped and the police guy told boo the plate number on his car didn’t belong to him and that he was sent a message to get the car...... He then showed a text message that had different numbers, engine numbers..blah blah blah, but the message didn’t have the plate number. Then he brought a paper (where he had just written the number) and said we should see...that they had been looking for the car with that number should have seen how he went bananas on the policemen..and he sure knows how to handle them well....without giving them a penny...we sha left after plenty plenty English, shouting and argument.

I have experienced them plenty fact if I start gisting you now, this blog go lemme give y’all the chance to talk your own....

But one important thing the ranter said, (which is a prayer).....he said someone here could be in a position of influence and power tomorrow ( I claim it....AMEN for me Moby).....and when that time comes, please remember to do the right thing.

Nigeria would be better....we would get there.......we would emancipate...
Ok over to you guys.....lets hear your experience(s) and possible solutions.....



  1. When I was in ph we saw so many rubbish from them. They create road blocks to collect money. But since I came to FCT I've not witnessed their rubbish so much.. They come out only at nite over here.
    Guess what they do. They flash touch at ur face (the driver) and the passagers and say go. That's the road searching. They don't check if the person is a drunk driver. There was a time I attended a party. So they decided to drop me off. The police men told my friend "give ur boys something na". My friend gave them a dozen pack of beer. They collect money but its coded. They can't just set road blocks and embarrass someone cus they don't know if the passenger in the cab is a minister's son or daughter. They have to maintain so they wouldn't get into trouble.
    When I see issues like this and can't do anything about it I just sigh and get over it. Nigeria is getting their. Countries we compare ourselves with are older than us.

  2. Hmmn!!! Nigerian Police??? My rant is how they don't conduct investigations before making arrests. If someone commits a crime & escapes, they immediately pounce on anyone associated to him - whether closely or not. The time they spend arresting and intimidating the innocent person the criminal is getting further away. A lot of their proofs are based on hearsay never on empirical evidence. We still thank God for them sha, I can't imagine what this country would be like without them, even as inept as they are.

  3. I can't really say much about Nigeria police but about 6 years ago when I visited they welcomed me back lagos style. My uncle picked me up and we weren't even far from the airport when he got stopped by police officer asking if we just left the airport and my uncle was like yea, so anyhoo this police officer looks in the car and sees me and my gazillion luggages with the flight tags on them and says that he needs to check my luggage, by this time I was pissed off but I was trying not to say anything not so the situation doesn't get out of hand it not like I live here anyways so I was thinking I'm gonna let my uncle handle this one, so my uncle was like searching her luggage on what basis? The police man replied that they had an order from the government that people were sneaking in guns and for all he knew I could have a bunch of AK47's or even a dead body so he is doing his duty, at this point I lost I was like are you forreal, like how can I leave the airport with a dead body in my luggage. I was so disgusted and it was written all over my face next thing I know he was like oga, anything for the boys, my uncle gets back in the car and hands him I think like 200 naira, this crazy police officers throws it back saying is this money just get out. So off we drove, the whole time I was there I witness them stopping and harassing people and collecting money no respect for their uniforms.

  4. Hi dear. Well if you stay in Nigeria, I'm sure you would have encountered police and their wahala.Don't know about other countries but here we have police troubles everyday. Just last week a police threatened to shoot me because I told. Him I did not have change and can't give him 1k note. What we. Face in their hands, I pray a good government comes into power soon


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