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Let somebody shout halleluiah!!!........yeah remember I said something about wanting to be a pastor I guess I’m in the spirit… I’m about to speak in tongue o *straight face*. Do you know some people fake 'speaking in tongue'? Like really… Why’s that? And I also heard some churches teach people how to speak in tongue. At this point, I shut my big mouth **zips lips*. Anyways, the first thing I want to do today is scream and shout THANK YOU. Thank you all so much. To think I don’t know most of us, y’all surprised me. My mum was so happy… at my piece, the comments and most of all the calls. Thank you so much. I want to cry right now... I’ve missed you all. Please come and hug me *open arms*.... NO STOP RIGHT THERE... I've changed my mind. Give me an EBOLA hug instead. Just stay where you are and hug me. Betterrrr... but you know I still love you.. *mwaaah*. Anyway good people its Thursday and when it’s Thursday you know it is..............................RRRRAAAAANNNNNT....*rubs hand together with evil grin*.

So today, our Ranter takes us to church....Her rant is a very touchy, delicate and somewhat controversial. I wouldn’t say much....just dive in and wade through and don’t forget to share your thought.

Hi Moby. Let me start by saying I am a Christian and a good one at that. I believe and Love God so much and I am born again. I pay my tithe, I sing in the choir, I am a member of the youth forum and I am very active in Church. I have said all these to establish the fact that my rant is not as a reason of my not being ‘Godly’ or spiritual or because I do not revere the religion.

Moby, the way some of our pastors parade themselves is not what I would call ‘Christ-like’ at all. Apart from the fact that it is obvious there are many false prophets out there, the ones we look up to and respect also exhibit traits  that are very questioning.

Now I know it is human to fall and/or backslide I mean, David fell, Solomon wasn’t all so holy, Moses gave in to anger, Peter denied Jesus, Thomas doubted, Judas betrayed him and so on. But most of these people I mentioned were openly remorse about their deeds.

Today Moby reverse is the case. People who claim to want to lead others to Christ do not exude the kind of behaviour(s) that is/are worth emulating, I won’t mention names but seriously, why would a pastor have bodyguards with guns? Why would a pastor be accused of sleeping with female members of his parish and still keep mum about it? Why would a pastor connive with another pastor to swindle a foreign counterpart? Why would a pastor be so difficult to access and in some cases you need to fill forms to see your pastor?

Truth is, most of these pastors have become celebrities and they carry themselves about like they are R&B or rap artists. ...very unlike Christ who even when he wanted to pray, he went to the wilderness. Why would a pastor walk on the road and have people who carry each of his bags and suitcases?

It has become an eye-sore as far as Christianity is concerned as many of these pastors of today are just basically in it for the profit and fame and not to enrich souls and transform lives. Someone once told me the orthodox churches are still the best to attend as they follow a particular routine that keeps them in-line with the word but my dear, even in the orthodox churches, there’s a lot of corruption and wrong practices. I mean, the Anglican Church ordained a GAY bishop something explicitly frowned at in the bible. Most of these so called pastors are those the bible refers to as ‘wolf in sheep clothing. We heard of the clergy man that sleeps with his members, sets some of them on fire and even have his Church members bear his last name! How un-amazing.

There was a video I saw of a man who was having sex with a female member and telling her to shout ‘power, enter’. This was because the woman couldn’t conceive and I guess the ‘anointed’ man had the ‘anointed’ penis.

Moby, there are many other stories. Pastors embezzling, getting other men’s wives pregnant, being involved in robbery and even assassinations even a story of a well respected American pastor who was kicked out of his church when it was discovered he was gay. But one sad thing is that people still follow, believe and even worship this people, which is very very sad. For me, one of the worst stories was that of a very popular and respected pastor in London (name withheld) who was arrested and even sent out of the church for molesting young boys. Now that’s sad.

I believe my rant is as explainable as I hoped it would be.

Thank you very much for this platform Moby. God bless.


MOBY SPEAKS: hhhhmmmmm......hmmmmmmnnn........hmmmnnn....Elders of our land...have you heard what she has to say....have you heard all the things that are happening in our land...**village mode activated**

On a serious note there is a lot of truth in this rant. I actually heard most of those stories and more...And I saw that video...”power oooo power...enter ...enter oo” it was hilarious and sad at the same time. Well, the bible tells us that wisdom is the principal thing and we should strive to get wisdom (Prov 4:7). We have also heard that wisdom is profitable to direct. So it is left for every one of us to pray for a discerning spirit and then determine whether the Church where you worship is feeding your soul positively or just ripping you off physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and even your time. On the flip side, it is also recorded in the bible that we know all things (1John 2:20) (2Tim 3:15) and that no matter how Jesus Christ is preached, whether sincerely, or out of envy or strife, as long as Christ is preached, He (Jesus Christ) is pleased (Phil 1:15). So in the end it boils down to what takes you to Church. But test all spirits (1Thess 5:21) and flee from every appearance of evil(1Cor 15:33)T. I HAVE SPOKEN..

So over to you Mobylizers...Lets trash this issue……..!!



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  2. Brings in my chilling chair...waiting for Moby's people to share their thought..sips Moet soaked in groundnut..I'm in the house o make una quick come

  3. **sigh** Everytime it comes to churches....mehnnnnn.....*shaking my head** It is just one sad item for me.....**smh**

  4. Moby truthfully you have said it all...really. There's nothing more I can add than agree with you dear.

  5. Infact, its like d ranter read my mind. The way people dash themsleves titles of Pastor, reverend, bisho,prophetand so on is quite alarming. Its like when nothing else works for them, next thing is to start church. Even prostitutes sef dey anser deaconess

  6. Well said. That's why I don't like changing church, if you find a good place of worship just stick around cause fake prophets and pastors are flocking everywhere.

  7. I don't like talking about pastors because they are anointed,fake or no I rest my case

  8. This is one post which echoes my sentiments. I'm not surprised that a lot happens in the church. One things that vexes me greatly is that some pastors do not exude good behaviour at all - how do you expect your flock to act like Christians if your behaviour is not worthy of emulation. Back to speaking in tongues - Yes, some people can fake tongues - the devil knows scriptures likewise tongues. Pastors embezzle funds, sleep with the congregation, think they are demi gods, etc. I could go on and on, but, I think I should give my fingers a break. That's all I have to say for now. Btw, thanks ever so much for sharing this article

  9. I can't help it but to comment on this old post my dear you are not alone in this,anyway there is God ooo.And lastly this a very good article


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