Monday, 11 August 2014


*singing* Heloooooo ….Awayu!.....see all the guys and the girls over here…see the Mobylizers that are chilling over here…see everyone I am missing over heeere…..LOL…..I should sign up with a record label asap ….I’m damn good like that….I hope you guys can sing along though…you can compose the next line and let us see in your comments…LOL
Anyway guys....ohhh I've missed you all like crazy. Why did I have to leave you in the first place? Ehn? My life felt so incomplete without you… I'm so sorry….. Actually in addition to that tight schedule I told us about, I'm down with cough and catarrh o. I don't know if I need that right now but I'm sure I'll be fine.
So I'm supposed to give you gist shey? I'm still very tired from the weekend's owambes but you know I like gisting na so don’t worry, I won’t dull you... Before I start the gist, I have to first hug everyone for still visiting my blog even when I wasn't here...thank you....come and give me the ebola free hug *raised eyebrow* *opens arms*...Oya let me gist you *gbeborun mode activated...tying my wrapper*

So Friday was my uncle's funeral. It was really sad and emotional saying bye to my uncle. Everyone was crying and Moby was just forming baddest chick eva me na, 1 tear didn't come out of my eye..I held the emotions in..*winks*. Well, one interesting thing was that my father was there..yeah remember I wrote him a letter here..I haven't seen that man since 2011 or so sha. He saw fine babe na and was introducing me and my sister to all his friends.. I have one advice for everyone...if anyone ever decides to let you go, like leaves you, just leave and then live well. The next time the person sees you, make sure they regret ever leaving you. It might be your friend, your spouse or even your parent. Just enjoy life, okay? That's what I learnt from what happened on Friday. This was what I looked like.

I do not have bow leg.....I don't understand why I stood like this *covers face*
Iya Dayo et Moby

My sister at the back

Saturday was my friend's wedding and I was the official make-up artist. My dear Sarah, I'll miss you o. That's how you just left me in this cold spinster world….Diaris God ooo *crying*. She gave me plenty wahala o but I survived. I'll post her original professional wedding pictures later when she sends it but these are the few pictures I took with my camera. Also this was what she looked like after I ‘panel-beated’ her face. She was looking amazing.
Before meets after
The 'panel-beating' begins


At this point, she was tired
Mr. and Mrs. Tiamiyu
The products I used on her face will be posted later this week. This was what I looked like..I can't be finer than the bride na. abi..LOL
Rushed makeup on mi face

Friday was busy, Saturday was somewhat hectic, then came Sunday, my mum's birthday thanksgiving in church and the reception at her house in far away Ojo. Let me divert as usual....did you know the most unreliable people on earth are all my tailor friends, Yes I said it...y'all are friggin' unreliable. I gave one tailor my material to sew a simple dress for me 2 weeks before the day I wanted to wear the dress. Do you believe that as at Saturday (a day before I was going to wear it) I had not seen the cloth. Come Sunday morning the dress was available but it wasn't my size….Imagine! It was like she did not measure me at all…. The cloth was falling off my body. Thank God for God I had an alternative…. The devil is a liar. I rocked the other dress well and then called her to come and pick the cloth which I strongly believe I won't get it until next year. My mum was looking so beautiful. I took some pictures, though they are not so clear but you trust me to still upload it na. abi *smiles*
I really don't know what I was looking for on the floor

Le Boo et Moby

Sister's boo, Lola et Le Boo

Moby, Wale et Lola.... My bombom didn't show o

Mummy pouting

YES Its my cake

The party was wonderful….we all had really good fun….you won’t believe it but there were performances and my mum had a very nice time... I'm sure she did. Then by Sunday night, I was already extremely tired and dying from the weekend's stress. My legs, my head, my body were aching and I was hoping the next day would be the beginning of another weekend …maybe called MOONDAY. That would have been so cool...3 days to just rest at home but nooooo… Monday had to come back *sad face* By 9am Monday morning, I was already in class teaching my new set of students how to make bags and shoes even though I was seriously hung over from the weekends activities…My nose was blocked and I had to manage breathing with my mouth….. There is God in everything we are doing sha. The hustle continues….We have to make money…I’ll upload pictures soon…

Once again, thanks for always being there y'all.. I really appreciate it. I couldn't do anything over the weekend than moderate comments.. My birthday giveaway is coming soon. Just stick around so you won't carry last o... Oya you gist me, how was your own weekend? I'm dying to hear *winks*
I would hit the sheets early tonight because tomorrow, work continues but just knowing I have the best people…the ‘awesomest’ readers …the’ bestest’ Mobylizers ever….just knowing you guys gat me keeps me going strong…God bless us all


  1. You guys look beautiful + I love your outfits. Nice job too on the bride I must confess

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  3. Yippppeeee!!! First to comment! heheheheh **Singing this is the Day that the lord has made.... heheheheh Mehn you grooved no be small oh! 1 groove 1 day! but how come we your faithful Disciples did not get an opportunity to come and chop rice nah Moby??? diarisgoddooooo. Lmao!

    Moving On.. This is the first time I am actually seeing you oh! mehn You fineeeeee... **In IK of BBA's voice... Glad to Finally put a face on all the hilarious posts and comments that we have been reading. A reallly fun Read Bubba, you had me smiling all the way. and that Picture of Your mother pouting, mehn no be small thing oh!! Mama is uptodate i see.. :) Cheers Bubba, and do have a Ghen ghen week...

    1. Duru you are a clown aswear... I actually invited everyone...really I did. @me being fine, I don blush taya. As in meeee moby fine...thanks huni *bats lashes like amaka*. And my mum is a chick o...she no wan gree...thanks papi

  4. wow beautiful write-up and good work didn't want to stop reading welldone really had fun all through the weekend

    1. Yes I did have fun...I hope you did too... Thanks Adaoraa

  5. Moby, you had a lot of fun, no doubt! Your mother looks really young - if you had not told us, I would have thought she was your sister or something. Btw, hope you are good? x

    1. I had fun I have jedijedi (I don't know the english meaning *covers face*). My mum is a chick...dasall. I'm fine o Obi.

  6. oh Moby you look beautiful in all the pictures but my fav is the last one, the pink dress,blue gele and nude shoes i love..
    Happy 50th Birthday gorgeous Mum.
    and a Happy Married Life to your friend Sarah....
    YOur weekend was fun-filled...moby come and carry me na i'll be your intern for one week*puppy face*

    1. Ugo can you please migrate to Lagos and then let me come and kidnap you? Pleaseeee.... Thanks dearie

  7. Oh wow!...Mami you are very!!....and your mom looks so young and hot....Mi likey.....**smiling** Lee boo at look very cute lah......hehe...

    1. I'm so red from blushing... Thanks Mami.. Okay at this point I'm jealous of my mum *jealous mode activated*. *walks away*

  8. Moby you are a beautiful woman and your mom is so pretty. And that shoe, I'm stealing it if I ever see you.

  9. Your weekend was really owambeful. You did a good job on your friend, she looks amazing. Your fall back dress was lovely, le boo is a hunk so is your sister's le boo. Your sister is very fine. As for your mother, na wa . She no wan age. 50 looking like 30, if she didn't wear orange and it made it obvious that she was the celebrant i would have thought she was your older sister. See shape o. She should please come and share her secret o (i am serious o). I am glad you had a very nice time. As for me, this weekend i spent it cleaning and arranging my room (boring i know).

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  10. I love love the ankara skirt et la robe. you are about the MUA life.

  11. Wow!!! I'm jealous. Girl, you had a FUN weekend. I can't even tell you about mine but it has 'lawyers', 'Ketu Police station' and 'defrauded' mixed up into it :(. So glad its all over. Happy Birthday to your mum - she is such a fine 'geh', wishing her many more happy years. E ku inawo naa.

  12. Your mum looks good! Happy birthday to her.. Many more beautiful years in Jesus name xx

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  14. Ur skin is flawless and that makes me jealous lol! :) too much fun for one weekend

  15. Lol! This post got me laughing and smiling. Moby!!!!!!! Is the cake your own? Is it for you ehn? Answer me!
    You looked good and that panel beating was awesome mami. Great job. You should be called personal tatafo lol

  16. You look abi is it looked amazing!
    Not everyone cries at funerals. Doesn't mean they aren't sad. At times the ones wailing the loudest don't feel anything sef.
    Amazing blog.i am definitely coming back

  17. Fyne Gal!! Ur mum could pass for your younger sis....... LOL!


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