Monday, 8 September 2014


Hello my Mobylizing...Mobylistic ..Mobylizers...**grin**....I noticed it’s been a while I called us that..... How are y'all doing? ....I know your September is rocking and see oo we are already in the 2nd week of the month and we are all still alive and well. Ain't God good?.. Glory to Jesus. Sha let's all keep doing good.. this is very important...that way we would contribute towards a better  Nigeria... We are Nigeria afterall *smiles*.

I don't know how writers feel when they see their articles published in the Newspaper but I always feel like a celeb when I'm being recognized on someone else's blog. I always dance my special Michael Jackson's moonwalk dance, which is only for special moments and occasions.. So  our very own 1 + The One featured me on her blog for the 2nd time.... I mean like seriously??? I just love Ayo... The way she loves God is exceptional. You want to know what loving God truly looks like? Please check out her blog....oya go and then come back before I shoot you with the bazooka I borrowed from Tibs

Welcome back.....So I promised us last week to do a beauty post of one of my client's makeover when I get the pictures.. This post is so late I know...please forgive be my fault o.Well I have the pictures now *dancing Shoki* and I'm super excited.. Who else thinks the Shoki dance is razz and ugly? I do but I love it...hehehehe. This babe and I attended the same Uni, so I was quick to familiarize and get comfortable with her ..(Quick tip.....that’s one good step in gaining client satisfaction... Learnt from the gods)...

She wanted to look really beautiful for her engagement and after they searched high and low.....far and wide.......deep and shallow.....far and near ......LOL.....they contacted one small girl like that in make-up artist like that.....the girl is still not very known (by men) but because God knows and favours her, the connections are always divine.. Somebody shout Halleluyahhhhhh. Anyway, I was called and her reason for choosing me is/was because she had seen my work and wanted what she saw for herself...**big smile**..... Let me do one gbeborun sharp sharp. You need to see this lady's original dreads oo..I mean it’s her hair gan gan.. That babe's hair is making me think about going that way but I know our oga would disagree strongly. **rolls eyes**

Biola (the bride) was open to anything as long as she looked beautiful in the end and I made sure she did.. I'm sure she did....everyone that saw her made encouraging comments about her makeup...(I was just in the background forming not involved meanwhile my head was swelling and in my mind I was jumping like a sugar high kid...LOOOOL). Like I promised, I am putting up pictures...Enjoy them, let me hear your can criticize (small oo...raised eyebrows..LOL)...and please refer us ooo....make bookings....**winks*
Before meets after...see her long dreads..I likey


Mac eyebrow pencil in Brown
Zaron eyebrow definer
Marykay concealer Bronze 1 to highlight brows
Iman powder in light to set highlight
NYX Jumbo pencil as eyeshadow primer
Milani mineral powder blush #202 sunset beach as transition colour
Gold eyeshadow from BH colour palette neutral eyeshadow
Brown eyeshadow as contour from BH colour palette neutral eyehadow
Marykay woodland powder
Zaron gel liner
Maybelline colossal kajal
Maybelline volume express mascara for upper lashes
Milani lengthening mascara for lower lashes

Jordana lip liner - plush plum
Beaut in peach
Squeeze 'n' Shine - pink punk

BH cosmetics anti-shine as matifier
Marykay foundation primer
L.A. Girl's PRO. conceal to highlight
Ben Nye powder to set highlight
Milani creme to powder in Pecan
Iman oil blotting powder in Light
Milani blush
Sleek face contour kit in dark

GELE tied by Moby.

 *No artificial lashes used..... she no gree use am*

I think this picture was taken to pass a message to them haterz that she's married now o *...coughs...nobody send me message o*

I know she's cute
One true fact about this babe... she doesn't wear makeup on a regular day.... She doesn't like the feel of extra load on her fine face... weird shey? I think its amazingly amazing. Oya tell me you like it jor.

Biola and hubby, Soji.

Biola and one babe famzing...ugly geh
PHOTO CREDIT: Sarah Tiamiyu
In other news. we would soon reach our 100th post o...hmnnn so I would soon be a a certified blogger o.. I'm still wondering how I came up with 100 articles... Awwww I'm blushing for myself *bats lashes*. One serious fact... did you know its easier to run a News blog than a reality blog? This sh*t ain't easy mehnn... That's why I respect all the reality bloggers I've met so far and still stalk... ms cookie, Tosin, Temi, Aby, Tibs, Duru, Esther, Amaka, Bloom, Obi, Petite diva, Ayo, Chris, Funmi, Ugo, Berry, Gbemi, and all the bloggers I didn't mention....when I remember I promise to edit this post and include your name.. I seriously don't know what to do for a 100th post.... please I need your opinions o... Help a sister...Pleaseeee You know I love you all shey? Good.... if you don't  know by now then I don't know what you want again o.

Have a beautiful week ahead.



  1. She's so beautiful.....Moby well done fine girl...
    your hands are really blessed:) Congratulations dear on your 100th post....*i'll be back to tell what i think you should write about*
    Stay Pretty EVERYONE and have a blessed, beautiful Week :)
    The Beautiful Eagle

    1. Awwww thanks Ugo. Thank you plenty. God bless you. Please I'm waiting o..really need your opinion on this one... Ehn ehn mami *carries Tib's bazooka* where have you been? I've missed you o. Please read your mail o before I shoot you...*drops bazooka* *mwaaah*

    2. hey Babe i sent a mail>>>>>>>do tutorial na, at least teach us something or just talk about something...lemme hear your voice too:))))

  2. This girl is fine o. Kilode. You did a really good job on her face.high five. Your 100th post? Why not just do a video or show us pictures?I really don't know o.I'll come back to share my opinion.*beRightBack*

    1. Yaaaaaaay...thanks booboo baby. Thank you. Video? Ehrmmmmm...lemme think about it *winks*

  3. Well done... Beautiful bride.. Beautiful makeup
    100th post *thinking* Lemme consult the blogging gods on that... I'll be back

    1. Thank you Esther. Oya I'm waiting o...thank you *mwaaaah*

  4. The babe fine o + u really did a good job. Oya do a video for your 100th post. We wanna see your pretty face and facial guestures in there.....wanna see how Moby talks ****

    1. Awwww...thank you so much Temi... Video...ewoooo.. Okay, I'll think about it.*kisses*

  5. Wow! U really did a good job and this is not meant to make your head swell, it's the truth. The bride looks beautiful. Welldone, Moby, may your gifts continue to make a way for you like the Bible says. Nike.

    1. Lemme nor lie, my head is swelling o.. Please let my head swell small...hehehe. Thanks Nike. Amennnnnnnnnnn...thanks huni *mwahhhh*

  6. The bride looks very beautiful. You did a good job and this is not meant to "make your head swell", it's the truth. May your gifts continue to make a way for you. Cheers! Nike.

  7. Cute couple....really nice makeover. Welldone baby....God bless ur handwork

  8. You did a great job. The eyebrows were on point and i like that i didn't really see the concealer that you used to highlight her brows which made it look very natural. You also made her make up work for her as she usually does not like make up. 100th post? Congrats. Reality blogging ain't easy but it is worth it.

    1. Awwww she noticed...thanks. You have eyes for makeup. Really nice. Thanksss.

  9. See King o.see as she fine. The wonderment of makeup o.She's a fine girl though but the makeup made her look like one celeb.Nice job Moby. Thumbs up for this one. 100th post already?When did you start blogging?that's impressive.I'm proud of you dear.Keep it know we would support either way.

    1. Thanks Anon. Hahahaha@ wonderment of makeup. Thank you so much.

  10. Nice work Moby.Thumps up girl please am coming for tutorial hope e too cost lol welldone girl

    1. Thank you Ada. Ehn when you're ready, just holla at me *winks*

  11. The make up is amazeballs but I think I like my face plain. The make up we bought at the fair babes I don dump am oh.
    For the 100th post me thinks you should reward loyal readers that way they'll feel encouraged .

  12. There's something in her smile. It's beautiful. No faking.
    You're good at what you do no doubt. This your wife material half start to pass length o. Better tell bobo to hol' you well because I'm thinking of reasoning my cuz cuz to you


  13. Waoh! Make up on point.
    Congrats on the forthcoming 100th post. No be beans.

  14. Hi, I read your blogs daily. Your humoristic style is witty, keep it up!

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  15. That girl is so pretty. And u did a very gud job on her face. #blessedhands

  16. What a simple makeup can do! Wow what a transformation! You did a great job - Awesome! :)

  17. She is pretty and you made her look beautiful. Your good babe.

  18. It's really really pretty.. I like how the makeover is all natural. Nice one babes.


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