Thursday, 18 September 2014


Hillcity productions
Hello swirrie and sugar pies of this blog. Today I have one sweet gist for you. I would grab this with both hands if I was you. I'm bringing to you the 10/10/10 Beads training.

Hillcity Productions presents to you another irresistible package.
This programme is designed to train and empower people on 10 current and trending bead styles for 10 days for 15,000naira only.... kpere.. it doesn't stop at beads training because it has been designed to include gele tying and a photoshoot after the training for all the works done by each participant. Certificates will also be awarded at the end of the training and materials needed can be purchased at the venue. 

              There will be Morning Session -11am to 2pm and Afternoon Session - 3pm -6pm. Training would take place between 6th - 17th October, 2014 and 20th - 31st October, 2014. Venue: 113,Aina Street,Ojodu,Ikeja,Lagos. For more information contact Kenny on 7bfe0d8a,07032301155,07011822728

Hmnnn.... This is now the juicy part asides the very pocket friendly training me I know how much it costs to learn beads making in this country. The C.e.o decided to give 5 lucky mobylizers ankara inspired toilet bags. Now that's gangsta and super cool. I love give aways.

Anyone can enter as long as you stay in Lagos or you can get someone in Lagos to receive it for you. You can also enter on behalf of your friend or family. What are you waiting for na?

The giveaway would end on the 28th of September and I'll be announcing the winners on the 30th of September. You have all the time to enter this giveaway... I will also enter for it. .. I can't come and carry last na.
Tick tock tick tock

You get to win these amazing ankara inspired toilet bags. Now these bags can be used as a makeup carrier for we makeup lovers or can be used as clipper bag for the men in the house.... A bag that can serve more than 1 it is...

Simple... Just Like their Facebook page then follow us on instagram @_hillcity and then leave a comment below saying "done"  with your email address and a random selector will pick 5 winners at the end of the giveaway date.  Dasalll......


I'm off to like their page.... see ya.

Registration closes for the first batch of people interested in the trainng on the 3rd of OCTOBER, 2014.


  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, why is instagram now a stumbling block for me na????....see these beta bag for beta pikin like me...:)
    well goodluck everyone and Well done Moby :)

  2. Thanks Moby....The giveaway part I like... Kenny.

  3. I have always wanted to learn this bead shaaaa...... but no time.....Am gonna do something concerning that before the year runs heading to Facebook now....I Rep MOMENT WITH ZOE

  4. wow those toilet bags are so pretty i sure wouldnt mind learning how to make jewelry but it is well

  5. Wish I could attend cos I really love beads - Not really keen on gele though. Those who attend, please take pictures oooooo

  6. My mum is learning here in benin and I'm like wow, its just been how many days and I'm in awe, will put the pics soon. I need a new makeup bag oh runnning there now.

  7. Done


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