Friday, 5 September 2014


Hello mi lovies... how's it going with you?...I know for sure you are having a September to remember.... I've decided to be very grateful this God, for my parents, for my sisters and for all my friends. Of late, all the bloggers and few friends I have, have all decided to go really spiritual...I mean it's looking like this is the month we all get to look back at our lives and see how very blessed we are, then look up to God and just give thanks. I tag this month the Month of Thanksgiving.

I've decided that this month, I won't ask God for anything. I won't ask him to forgive all my sins, won't ask him to bless me plenty. All I want to do this month is say 'Thank you Lord'. Thank you for Your love, for Your kindness, for Your protection...all I want to do is say Thank You. Tibs also inspired me to go on a 'Praise Fast' and I'm going to do it. You want to know what a 'Praise Fast' is? Its an act of praising God while you observe a fast. That's all it is. Just thanking and praising God.

I know by now y'all know I am a 'non-schedule' blogger. I know Tope of Tope rants already advised me to have a blog calendar so as to make blogging easy but mehn sometimes I just want to rap and freestyle like Modenine *yeah I'm badt like dat...wink*. But I know someday I would have a blog calendar that would also include a freestyle day where I just get to say anything, drop the mic and leave.
So what am I doing today? I've always wanted to learn how to upload videos on this blog. I've tried everything ooo to the point of sending Linda Ikeji a message to teach me how to. So last week, I decided to scope Temi of Exclusive tins to teach me and she replied my mail in less than 10mins telling me how and what to do. Yes I'm guilty of not replying mails immediately but I eventually do *covers face*. Getting her reply that fast got me very surprised (yeah cos she's sooo unlike me) and I was very pleased too. Chop kiss jor Temi *mwaaah*.

So today, I'm uploading the trailer of this movie I'm planning on seeing today. I think by now, you all should know I'm a movie freak. I can watch movie for Africa ehn!!!. This movie is horror and suspense filled. I love horror movies and that's why I'm seeing it. I've read a lot of reviews of this movie and I think it's worth it. Oyinbo and their movies ehn... You will sha want to watch the movie just by seeing the trailer..I hope we can say that for our Nigerian movies...hahahahaha. Let me just say this before I go, for non-nigerians reading this, if you want to watch a Nigerian movie, just ask to see the advert first. By watching that, I'm sure you would be able to tell what the movie is about....looool.....Anyway,  If you want to see this movie with me, I'll be at the cinemas later in the evening.
Enjoy the trailer below....


GENRE: Suspense/ Horror
Featured Actors: Eric Bana, Edgar Ramirez, Olivia Munn, Chris Coy.

Showing at the Ikeja city mall by 9.10 pm....


  1. Torr, am not a movie fan. Enjoy your movie and btw my days in Lagos are numbered oh !!

  2. Yay......Now I gotta add this to my collection!!!!!....Yello people...I have missed coming on I went to the moon and was a very very long journey....buh I am here now..hehe....hows you mami....its been a while....

    Tibs Tells Tales

  3. Ehn ehn I knew I saw someone that looks like you at the mall.I was scoping the lady with a crazy fro and she turned out to be you.I've been out of here for 5 minutes and I found out you've even done your birthday.that's not fair ehh.Anyways happy belated birthday beautiful. May your days be long. Love yuuuu

    1. Really??? Thank my fro looks crazy? Hahhaha. Thank you so much Anon. you more *mwaaah*

  4. we should be besties we could watch horror movies all day long lool am so watching this.

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