Friday, 19 September 2014


Great mobility of the mobilating of the mobilizing mobylizers.......of the greatest and the wisest Mobilizing Mobylizers.....  If you went to a Nigerian University (not the butty private Universities the one someone I know attended...*rolls eyes*), I’m sure you would get what I just did. Well I went to Lagos State University and we are so used to greeting people with aggression and whenever you hear such kind of greeting, just know that kasala is about to burst some where...... Hehehe. How are we all doing on this beautiful Friday?  Well I've got plans for today and I hope some evil people don't spoil it for me. I spot you evuulllsss..... you know yasef.

This is a very late rant post. I've had this in my archive for a while but plenty things were just popping in and I've been pushing it but today I have decided to post it even though it’s not rant Thursday.

Before I go further, I'm sure we all know Tibs... that Tibs that I usually borrow her bazooka when I'm angry. Well Tibs ain't feeling fine.. she's down and I pray she gets better. Let's pray for her please. We need her around because her comments are always very funny and I miss her already....Tibs baby, Moby loves you....get well soonest mmwwaahh!... (you’ll still have to find the strength to pass me your bazooka for this post though)...*grin*

Also I've not been seeing miss bng... abeg someone should call the FBI or SSS or something.... please help us look for our friend o. She has been missing on all of our blogs and we need some realness on blogville. Please when you see her tell her to come back home o. Haba.

Now to my rant....

I am very very angry. People who know me well know that when I'm angry, I'm always like a bomb about to explode..... I don’t even like me when I'm angry....... Why am I angry? I was sitting on my own jejely last week and I was snooping around all these social sites that I don't like.... someone called me an unsocial blogger and I'm seriously taking that personal...(I’m soaking your cane in hot kerosene). So I saw loads of people talking about FG wanting to ban ponmo but I didn't take it serious. I just thought someone was trying to get followers and so started a trend. Then I checked my bbm and saw boo put something on his pm... He said “ GEJ wants to ban ponmo?...Now the world would know Moby is a KGB trained assassin”. LOL.  KGB is the soviet secret service... Now that's an issue.

Yes I love ponmo.. I would rather buy ponmo than turkey or whatever animal meat you think is the best.....Yes we have Chicken even in different styles, yes there’s goat meat, there’s cow leg...But nothing beats my ponmo... It is IRREPLACEABLE. Before I go further, to people that do not know what ponmo is, it’s a sort of local delicacy that we Nigerians use to spice up our food....It’s actually animal skin (cow hide) and it’s super delicious. Now this ponmo doesn't have any nutritional value but we love it.... When you cook it in your soup or sauce, it tastes very nice and it’s soo sexy to chew...seriously oo!. We Nigerians are loyal to our ponmo and now the FG wants to ban this our ponmo for reasons I don’t even want to hear. They said the ban is so that ponmo can be used to boost the leather industry.... See me see wahala. Food wey I suppose chop na hin dem wan use for bag and shoe... so what? we should start eating bags and shoes?

I just want to ask the FG a few questions.
  • ·         What is your business with ponmo?
  • ·         Who vex you sotey na ponmo you wan use take transfer aggression?
  • ·         Of all the things wrong with this country, is ponmo what you need to face?

Let me just point out a few things.
When I was little, after my mum left my dad, we didn't have lots of cash. We were managing. We weren't enjoying all the good things of life but the day my mum wants to spoil herself or wants to spoil us, she doesn't need a million naira to cook good efo riro. Just give her 500naira.... when you see the size of ponmo in your plate, then you would know you're living the life. Ponmo is like that thing you need to make your efo riro complete. Even without the nutritional value, it completes your soup. Even the rich use ponmo to cook. So what are we talking about here. We have lots of problems in this country.... unemployment, corruption, pollution and now they want to add starvation....aka ‘ponmotion’.
A poor man that can’t afford to buy fish or meat can still afford to buy ponmo and cook a decent meal and now it’s a problem for our Federal government. Face your business o federal government... go and solve other problems destroying Nigeria and leave ponmo out of it.
Someone is saying 'moby has issues'’s not a funny matter o... I am fighting for a cause i belive in. I love ponmo and I might just fall sick if they really ban it. The FG is trying to tell me my children won’t get to taste ponmo and would only see what it looks like in a museum.....No way... I disagree. I say NO to the ban of ponmo.
This would have been my mum back then

Please who agrees to this ban. I think it’s irrelevant.... what do you think?
I believe there are many other ponmo lovers out there....Mobylizers...let us unite in one voice and say NO to the ban of ponmo.....You can take NEPA, take DSTV, take football, take tonto dike...but leave my ponmo.....dassal....
No Cheers today... I’m very angry....


  1. Moby I agree were with you jare.....I wonder o.....personally Am not a fan of pomo but my boo can eat pomo for a whole year.....because of him Am saying NO TO THE BAN OF POMO.....MOMENT WITH ZOE

  2. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn't appear.

    Grrrr... well I'm not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say great blog!

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  3. Leave the ponmo alone!!!!!!
    Ahn ahn.. In the face of all the issues that are going on, it's poor, little innocent ponmo they want to crucify! Biko, please, no!

  4. LWTMB o! Moby! I support u jare. FG should just face Boko Haram and other problems and leave our sumptuous ponmo for us biko. Nike.

  5. Haha moby has killed me. So now you want to start a war.... stop the ban on ponmo. But moby think about it.We can have more shoes and sef dey make bag na so sacrifice your ponmo for it joh.

  6. Keep this going please, great job!

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  7. Ponmo? They say I shuu not eat bush meat I gree, now Ponmo? The gods forbid it!! How will I cook my pepper stew? How will I cook my egusi? How will I cook my vegetables? Mba Mba Mba!! Ponmo is here to stay o

  8. Please they should focus on something else and leave ponmo alone...

  9. Lol.Abeg they should not take dstv oh.
    They can take football.

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  11. heheheheheheheh goddamnbullshit. Kai.. I just kept giggling at intervals as i read this post. Moby you ehn, You can know how to crack us up all time every time shaa... I for one believe that they DON'T want to ban it oh, i think the whole trending Topic thing started when they said they wanted to improve utilization of cow Hides AKA Ponmo for industrial usage, as against consumption only. lmao.. But you know that this our FG are not feel fine nah, so they might just come up and totally stop sales in food markets, na then Person go dey see Pomo 1, 500 per yard. it is well oh, #letusprayforNigeria #Bringbackourpomo2014

  12. If i hear say them ban am! they wont dear. My dear am a big kpomo fan

  13. i am so with u on this pomo issue i wrote a post but i am yet to post. how dare they underestimate the value of pomo like this. the same people banning it will be eating pomo in their kitchen.. they need to focuse on eradicating BH and forget pomo consumption matter


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