Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Hello mi lovies... my lovers #no homo except 1 *wink* and my partners in crime...(you know yourselves *wink wink*). How are you? I’m guessing your day is going pretty well... well mine is not...*sad face*.... I am angry and frustrated!!!! *phew!*.

Would it sound weird if I say I hate change? Okay let me explain myself... Before I can say I love someone or get attached to something, it takes a very long time but when I do, I find it very hard to let go. I just wouldn’t want to. People tell me I hold back a lot...even in my relationship... I do that in the 1st year.... because that’s the time your relationship is being tested the most... The 1st 3 months the relationship is still shacking you so there’s a possibility you won’t see anything wrong in the person you are dating then the next 3 months, the love is already calming down a bit but you are still blinded.. then the following 6 months, you can then begin to see the real person behind that beautiful face and hot body. So most times I just chill till it’s a year before I let myself go in case the person is still thinking of taking a walk so I don’t get heartbroken.....(looks like I just digressed.....well it’s the spirit directing me...*smile*)
Why am I tell this story?... I just gave up my blackberry for an android phone and I’ve been depressed. I have been complaining since I got it and I’m sure Le boo regrets getting me the phone. Truthfully I just think the functions are too complicated...compared to my blackberry which was faster and more efficient for my blogging needs. Now I have to type my posts using my computer. It’s not fair.... *sad face*. I appreciate everyone that has been trying to put me through.... Thank you so much but I still miss my blackberry and to think the phone just packed up immediately I started using the in it just went off and wouldn’t come back on.... My blackberry got jealous and decided to commit suicide... No jokes o... My BB is dead. RIP BLACKBERRY.
Okay let’s get down to the post of today. Our blog was nominated for the SISTERHOOD OF THE WORLD BLOGGER award.... Girl power all the way mehn!!...(Who runs the world ????’s).. ee no easy at all. Thank you so much to the most beautiful, most pleasant, most caring........the list is endless..... Thanks to Ugo for this award. She is an amazing blogger and I think you should check out her blog. You know I won’t lie to you guys and I don’t know how to lick ass... Do it ‘now now’ and then come back to read my own...
Let me just quickly add that I had already typed this post on my blackberry just before it died...and thus... I lost the I here I am re-typing it ....all-over ...*frown* .. People who have written projects in Uni and couldn’t find them on the day of presentation would understand how I felt when I discovered I had lost the post... That thing can pain o..... Oya go to Ugo’s blog now.
Welcome back peoples. So the rules are#
·         Thank the blogger who nominated you hereby linking back to their site...Done
·         Put the award logo on your blog....Done
·         Answer their ten questions....well...Ugo didn’t ask questions..but done sha
·         Makeup 10 new questions for your nominees....would do...*grin*
·         Nominate 10 bloggers....hmmmmmn......ok!
Ugo decided to change the rules. I just love me some Ugo tinzzz.....She asked ‘You tell a part of you that you struggled with (maybe A HABIT, NOSE, SHAPE, LEG, etc) and how you got out of it....
The aim is to help ladies accept and be comfortable with every part of their bodies and personalities and I’m going to follow suit.... I really want to know that thing you have had a problem with and how you overcame the issues you had with it....Also if you still have a problem with whatever it is, feel free to share, you might get the help you need from here...I trust my ever encouraging Mobylizers to throw words of encouragement at you and I believe you would be fine.
The one thing I had a problem with while growing up was... my front teeth... My teeth is humongous... well it’s not as bad as it was back then.... it still is quite big though but I’m loving it....I have learnt to love it and even feel sexy with it...I even developed a particular front teeth smile that’s sooo cute and helps me have my way...*wink* know what I mean. Also, back when I was a teenager, I had a big head (...Boo just said ‘which you still do’.... I AM GOING TO KILL THIS NIGGA PRETTY SOON)... back to the matter, I had  a big head but I wasn’t so bothered about it as much as I bothered about my teeth. Asides from the fact that it’s big, one of them was (and is still) sticking out. Apparently, when my teeth was growing , I was using my tongue to play with it a lot and I was pushing it back and forth and so it decided at the final stage to just stay out. EVULLLLL.*rolls eyes*.. And then I had low self esteem cos of this. So when I wanted to laugh, I’ll just use my hand to cover my mouth so that you wouldn’t see how big and ugly my teeth were. Like this...
Some people started calling me ‘Eleyin shamuga’ (I can’t translate it o because it is one of those strong Yoruba that even Google can’t translate but it’s an insult that carries weight... insult that can make you run mad...hehehehe) It was really a huge problem for me. I thought I wasn’t beautiful. I judged myself and beauty by my teeth. You remember my secondary school crush, Lewis, I just don’t understand why that boy liked me...with my horse-like teeth and that was why I liked him more. I guess he was seeing beyond the teeth and big head.... Every time he made me laugh or smile, I’ll just immediately cover my mouth (I never forgot using the hand). It became a habit that grew into becoming my natural instinct.
How did I get over it? One day I was gisting with one of my toasters back in the day and I guess he noticed the hands on mouth syndrome and then he said ‘Bolaji let me see your teeth’... In my mind I was like ‘Ehwo this boy wants to fuck me up just like this’ and I said No but he kept pestering me and after his persistence, I gave in and let him see the horror in my mouth.... then he said ‘You have lovely teeth’....*HUH?..SAY WHAT?!! Meeeee....just like that... I was dancing galala in my mind... Ayo if you ever get to read this in the future, I just want to say THANK YOU. You don’t know what those 4 words did to my life. He did something to Moby that day that changed the way I saw myself. I started feeling beautiful about myself and my big teeth became who I was. I can’t change who I am and it is difficult trying to be someone else... trust me I’ve tried and it is extra stressful. I look at my teeth and I see the imperfection and I know that’s what makes me perfect.  
This is a lesson to you all reading this. Your words have power. They can either make a person or destroy that person completely. Always learn to say nice words to people. It might just be the only thing they need at that moment and then accept that no one is perfect. You see those people you are trying to be like, they also have imperfections and some of them still worry about it so just be yourself. Do you! (not a question) and accept that your big head, your big nose, your big teeth, your curved legs, your being short, is just who you are. Let people tease you... The one you are meant to be with would accept all your imperfections and might even love you for it. Above all, know that God doesn’t make mistakes. He created you that way for a purpose. It isn’t a mistake he created you the way you are... he loves you and he has your best interest at heart so fuck all them haters that can’t see beyond their noses. Those haters have so many things they are insecure about and so they use you as an excuse to pass aggression....don’t let them have the upper hand... Ignore them. Tell them to go and hug transformer if your big head is causing traffic and is making them late for work.
I have said enough... so I am supposed to nominate 5 other bloggers but I have more than 5 bloggers and people I want to nominate so I am nominating everyone on this blog. You might not put it up on social media, just sit and reflect on that thing you have a problem with and look at the positive. If no one loves you for it, God loves you and Moby loves you. If you are a blogger and you are reading this, I am nominating you to take up this challenge and inspire someone today. Thank you so much. I love you and you are beautiful in every single way...I'm expecting to read your story.....yes YOU!...your story.....
Peace y’all...


  1. Nice nice! I don't like change either! (Well except for good change, like a salary increase or change to a FAB job lol).. When I was reading your relationship theory, I was smiling because I could see a bit of myself.. The only difference being that once I cross that line of falling-in-like.. I give it all (from day 1, as opposed to after a few months lol).. But yeah, that's why it takes a lottt to fall, and also to let go (Unfortunately! I wish I could just snap out of it fast fast!)

    So, yeah.. I'm loving the twist that Ugo put on this award - it makes sense gan.. I read Tibs' too and I think it's one of the most sensible awards I have seen lol..

    But Yoruba insult can be deep sha! When I was younger my aunts (yes oh, my blood) used to call me oloju ede (Shrimp eyes) haha - because they said my eyes were big! The thing is that it was done harmlessly but just like you said, words are soooo powerful! So even things said as a joke could affect one's self-esteem or self-image.. Thank God I didn't take it to heart and I guess I felt their love for me far beyond the import of the words..
    So yeah, lesson for me - use your words very nicely/wisely even when you're joking/teasing

    PS, Am I the first to comment!! Whoop whooop! *Me thinks I deserve a prize Mo!* :-D xx

    1. You deserve a big award.... I'm still thinking of the award to give a big woman like you. What do you want sef?

  2. Lovely post Mobs! I have big teeth too, and honestly, I've never been ashamed of them, anytime someone tells me "see your big teeth" I'm like, "ehen? Are you jealous?" That reminds me, I was also nominated for this award oh! *runs to blog to finish the post*

  3. While growing up I had low self esteem because of the shape of my's a long story sha......but over time I got to accept my horn like head.... and Am rocking it badly. I Rep MOMENT WITH ZOE

  4. Well for me I had a big problem with spots on my leg. It was a problem because I didn't or never felt comfortable in skirts. We just didn't gel but I've learnt to live with it. I can't cut the leg now but I've learnt to deal with it. Moby whats up. I've been out of here for a while.its work o. What did I miss? Congratulations on your 100th post. So proud of you swits.

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  6. lmao @your blackberry commit suicide and as far as change i totally get that i am always afraid of the unknown but i am learnging to embrace because how else will i move on in life if i stay stagnant. i remember my mom threatening to take me to a mallam to file my two front teeth because she said they were growing forward because i opened my mouth while sleeping. i almost started covering it also but i noticed people payed more attention when i tried to cover it. now that my two forward teeth are the stars of the show lol i love them.

  7. Growing up, I was too skinny, my eyes were too bulgy and everyone called me Segun Arinze's daughter or Ojuyobo... I don't know how I came to terms with my eyes size but I remember correcting people dat it was the cat eyes that them Regina Askia were paying to get that God gave me free of charge and it just stopped... the other issue I had and still have is the colour of my skin... I'm lightskinned and then in primary school they used to call me "afin oo je iyo" meaning albinos don't eat salt.. it used to make me cry then considering dat I was the only light person in my house.. one day I got in a fight cos of it and my teacher beat the living daylight out of me cos I injured the girl, as I was crying, a new girl came to me and said they called her an albino too so she would be my friend... she's a lebanese and the dull children that we were couldn't differentiate... now when people yab me about my skin colour I just throw it in the air cos I don't care

  8. Hehehh when i left my bb for android i suffer o. It really took me time to get adapted to the android thing, then too many errors and worst it really affected my blogging but used to it eventually.

    Congrats on the sisterhood of the world award......

    Trying to there really anytting i have struggled with *rolls eye left and right*. Maybe sha! Can't really remember but i think the issue of not been big asin looking younger than my age hurt me a lot. I felt like taking pills to add up some weight but no matter how much i try it was to no avail. Thank God i love myself this way. The best stature one can ever wanna av...i look but no more depressions..

    1. I think I'm getting used to the fone already. Not easy o but slow and steady. I am also in the small department too but I've always liked it. Don't think I would be me if I was tall.... don't know o... can't say. I'm looking forward to your sisterhood award post o. I'm sure I would love it. Oya go and do yours.

  9. Aya....Ayo thank you o. I used to have a problem with my ears.people used to say I have satellite ear and can hear aanything. I used to hate when they call shuku hairstyle because my ear will be everywhere but now they are small.not as big as they used to and I love it.

    1. Your ears are not so big na. I've seen em and I can tell. Well you said they are not as big as they used to.... fine geh... beta pikin

  10. You have to be the funniest on blogosphere. I look forward to more post. We all have imperfections but we gat to own em and love em. I was nominatedd for It too, watch out

    1. Hahaha..... funniest? Really? That's so cute. Thank you. I'm looking forward to your own post.

  11. This really touched me. I have a slightly wide gap between my two front teeth (tooth gap - eji) and I don't like it. I'm a naturally shy person and I don't like laughing in public even though people who are very close to me tell me that it's beautiful and that some people will do anything to have it. I just have to accept myself the way God created me since I can't do anything to remove or reduce it. Thanks Moby.

  12. Nice post.i know it's been long, but just came across it. I have exact same type of front teeth (big with one slightly shooting out Dan the other) and I got the eleyin shamuga insult wella. So painful then,made me feel so 'unbeautiful' and I had poor self esteem but now I cldnt be bothered. Of cos, I met sum1 who said I av a lovely smile and white teeth and dt boosted my confidence. Occasionally I get disappointed at a particular sumbody for making reference to it (even tho jokingly) bt for d most part av learnt to be comfortable with. Thanks for sharing, it felt so good reading this.


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