Sunday, 7 September 2014


"Behold, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands; Your walls are continually before Me."
-Isaiah 49:16 (NASB)

Yes you, you are a very, very important personality, says your Maker, God your heavenly Father. Many people out of their desperation and hopelessness say that God has forgotten them, in verse 14 of Isaiah 49, Zion said, "The Lord hath forsaken me, and my God hath forgotten me." Trials and tribulations often attempt to put unbelief in our hearts, thereby making us think that God has forgotten us. The bible says that we are special and have been chosen, He chose us to love us, and He has not brought out to leave us hanging.

God is saying to us today, "How can I forget you, when I have inscribed you upon the palms of my hands? How dare you doubt my constant remembrance, when the memorial is set upon my very flesh?"

To inscribe means to, 'carve or cut on an object', God is saying He has inscribed us on the palm of His hands, not just our name, but our entire being, "I have graven thee." Imagine the fullness of this, He is saying, ' I have graven your person, your image, your case, your circumstances, your weaknesses, your wants, your works, e.t.c, everything about you, all that concerns you; I have put you altogether there. If God has kept His promises to us a thousand times, why does the next trial make us doubt Him. He never fails, He is never a dry well; He is never as a setting sun, or a melting vapour; He is the Solid Rock that we can forever lean on.

God loves us and has promised never to forget us, let's believe Him, knowing that we are special to Him, and He will perfect all that concerns us.

I am inscribed on God's palms, therefore i know the He can never forget me, He will perfect ALL that concerns me! Halleluyah!


  1. "He's the Solid Rock that we can forever lean on"- sure He is and He will never forsake His people.
    God bless you, Moby.

  2. yay!! i am a VVIP...*dancing* Thanks for the message girl....


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