Monday, 29 September 2014


Now this is how to chop beta kiss *mwaaah*

Hello my cherrie babe' heartbeats...the sugar in my tea...the cockroaches in my cupboard..(*covers face*).....the mobylizing mobythrones that mobylize my mobylating heart..LOL.... At this juncture, I have to shut up my mouth cos I'm sure I won't make any more sense from this point on....LOL...especially if I continue with my special greetings..

 How was your weekend? gimme gist jorr...but wait .....  Guess who is finally back???....Meeeee...*yay*....dancing shoki+galala.... I am back and I am stronger.  Thank you all for checking up on me. You don’t understand the kind of love I feel when I know someone has me in mind and in this case, I had alot of wonderful people thinking about me , praying for me and wishing me well. Thank you all so much.

Before I let you guys in on what I have for you today, I've got to show you how fine I looked yesterday. I was feeling myself mheen!.... I was just scoping myself in church. Someone even called me Beyonce....hehehehe....Na wash o but I was just blushing...*grin*.  So here's what I looked like yesterday.

The things Buiti and Tosyne will cause with all their fashion pose ehn...diarisgod o...I sha can't come and carry last...hehehe
A day without a selfie is a day not well spent
So I got this article from a friend yesterday and I felt really inspired and y'all know I won't keep it to myself. I hope you are inspired after reading it. God bless us all....

Enjoy this:

The song "It Is Well With My Soul" was written by a successful Christian lawyer Heratio Spafford. Here's why the song was composed.

His only son died at age 4 in 1871 and In 1872, the great Chicago fire wiped out his vast estate made from a successful legal career. In 1873 he sent his wife & 4 daughters over 2 Europe on a summer trip on the ill fated ss ville du Havre. Since he had a lot of work to do, he planned to join them later. As fate would have it, the Ship sank & he lost his 4 daughters leaving his wife as the only survivor. She sent him the now famous telegram which simply read: SAVED ALONE....  

On His return home, his Law firm was burned down and the insurance refused to pay. They said "It's An Act Of God".  He had no money to pay for his house and thus lost it and he had no work.  Then while sitting and thinking about all that had happened and was happening to him, being a spiritual person, he wrote a song - "whatever my Lot, You have taught me to say - It is well, it is well with my soul".  

My dear friend, a good attitude will determine your altitude.  When you look at your life, career, job or family life, what do you say?  Do you praise God? Do you blame the devil?...........  A good attitude towards God makes Him move on your behalf.  Just sit down and say, Today God, it is well with my soul, I am thankful I had a peaceful sleep, I am thankful I am alive with possibilities, I am thankful I have a roof over me, I am thankful I have a job, I am thankful that I have Family and Friends.  Above all, I am thankful that I have the Lord Jesus Christ on my side.  Be blessed and don't be envious or shocked when others are prospering because you don't know what they have been through to get there (test, trials and tribulation) so thank God for what you have.  "Little is much when God is in it. It Is Well With My Soul!  Touch someone's life with this message... If God is for us, who can be against us?...And ofcourse Romans 8:18 says...for I reckon that the sufferings we go through today cannot be compared to the glory that would be revealed in us.

Also I saw this picture yesterday and I shared on my instagram page yesterday. If you are not following me on instagram yet, then you are sitting on a long thing *rolls eyes*. Oya follow me now on @mz_moby and I will follow back asap...*wink*

Lastly, the hillcity giveaway ended yesterday. I will be announcing the winners tomorrow.  To everyone that entered for it, thank you so much.  God bless us all.

And so I open the door to a very beautiful week. This week, may God open doors for us....may we find favor everywhere we go. God bless us all. Remember to always put a smile on your face...and on the faces of those you meet everyday.. you never know who always looks forward to it...I love you. Peace y'all....



  1. This is such a nice and encouraging post.
    You are so funny and I love it!
    Btw, this your eyebrows is nice oh! You have to teach us oh!
    I have been trying for years...ok months consistently but my level hasn't increase that much!
    You should teach us oh!

    1. Thank you Funmi....bats lashes seriously....
      I've done an eyebrow post should check here. Thanks

  2. She lukin' fineeeee!!!....Mami...I am sooo loving how full you made your lips....**sigh** I could never do that unless I wanna look like OOMPA LOOMPA....hehe....mami...I picked out this - 'a good attitude will determine your altitude.'...yes are right....If you act right to the right people - you will get to the right place....that's what I believe in...this is amazing mami.....Okeiii...hows mi le boo doing??....**bats lashes**

    1. Hahahahaha. Tibs has killed me once again.... oompa loompa hahahaha.... Nice. Thanks Tibs and mi le boo is foineee... thanks for asking *mwaaaah*

  3. Aww.. Beyonce l'omo! :-D
    You look hot dear! xx

  4. Beta pikin fine ger nice one.You look very beautiful.And those lips.hmnnnn.

  5. You look beautiful mami, Beyonce of naija. I like that selfie. Anytime I remember that story I just get inspired to keep moving on like a soldier. Thanks for the mention maami

  6. hahahhahah this your pose sha lol i will try the 2nd one Lol. You have a pretty face and lovely skin color.
    BTW dash me this gown na

  7. Mobyyyy!!! Fine girl of life!! I want that neckpiece o!! Send it across sharp sharp!!
    Contentment is peace!!!

  8. your just to beaurrrifuul for words. you are werking that lipstick, am glad you are feeling better and oh i remember discovering who wrote that song in my dark moments and mann i tell you it made me realise that my situation wasnt as bad as this guy case worse and he still thank God so how much more me...i try not to focus on negative situations anymore my focus remains on God regardlessof how i feel and boy does it light\ up my world and makes a difference. i love that post contentment is the key he is our jehovah jireh he will always provide

  9. looking sweet.. nice post.. selfie is the trending stuff now.. thanks for the warm kind birthday comment on my blogg.

  10. Thanks Gal am already on glued on this network

  11. This is really inspiring Moby, you did well sharing this. I love your make up especially your brows. I got my eyes on your shoes babe. Happy Independence Moby


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