Friday, 31 October 2014


Ha Mobylizers come ooo...come come come come...ehn....There is trouble ooo...chai *hands on head* I can’t even do any greeting or intro....Abeg  ooo

Thursday, 30 October 2014



Anybody home???

Where’s every one


Oh! There you are.....

And you too, and you ..heeey you all are here...Yay! * jumping and dancing*

So people, hmmmmn......Firstly, this post was taken from my blog bestie's blog... This time I didn’t steal it ooo...I took it with permission..*smiles*.. You should check out her blog She is amazingly amazing...hehehe.

...And hey? Who knows what time it is?

What time is it? Huh? Huh?...................You don’t know?......................Well Its 


So our ranter today can rant like ehn!..In fact, she is the ultimate ranting babe..LOL..  And I'm sure most of us can relate to her outburst and truthfully, it concerns both guys and girls especially guys *rolls eyes*... Well I can relate to the issue and I have one small story to tell you at the end of her rant..... I would also love to read your thoughts....Ok Leggo!

Yes I am about to rant. This one is directed at the men folk...I don't know if women are guilty of this, but if you are, please take note and adjust...

My question; why do some guys feel, because they have been asking you to date them for years, they are entitled to a "yes" from you?. Biko are you queuing to buy plantain chips? Love is not 'first come, first serve’. I do not owe you any positive response just because you decided to hang around and not move on with your life for years.

I have had several of such experiences in the short while I have been on this earth and the extent of my annoyance with this behaviour cannot be conveyed in this blog post. On one of the occasions, the dude kept hammering on "I've known you for "xyz" years, I've loved you since the day I met you, you are the one I want to marry, I've pictured our life together and so on and so forth..." Please which prophet told you about this vision? I seem to have missed the memo from the almighty grand master of matchmaking, telling me you are "the one" for me..And if it was a ‘call’, why hasn’t my phone rang? Please o just park well.

There are some that will even say "I'm sure you have a long line of guys waiting, when will it be my turn na?, I've been waiting?!! Imagine that" You have been waiting on a long line so?...I still don’t get what exactly he was trying to say. How would someone say he knows I have a long line of guys waiting?...please am I conducting an interview? Oh dear Lord, help me so I don't strike one of your children down with these little hands you gave me! When did I become a commodity? Or a service provider?

Guys please and please! I repeat Love is not 'first come, first serve'...if you have waited for a year and it's looking like no show, I think you should move on oh. I like to believe a lady knows if she wants a man from the first time she meets him, or at least second to fifth time of meeting. Being persistent might pay sha oh (depending on the circumstances), but at least be sure that the feelings are mutual or have the possibility of being mutual first.

I rest my case.

Moby speaks

*ROTFL*....This is so funny kai!. Like seriously....but I want to mention something here....let me tell you one small story. Leboo asked me out for 4 and a half years mehn.*straight face*...not like he was hanging around and kept pestering ooo..He didn’t do that.  He asked me out rather casually in 2009, I didn’t oblige, then we ran into each other sometime in 2010 and he showed some interest in me again, but still no show. Then he left the country for a while and though we kept in touch, there was neither dating nor relationship. All this while, we lived our lives, dated other people without any stalking or demonic persistence LOL. He came back in 2013 and again we ran into each other (I’ll tell you guys the full story later...LoL)  and we were both single and this time he meant serious business and so I decided to give him a chance and I've not regretted that action since then. 

So maybe some guys just don't give up never know what the future holds o. But to guys hanging around that babe waiting for an answer and seeing visions that only them can see, this is what I think you should do; Take a cue from leboo... be there like you're not there...Leboo was always in the background.  If you really like the babe, make sure you are always in the picture but please do not stalk her...*wink*

Thank you Aby for making me use your rant. God bless you

Mobylizers....what are you waiting for....start typing your thoughts NOWW!....LOL

P.S: Its the end of October already. Like seriously.... Thank you Jesus.  I remember when I put up the happy new month post.  Mehn time waits for no one o. Like I always say at the end of the month,  STOP it now.
I love you all.


Tuesday, 28 October 2014



*Mic check* *testing 1-2*

Ok cool....we good...leggo!

Hello ‘beaurifu’ Mobylizers.. ..Hmmmnn....Is there an adjective I've not used to describe you guys yet?.... please I need more options ooo.... You guys are wonderful and I'll never get tired of telling you how super cool you guys are *wink*.. 

Thursday, 23 October 2014


Hey mama!....

Hey Bruva!.....

Hey people!....

Guess what????

(you should know na when I ask my "guess what" question on a Thursday.....*hehe*)...

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


This ain't shoki but I'll manage happy dance

I have to repeat my happy song.....cos I'm happy....clap your hands if you feel that happiness is for you.....cos I'm happyyyy...... Please don't try pronouncing what I wrote up there... I can only type it... I can't pronounce it *covers face*
Hello mi queridas....mi amigos....mi amours, eyin padis mi of blogville. I am sounding and feeling excited because I have every reason to...I am actually very excited and in high spirit now. I am alive and I am very well, all my family members and friends are chilling. I've got the love of a man that would do anything for me and I've got amazing followers on blogsville. If I am not excited then there must be something deeply wrong with me. Thanks guys for even taking out the time to visit this blog and then go an extra mile to leave a comment. Thank you...

You know there are times when no one leaves a comment on my blog post(s) and I call boo and say 'Tito no one loves me' then he gives me the 'please don't start now' sigh....such evil from someone you call your better half **rolls eyes** but then, before I know it someone leaves a comment and I get so supercalifragilisticespialidocious.....hee hee hee (what is the meaning of this word sef? who remembers the movie?)... I know for sure that so many people who visit this blog do not know me personally but they still pick up their phone, tablets and other devices to see what my dramatic self is up to....I'm humbled and honoured. That's love and I'm so grateful... thank you guys. Yesterday at the gym, a girl stopped me and asked 'are you Moby?'....In my head I was already doing my sitey I am already popular o until she said she wanted to make enquiries about Moby Impressionz classes.., ela oju kan for me. I wanted to cry but I just formed strong babe and answered her. If only she said she is a blog follower, I could have given her all my money at that point. But it is well. I have a dream...that one day....hmnnn

So on to today's story.. most of us know that I'm a makeup artist...well if you don't know, now you know...*straight face*... I panel beat people's faces for a living and so far it's been good. There was a time I was ranting on face book about Pro makeup artists that make upcoming ones feel so incompetent because we can't buy the big name products they use. There was a time I used to feel I wasn't good enough because I was using cheap products. Let me just divert a little. My mum is not the richest woman on earth but she has a very rich heart and so when I told her I wanted to learn makeup artistry, she goes 'Bolaji o mo ipe mi o lowo (Bolaji you know I don't have money) but if you can raise the money yourself, I'll pay you back later' (which she has not till date...*rolls eyes at Iya Dayo*) and so I started looking for money to buy some tools that I would be using. Sometimes I'll buy eye brow pencil which cost 50 naira then later I'll buy a lipstick which was like 100 naira....I was doing this because I had a passion and I knew that I had to keep moving and not let anything, including money, hold me down. I learnt makeup artistry and my box was filled with cheap products but I didn't care. I was still advertising myself and asking people to call me for jobs. Mehn the things we do for for the job..LOL. 
One day I was talking to a rich makeup artist friend of mine....she had a man that was rich and used to give her money.... and she was talking about some makeup products she just bought and couldn't wait to start using. Me the hustling makeup artist that was 'booless' at the time was just saying 'hmnnn ahhhh' and was thinking about when I would get to that level where I would buy a foundation worth five thousand naira...(chai...big money). Now she decided to annoy me and she said 'No makeup artist should use Mary Kay products because they are cheap. If you go for jobs and you bring out Mary Kay products, people would start making jest of you and they won't pay you good money'. At that point my hmnnn and ahhh became WHAT! No way! one messes with my Mary Kay. What do you mean? Because Mary Kay is cheap doesn't mean it doesn't do a good job. I've tried other foundations and I still go back to it because it is affordable and it works like every other foundation. I was so angry I decided to pour out my aggression on facebook. I tagged it #dairyofanangrymakeupartist.... or something like that sha. I was that angry.. 
So today I've got a word for all makeup artists in the house. If you are the hustling makeup artist like me, don't let anyone make you feel like thrash because they can afford the big big names. A time would come you would be the one to determine what kind of product you want to use. You don't need the big big names to prove how good you are. Your work will speak for you. Invest in making yourself better and then plenty money will come and then you would buy the big name hear?..I thank God now I can afford the big names and buy almost anything I want.....I was able to start with the cheap products, put in my best to make sure my work stood out and I was able to make enough money to upgrade myself. Also I am "boo-full" and I get enough help but hear this, I still haven't totally neglected the so called cheap products because some of them do fantastic jobs and make my work easier and better. Trust me the stone you neglect could turn out to be the corner stone.

I remember there was this time I put up a picture of me and everyone was saying how much they liked my lipstick. Well I've got something to tell you, that lipstick isn't a big name product.... it is JACKELIN and I bought it for 200 naira and it lasts really long on the lips. The good thing about this lipstick is it stays well and gives a perfect matte finish. I used it for my Moby woo lipstick. You remember?  You can check the post here.  I've also used it as an eyeshadow primer....I'll put up a post about it soon. Where can you get it? You can get it at any store. Especially the local road side beauty stores you probably won't wanna enter...*grin*
This is what it looks like

My moby-woo lipstick

Ignore the party packs at the back...this was after I finished eating and my lipstick was still intact

Who has ever tried using Jackelin lipstick? I remember I recommended it...  I want to know what you think about it. And did you notice there is a particular way I pout my lips when I take pictures? I just noticed now *covers face*...runs off....
In other news, Who has noticed how the weather in Lagos has been of late? It rains in the morning and then the afternoon is so hot like the sun is angry with some people. When I was coming back from work today I saw a man wearing a sweater jacket and joggers to-match ni o with a black vest inside and a face cap... and the sun was blazing you would have thought this dude wasn't feeling the heat ( I mean for him to dress that way)..then he did the most ironic thing...he brought out face towel to clean off his sweat....LOL... Now that's stupidity at the peak....Why dress like fire man and be cleaning off sweat every second??? But the morale of the story is that we Nigerians are survivors mehn...we would adapt to anything...with swag ni ooo. The spirit of the Nigerian man is just so amazing and I'm proud to be Nigerian. Come rain come shine, we would survive.LOL

Oh my darling guys have been wonderful. Like my friend Duru would say, Thanks for the past 7 minutes of your time. I love you all....and remember God will judge everyone that is wishing you bad *my new watchword*..... God bless us all...


Monday, 20 October 2014

... And Leboo answers...

My designing skills are getting better...hehehe
HEY! *singing* clap your hands if you know that happiness is for you.....Cos I'm happy.....***

Hallos peoples.......Its Monday already mehn! YEP!...MONDAY......and guess what people????, I was looking forward to it and I am super excited about it. Wanna know why?.........Simple!.... Because it is today..*yay!*. 

Ok, what is Well I couldn't come up with a better title than that. You really don't want to know the other options I came up with *covers face*. Haha... Well it's simple....We Mobylizers get to formally meet oga Tito and we are putting him on the hot seat....his ass is on fire today.....  I mentioned in the last post that everyone who had any question at all for Tito (le Boo) should send the question(s) to me and that I'll have him answer them....So that's what today's post is all about.....Tito's Answers...

Before we get to that, I want to use this opportunity to tender an apology to people who send me emails and do not get my reply on time or do not get a reply at all. Lemme explain...when internet and emails were invented, no one put people like me into consideration. I haven't quite caught up with the whole technology advancement and all that..... I have a twitter account I hardly use...  I have an Instagram account and I keep getting bored anytime I'm on there...  Facebook is another story for another day....Some would call it being tech lazy, I just call it errrr......trying to catch up....LOL... Una go forgive me noni. I am more of a caller than a texter / "typer" so if you need to reach me, just drop me your number and I promise to call you as long as I have airtime on my phone LOL... I hope my apology is accepted..Pleeeeaaasseeeee..*on my knees*..... That doesn't mean you should stop sending me emails o. I still check my emails from time to time... but I might not reply when you want me to. Blame it on... *who can I put this blame on o*... Well....Tech laziness... thank you *takes a bow*. Happy belated Birthday to my padi of life that I've never met....Praiz Tola. I'm so sorry I forgot the date. Where's my rice abeg? Oya reply my email asap.

So I got some questions from y'all and some of them made me go 'Okayyyyyyy'...*raised eyebrow* I'll still share them though but I promised some people I won't put their names so the "questioners" have their anonymity preserved.  I hope Leboo would be able to answer your questions well..  so from this point *removes slippers....puts it under my armpit. ..whistling*...  I'm walking away.  Hehehe.

Here are the Questions:

1. How do you cope with Moby and all her drama?

Leboo: Well first of all let me say that I was really forced and pushed and cajoled and scoped into doing this and that's part of me coping with Moby. hmmn, how do I cope? Moby herself can't stand her own drama so that makes the work tougher for me. In coping with her wahala, I have to prevent her from her own self and that's not like taking candy from a kid. She really can be a huge pain, but I signed up for all her pain, drama, wahala, nerve stepping, and all that makes her Moby. Most times I just let her be, her drama usually has a quick expiration depending on the instigator of the drama. Other times I put my foot down on certain issues then we clash, she vexes, she bones, I bone, I laugh, she smiles, I tickle her, she laughs, we kiss and then we back at one. But it not always that easy. I am just riding on God's grace, a lot of diplomacy and cunningness in dealing and coping with her.

2. Sir, are you confident Moby isn't and wouldn't cheat on you? If yes why and how confident are you lol.

Leboo: Ehwo!...hmmmmn! Truth is no man can speak for another. You can only speak for yourself. But the question centres on "confidence", my own confidence, therefore Yes I am confident she isn't cheating on me. I somehow manage to keep her schedule full and eventful, so except she's some kind of mutant with super powers, then she would be able to make out time for that. Moby is a good born again Christian and she works hard in trying to live up to the tenets of proper Christianity and I trust her and that's a very important thing. Also, I am sure she isn't near half way done with my very sexy self.

3. When will you propose to Moby because I won't mind having her as my in law o.   I would have to introduce her to my brother.

Leboo: Ha! you be enemy are not a friend at all...ahan! lol. Anyway...if you eat your veggies, and do your cardio, you'll live long enough to see me, just kidding...I will propose when Moby is ready...all things being equal she would have changed her surname to mine by this time next year in Jesus Christ's name. Amen 

4. Do you ever get bothered by some of Moby's post?  Like when she says she's attracted to other guys or she crushes on other guys?

Leboo: Even though I know she just types most of those things as she thinks them and probably with little or no seriousness attached to it, yes I get very bothered when she says those kind of stuff. I don't like it, but for the sake of the writers craft and finesse, and for the sake of her trying to drive home a point, I tolerate it. But truthfully, I don't like it. No normal guy would and the funny thing is I dare not say such oo, Moby would flip and take it personal and probably start crying sef.LOL 

5. Do you think Moby is real with you?

Leboo: At first I thought I would just be a phase in her life, that was even before we started anything, but she has sacrificed a lot to keep us together. She has put in a lot to ensure our ship sails safe , she has tolerated me for one whole year. I have gotten the pass from the great Iya Dayo. I know all these might not be enough proof of realness to some, but then if this aint real, what is?

6. Who is your favourite Mobylizer?

Leboo: HAAA!...LOL..this is a sweet question. Well Moby is my favourite Mobylizer. if she I am not very frequent on the blog, (I get to read the posts before she puts them up) I have read comments from a few people and they just crack me up. You all are wonderful. Moby's Blogger partner Aby, Berry, Petite diva, miss bng, Tosyne, Emmanuel, Duru, Praiz, Nike, cutest bea, Sunbo, Esther, Bukky, Ike,  everyone else, can't mention all.(apologies)...You all are fantastic. but of all Mobylizers, I have spoken to 2 over the phone, the ever amiable and phone cute Judith and the ever wonderful and 'no-nonsense' Erneisha....I personally dig Tibs and her husband, who is also my guy...Mr Demi..they are a breathtaking & an amazing couple...... I have met only one Mobylizer physically Amaka...and she is a lovely lady.

7. I admire you a lot Le boo....will you marry me.

Leboo: LMAO..Thanks for the admiration.....if your name is Amusu Mobolaji Omoyeni Olayinka Mautin Thara, and you are from Badagry, and you call your mum Iya dayo, and you are a huge pain in my neck, but yet the sweetest thing to ever happen to me, and you are a crafts person, and you are the one I love with every drop of blood, every bone in my body and every inch of my entire being?????...YES I'll marry you.....If not?....find out who asked the 3rd question, the persons brother appears to be single and in need..

Thank you all for supporting this wonder angel of my life....when you guys turn up, she's happy and that reduces my I'm happy too. God shall bless us and all the ends of the earth will fear him.Amen.

And Tito signs out.... and Moby signs in.... I was blushing like an idiot when I saw the response....hmnnn... I am not a romantic person but this boy *points at boo*, I just don't get it anymore. I'm sure from his replies,  you know who the romantic one is....*covers face*. Let me just say something because it won't be normal if I don't.  One, my wahala is not that much... Seriously I give little wahala and drama... I don't know why Le boo is making it look like I'm a huge pain in the ass.... that's not fair.  Two, I am not....I repeat I am not a cryer (if there's a word like that). Tito you can lie ahhhhh... diarisgod o. Before people will start thinking I'm a softy *covers face*. Ehn ehn... Three, the babe that wants to marry Leboo...hmnnnnn... I will say nothing.. I am not a jealous person  o but I am not a sharer. You get shey?

I got some questions late... like yester night and Le boo already sent in his reply yesterday evening...I'm really sorry guys..  don't worry... very soon we would have another E ma binu...can see a lot of people want to know this Le boo that I've been shouting about o. Le boo is even more popular than Moby...that's not fair *sad face*

And so at this point, I rest my case. Moby Impressionz skill acquisition class is starting today. I am as excited as everyone attending. Did you know that Team Mofaya and Tibs decided to sponsor some people to attend the class?... all expense paid!.  Now that's generosity and love at its peak. Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Mofaya (I don't know your surname). May God bless you abundantly as you help people.  May you never lack in Jesus name. 

Please guys put us in your prayers o...that God should give us the strength to pass adequate knowledge and that everyone attending would get enough understanding and use it for good. Have a lovely week my swirrie pies and sugar pies.  Moby loves you like *razz mode activated* 'ki lo n sele nibiyi na....ori e o fo ka si be jor'.. hehehe... *runs off*


P.S: The Lillian girl I was ranting about on Friday was evicted yesterday. I am so happy. Who else watches BBA here....before I'll start blogging about it and everyone will be lost?  

Sunday, 19 October 2014


"Don't be selfish; don't try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. Don't look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too." 
-Philippians 2:3-4 (NLT)

Friday, 17 October 2014


Story Story!...................................STORY!...

Once upon a time!......................Time Time...
In a village called Uzuh, in the great Ajah kingdom, there was a man ....this man can lie ehn?....he can lie for Olympics oooo...One day, the man lied and Nepa took light...even satan wonders who or what tempts and motivates the man to lie......................."see all of you really wanting to hear story" LOL......

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Hello mi lovies. I know you missed me... I missed y'all too and so I have decided to spoil all of you through out this week. There shall be lots of kissing than talking this week *eyes Bukky and Tibs*. That's what's up na...  Last week I saw this article on my blog bestie's blog ( and  I stole it before asking and then like seriously, I took permission after robbing her *covers face*......mhen, my stealing skills have improved o... but then I would input my own in the middle so it would be Aby and Moby's article.... Here it is...

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


What!.......what’s the time???.....

*Rushes in* *....Puts hands on head* What happened?.....why so many straight faces??...haaa!!!!.... *kneels down* I am so sorry I left for too long... Mama had to work and mama was tired...I’ve got to make money baybay!.. Thank you for understanding.  

Before I start any gist, I have an advice for everyone. If you are ever travelling out of Lagos, please do a research on the place you are going. I was having faith that there was going to be good network in Ondo State but my faith let me down big time. Immediately I got there, I put on my swift and there was a big NO NETWORK on there’s no Ondo plan for swift yet...I was totally “internetless”...LOL... Even my phone sef, it was only when I stepped out of my hotel room, I'll have small network and so I can post comments....before I say scoobi doobi doo its gone again. But all the same it was a good experience. I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that said happy birthday to my bestie. That babe was crying like a baby. She was so overwhelmed ehn....I'm sure if she ever see’s anyone of you she would cry again. Thank you so much. God bless us all.

Also guess who visited last week.... the biggest man I know on blogsville...Mr. Mannie and my blog role model....Berry Dakara. I love this woman ehn #nohomo o... I saw their comments and I just started doing my special moonwalk.  Mannie thank you so much for stopping by. Berry thank you big. God bless you.  I hope you are here to stay o. Hehehe.

Also, we got an email from a website. They said they would love to share some of our articles on their website and I was like WHAT!!!!..... really??... mehn we are going PLC o. So I want to open this blog to everyone. If you are a writer... whether as a passion, as a job, or something you pass time with, you can send some of your articles here. You never know who would be reading and who would be interested in your work. Never say never.

I also want to use this opportunity to tender an apology to Onyeziri Maureen. I have been angry with my cousin for not giving me the proper information. She sent me an article like it was written by her and I gave her all the credit. Maureen I am so sorry. You are a great writer I must say. Thank you for not pressing charges...*big grin*. God bless you.

All protocols have been duly observed!...or is there something I’m missing out ....naah!...we good...

Oya now to the main gist abeg *gbeborun mode activated.....drops tray from my head and pulls out a stool...LOL*...where do I start from ooo.. Ok let me start from the beginning...First the journey was 8 hours seriously 8 gaddamn bloddy, nerve wrenching, butt numbing, mind fumbling, brain torching hours. I am never travelling by road... ever again. If the mode of transportation doesn't fly or glide,or disappears and re-appears, ayam not going. Ki lo de? How do people do it? I can never go through what I went through on Thursday and Sunday o. It was a terrible experience sitting for that long.  My bum bum was just paining me, in fact sef, it has reduced in size due to the tension and excess pressure.

How did it go? Mehn it wasn't easy o. I was hired to do the makeover for the bridal train. The girls were 7 in number so the bride hired three makeup artists. The plan was that I was going to do makeup for 4 people, another babe would do for the remaining 3, then the third makeup artist (the fabulous Ronke who is also the bride's cousin) would do the make up for the bride. The agreement was for both engagement and white wedding (Friday and Saturday). 

On the engagement day, the bride fired the other makeup artist (definitely not Ronke). So I was given an offer... do the makeup for 7 people and there would be more money. In my mind I'm like 'no way.....this is not happening' but the money was looking very attractive and besides, there was practically no other option.  So I decided to do it *wink*. I made up for 5 girls on the engagement day and was to take on 7 girls the next day...*Phew*.  I had to wake up at 4am on Saturday to start everyone's makeup cos they had to get to church by 9am. It wasn't funny but it was worth it.

Let me divert a little here...someone asked me this question before and someone still asked me over the weekend. They asked what the secret to a good makeup is? Is it good foundation or blending or the set spray? My own secret is.....wait for  it.........................................................................GOD!....*smiles*. He puts a finishing touch to all my work. I am not bragging but I have never been fired on a job before or told 'I don't like what you did on my face'. There are times I do a job and I'm looking at my work and I know it’s not a good job.....for example there was this time I was called to a music video shoot set to do the makeup for one musician babe. This babe is not the ugliest woman I've seen and she is not the finest I've seen also. By the time I was done with her face, I didn't like what I was seeing. Everything was just looking wrong. She looked at herself in the mirror and she was almost licking my feet. She was just blushing....and was saying thank you all the time. Even the producer said his camera loves my job and I just turned to le boo and gave him the 'what's going on here' look. What I usually do before I start any job is I look at my palm and I pray for them. I say to them 'make me proud' and when I start working I always pray. I don't chat with my clients all the time. I say something and I shut up and I keep praying. When I'm done, I ask God to put the finishing touches and he does. I am not perfect but I have a perfect God. No matter the job you are doing, you can try it. It always works. I just shared a secret....oya pay me now now!. Hehehe

I wasn't able to take so many pictures. I had limited time to work and so I couldn't take all the pictures but I took some. The photographer promised to send me some more pictures. ...when he does I promise to show everyone here but the few ones I have, I would share.

I love her facial features

I also got a goodie bag and this was what was inside my goodie bag.
Air freshner, Hamana roll on, Hamana lip balm, Hamana body mist and the air freshner sticks (don't know what they are called o)

Finally to every bride to be in the house, I have an advice for you.... Please get an event planner and let the person carry the entire burden of the event. You really don't need to stress yourself at all on or before your wedding. This bride was all over the place and it wasn't a funny sight at all.... She almost even started serving food to the attendees because she wanted everything to be perfect...I felt so sorry for her...I felt like I should just help her with all the wahala...but mhen...Omolade Akogun (nee Aruna) is one strong woman! Both physically and mentally.... And then the worst happened.... her cake fell down flat on the floor. She had a very elegant tall cake and it was a beauty to behold. The way the thing fell down like the wall of jericho was shocking....I was amazed too....You can only imagine how upset she was... I was just praying  she enjoyed her wedding...anyway the Mc (Mr. Le boo) was fantastic and it was only when the reception started I saw the bride I’m sure she had fun.... I took a picture of the only surviving cake. Here it is.

And the decoration was fine. I loved it.
I didn't take a picture of myself because I was looking very tired. I'm sorry *sad face* but y'all know I still looked fine.  Hehehe...I might be able to get a picture of me from the photographer though...then you’ll see what I looked at

All in all, I had fun.  I met some pretty amazing people and they've been checking my blog since. I actually called myself a I introduced myself as a blogger....hahaha. Welcome to the family everyone. I'm sure you would have fun here. Oya chop first timer kiss abeg *mwahhhhhh*

I must give it to Ondo people.... Ondo people know how to party jare. No wonder my mum likes party...she is an Ondo woman. There was food and drinks and loads of alcohol. The rice was very sweet ehn.... y'all know I like party rice na and this tasted so nice.

 P.S : Happy birthday to the sexiest (like seriously.... I am not lying o) blogger I know. You think I'm lying? Oya go and see for yourself. She blogs at then come back and tell me that I'm lying. She looks like BeyoncĂ©'s younger sister....hehehe. Also, Happy birthday to my friend and client, Sarah Joseph - Tiamiyu. I wish you both long life and prosperity..... good health and all the good things of life. Have a lovely birthday today. Oya make una chop kiss o jare *mwaaahhh*.

Who missed me? I missed me too and I missed everyone.  So how was your weekend....gimme beta gist abeg.
Have a fabulous week ahead. I love you all like kilode mehn...hehehehe

Thursday, 9 October 2014


Hello mi lovies....  Today is the 9th of October and someone very special to me was born on this day so its my birthday again... We were enemies that became friends so suddenly and I decided to make her my best friend. Funny this girl has too many best friends ehn....hmnnn diarisgod o. That's cos she is a very nice and sweet person. So today I've decided to dedicate this post to her cos she deserves it and she's worth it... Please help me wish her a very happy birthday today *kneels down* abeg...hehehe. I trust you na.... Thank you.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Good tidings I bring to you and your keens good tidings of sallah and a happy ........ehrmmmm....and a happy....chai!!!....why aint there no sallah version of that song???.....And a happy new day...*shrugs*...abi na???..LOL.....Hehehe..

Monday, 6 October 2014


Welcome to Lagos

Hello beaurifu people... hanz boys and beaurifu gehs... don't be scared.... I'm just in my razz mode noni....LOL... what's going on? How's the sallah break going?....they say if by now you haven't tasted sallah meat, then you need to enroll for a character development program....LOL....  I have been eating meat since Saturday.... I doubt I'll be able to eat meat for the rest of the year cos I am tired already....and christmas is still there oooo...chai! diaris God!

Sunday, 5 October 2014


“Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the whole world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God." 
-Psalm 90:2 (NIV)

Friday, 3 October 2014


My obsession with this shoki dance ehn
Baby hello....sisi hello....bobo hello......Mobylizers hellooo......I'm in a very good mood today...not sure why?...seems like a huge blessing is coming my way....IT IS...TODAY!! Amen...for me, for you and everyone...*wink*

It's already the third of October(just like that)... I tag this month #OctoberToRemember. I pray in this month, we shall hear good news...May God open doors for us all....doors of opportunities, doors of unlimited favor, doors of abundant mercy in Jesus Christ's name. We would all remember this month as the month of endless testimonies ...AMEN!.

So......... I'll be announcing the winners of the hillcity ankara - inspired toilet bags give away....(if you didn't know about this then na you be the real lastma official ooo...LOL)

Please don't forget the 10/10/10 program...(the reason for the give away).  The program is  designed to train and empower people on 10 current and trending bead styles for 10 days for just 15,000naira only. It doesn't stop at beads training because it has been designed to include gele tying and a photoshoot after the training, for all the works done by each participant....*super cool*. Certificates would also be awarded at the end of the training and materials needed can be purchased at the venue. There will be a morning Session -11am to 2pm and an afternoon Session - 3pm -6pm. It starts 6th - 17th October, 2014 and 20th - 31st October, 2014. Venue: 113,Aina Street,Ojodu,Ikeja,Lagos. For more information contact Kenny on 7bfe0d8a,07032301155,07011822728..(please np toasting oo...*rolls eyes* and no flashing too..). Like our Facebook page - WWW.Facebook. com/hillcityngr.

Now the time has come. .. Drum roll please...... 

And the winners are......................................................................

Elizabeth Adeniji

Funmi Ajayi



And.......wait for it.........

Amusu Mobolaji....( I can't come and carry last na. Hahahahaha.)

I'll be sending emails to the winners later. Congratulations and thanks for entering the give away. God bless us all.

So I open the door to the weekend... have fun and don't forget that life is too short to be anything but happy. So put a smile on that beautiful face of yours and on someone else and rock this weekend like its the last. 

Barka de sallah to my muslim brothers and sisters. Moby loves you...

.... Cheers....

Thursday, 2 October 2014


Hello mi boos...mi darlings....mi kori kosuns...LOL..(that means "dont see, wont sleep") ya'll doing?'s Thursday...and's RANT DAY! But first, how many people rocked green white green yesterday? I didn't but my dress had a touch of green... Green is not one of my favorite colours and so I will not be caught wearing it even if I had no choice.... ewhhhhhhh.... sorry to my green lovers..*grin* .. hehehe.