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*Mic check* *testing 1-2*

Ok cool....we good...leggo!

Hello ‘beaurifu’ Mobylizers.. ..Hmmmnn....Is there an adjective I've not used to describe you guys yet?.... please I need more options ooo.... You guys are wonderful and I'll never get tired of telling you how super cool you guys are *wink*.. 

How was your weekend? Well mine was just there.... And for all those that asked, my presentation in church went okay.....it was just okay o as far as I am concerned.. I didn't really like it because I was talking too fast and by the time I was done, I just went back to my seat and was looking like Johnny just come..*sad face*. Everyone said I did good but I know I didn't do Moby proud jor...*rolls eyes*. I even wanted to cry sef.  After church, I went to the beach with my friends..... Also I didn't have fun. I have gotten so used to spending time with Leboo and so when we are not together, I just don't have so much fun. Hmnnnn.... Does anyone feel the same way? Even if no one does, let someone please agree with me so I don't feel alone in this. I have a feeling Bukky will agree with me.... the way that girl likes me ehn....hmnnn...*raised eyebrow*

So what do I have for us today? ....hmmmn *rubbing palms together...evil grin*...Some weeks ago, some Nollywood people came to use my house for one of their movies. You all know how I feel about the Nigerian movie industry and so I wasn't moved jare....and they only made my reservation worse.... Jide Kosoko was one of the actors on set and he kept on making one big grammatical error and no one could correct him. Like every time they shot that scene, he made the same blunder and I don't know if the director was scared to correct him or the co-actors were intimidated but no one corrected him....(I won’t say what he said here ...*tongue out). At that point I gave up on Nollywood.

So I met one very cute actor like that who was also on that set. I'm sure loads of us know him but if we don't, go and watch ‘Maami’ produced by Tunde Kelani and has funke Akindele as one of the actors, or ‘Brave’ produced and directed by Lowladee, which has won 3 awards so far. He was also on Anita which is an Mnet production,’ Facade by Bengeo production ...Mhen, the list is long. I've seen some of his movies and I think he is one actor to look out for. You know me I won't lie na... So we spoke after they finished their production in my house and I gently.....No.. I basically cajoled him into doing this interview. He is a very busy chap and before I could get a hold of him, it took the grace of God and alas! He was able to answer some of my questions and knowing I am not a good journalist, I wasn’t capable of asking him the very technical, hot seat type of questions. So I’m throwing this open, in addition to the few questions I asked him, Why not let my Mobylizers ask him whatever question(s) they like and I will make him answer them for my next interview post. How cool is that? ....*big grin*

Now meet Wole Ojo and don't forget to leave a question for him.

MOBY: Can we meet you?

WOLE: I'm Adewole Ojo, but regularly called Wole Ojo for screen purposes. First son of a small family, grew up in the barracks (Bar beach Police barracks to be precise), a graduate of Theatre Arts from the University of Lagos Akoka and a strong lover of the Arts.
On the set of Brave

MOBY: Why film making?

WOLE: I practically grew up in front of the television. I guess my love for TV content made it inevitable for film making to be my choice for profession.

MOBY: Is this for a lifetime or just something to pass time?

WOLE: It is for a life time. Film making is my first true love.

MOBY: What was your parent’s reaction to the news of you being an actor? I remember when I really wanted to be an actress, my mum was and still is my biggest fan.

WOLE: They took the news pretty well I must confess. My parents are very supportive of my profession. Though deep down I know my father would prefer I pursued my childhood dream of becoming a lawyer.

MOBY: Who is/are your role model (s)... Please say Moby..*rolls eyes*?

WOLE: Christ... even though I know I'm doing a very bad job emulating him at the moment, I believe I'll get better with time. AMEN!
Movie premiere of Maami at Ozone cinemas

MOBY: If you had super powers, what will you change about the Nigerian movie industry?

WOLE: A lot: The welfare of actors, distribution of films, Piracy etc. A WHOLE LOT!

MOBY: Have you had any challenging roles so far? If yes, which would it be?

WOLE: Don't mean to sound cocky, but I'm yet to play that role that would stretch my acting skills to its very last limits.

MOBY: What do you think about Moby and her blog?

WOLE: I think Moby is a great individual and her blog is different, which is a good thing in a world filled with clichés.

MOBY: Shout out to Mobylizers

WOLE: And to every Mobylizer I say remain blessed, keep being you, change for nobody and live your life to the fullest.


Wole Ojo.

The end.

I couldn't think of better questions to ask him but like I said, you are free to ask him questions. I hope he won't be too busy to answer....I will stalk him if I have to. Anything for my mobylizers...

How was your weekend ma pipu. Oya gist me....I’m waiting.



  1. Aside Funke all the other persons in these pictures are new to my eyes. The guy is cute.o and his Nike high top joggers in the last picture is so cool. Lemme start famzing you now Moby so that when I want to meet you then I won't have fill any form, you for don big pass zaron make up. @Jide Kosoko gbagaun-ing anyhow, what do you expect, queens english? Biko why is that guy in blue in the last picture wearing that pointed brown shoe? Can't he see it didn't go with the outfit? How are doing babe.

    1. Hahahaha....Amen @being big. Chi you are so funny.... to think I didn't even notice the shoe sha. Now I know you have eyes....hahahaha

  2. You know I'll support u anyday so I feel the same way.The boy is cute sha.Moby link a sister up fast.

  3. Moby! You're one funny Madam. Used to watch this guy from kidivision 101, I'm glad he's finally in the limelight

  4. Oh wow!....I am sure you had fun with this interview...Nice one mamacita...

  5. Mobylistic Moby! I want to be like you when I grow up ooo... Wole Ojo looks hawt!!! Shoutout to him tooo

  6. So his name is Wole Ojo.He looks good.I have 1 question.Please How do maintain such a hawt bod.Teach us so we can teach others

  7. He's fine ooh. Moby you know we are friends like we are super cool, more like family....lemme take a leaf out of chiomas book and start falling you too. Well if people said you did good then that's good not your best but hey we all have to start for somewhere.

  8. **coughs**....moby....*eyeing you**......he is a brave guy i always associate the movie, maimi, to him.....he is handsome sha......but he is not tall....o no.......hehhehhehe


    1. Zoe, he is 6'2. If 6'2 is short then Wole Ojo is a short man. Hehehe

  9. I liked him in Maami, dude is cute...lawdaffmacy
    Well I like this interview, so brief no need for stories.
    Moby you should do a post on 'famzing', someone in my former hostel said he and this dude use to play football way back and my hostel mates where like 'you can lie ehn!' But I don't know why people famz tho. Anyways, am sure you did well too I do get those kinna feeling too esp when am ask to sing. The time I think I sing is when they will say na off key o and vice versa sha, people are like mirrors

  10. Simple and straight to the point.I remember this guy from kidivison.I wish im well in his career.what do you have against nollywood moby?

    1. What do I have against Nollywood....hmnnn. I just think the industry is lazy. They are trying o but I know we can do better. I would rather stalk blogs than watch a Nigerian movie. I don't hate the industry... I just wish we'll do more.

  11. Ah! Moby, this is an exclusive o. I remember him from Maami and that is the first and last time i have seen him. He was okay in the movie. I really don't watch Nigerian movies, every 2 minutes i find a fault before the end of the movie i am already angry at the director. So i stay clear of most Nigerian movies.


  12. I just typd a veri long comment and just lik that it went off.I doubt I cn type it again so I'll just say HOT.

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