Saturday, 25 October 2014


Whaz up?

Wats up?


Wots up?

Waddup? (How else can What's up be shortened?)..LOL

Hello mi lovies. Ki lo n pop? (Meaning what's popping) are we enjoying the weekend? ...I am not enjoying it jor.... the rain is kinda cramping my style jor! *sad face*... I know this is a late post...all thanks to my internet connection. I don't want to rant so ama just take a chill pill at this point *someone should borrow me a chair abeg*

People listen oooo......hnnnm! I have one small problem like that  and its funny how no one notices...(Maybe a few people sha).  I must be a good actress .. For no one to notice. 

Ok...the issue?....I am scared of public speaking..*big grin*. I am camera shy and I get very nervous when I'm asked to speak in front of a crowd. I know some people will not believe this but its the truth... Most people that have seen me on tv or seen me in church giving a presentation or speech, will shout ' na lie' because I appear to flow easily. But the truth is, I get very shaky and scared before I hit d stage but once I start, I unleash the Moby in me mehn then I get bad ass..*pops collar*...*puffs on a cigar*... 

Why the long story? The youth in my church will be in charge of the Church service tomorrow and as the vice president of the youth,  I was asked to give a welcome address..... and I am really scared.

As I am right now, the only thing I am confident of saying and won't mess up is 'praise the Lord...children of God praise the Lord' and that's all. Please I need your help. Someone please help me. My heart is beating faster than normal mehn..... anyone. 1plus the one help a sister abeg.

So to today's yarn.... *in Martin Luther Kings voice* 'I had a dream' 2 nights ago and in the dream I was blogging about what was happening in the dream so when I woke up I decided to really blog about it. 

So, story story.... in the dream I was with Leboo. We were to travel for a wedding. I was the makeup artist and Le boo was the Mc but for some very funny reason it was already late and we were not on our way yet.  We were to travel by road for atleast 6hours and I was already dreading the journey. Then the bride called very late and said someone was coming to pick us so I started getting ready but I was taking my time because I wasn't happy about the journey. So the person  that was going to pick us up came and started shouting at Leboo about not being ready and us wasting her time and blah blah blah...then she started insulting boo and then he got very angry and he was going to beat the hell out of her. Like I saw two pankere (cain) with him....Everyone started begging him and he wouldn't hear a word of the numerous pleas but for some very funny reason,  I just sat down and was looking at them from a far. Something was telling me to go and stop the fight and another was saying I should just chill and keep looking until the fight was over and then get angry at boo for wanting to beat a woman.

At that point as I was just observing, the blogging me took over and I was going to post a question on the blog that if you see your spouse fighting, will you go and join in the fight?....either to separate or help your boo fight the person or just sit down, watch, let him / her mess up and then get angry with him / her for even fighting in the 1st place?. Before I could finish thinking, my annoying but sweet cousin woke me up to tell me Iya dayo wanted to eat rice so I should stand up and go cook for seriously a nigga can't even dream blog peacefully without being interrupted.*rolls eyes*.

So I have decided to bring my dream here. What will do if you see someone fighting with your boo? What action(s) would you take? As for me, I will just try and separate the fight and try to be leboos calm buddy. Everyone should have a calm buddy....your calm body is that person that tells you 'its enough' or 'stop' and you stop whatever foolish thing you're doing or about to do.  Le boo is my calm many times when I get  so angry to the point where I'm shaking (when I start shaking, it means I can kill at that point and won't think twice about it...yes o) I immediately call him before I mess up and he doesn't even say much. He just says "baby calm down" and like jazz I just get calm...seriously.

Do you have a calm buddy? It could be your mum or sister or best friend? I want to know.....*smiles*

I want to tender an apology to everyone on this blog. I know how frustrating it can be when you come online to check out your favourite blogs and you do not see a new is always frustrating.... Ugo, Sogie, Temi and Gbemi should note this. I get sad when i don't see a new post on my favourite blogs mehn!..... Its because of the love I have for you oo. 

Ehn ehn.... Chioma did an amazing post on her blog yesterday that was turning my head... Chi Chi, ask me for anything now and I will give it you... if you want Leboo sef, you can have him.... This babe mentioned me....Moby as one of her top 8 must-visit reality blogs.... Like seriously.... you guys will not use blushing to kill somebody. I munched my own part 
Emi nikan tan....hmnnnn.. 
 You should check out the post

I have not been blogging like I used to because I have been extremely busy. The Moby Impressionz class started on Monday and it has been really strenous and time consuming for me. Most times when I'm done with the class, I go to the gym and when I get home, I am so tired and can't even reply comments. But I will still be blogging o....I am not going anywhere..*big hug*. 

Also I want to give a shout out to Eniola T... Mehn the way I was blushing when I got your message,  you won't have believed that a black woman can blush...I turned pink mhen..LOL... Thank you mami for the love. I don't regret ever blogging. If its just the love and friendship I get through this blog, that's enough for me.  Thank you so much. She started blogging today and I think she's a blogger to look out for. I munched her 1st post and this was what she said.

 You should check her out Please help support my new blogger friend....and give her a warm welcome to blogsville.   Thank you.

Finally, Tibsy's birthday is in a few days. Happy birthday in advance mami. What can we do for her o? I need everyone's opinion... she deserves to be celebrated shey cos she is a nice woman and we are going to do it together.

My story is already getting plenty uhn? Okay bye.

Like my friend and brother would say *in Duru's voice* thanks for the past 7 minutes of your time. How that boy knows it is 7 minutes, I don't understand. But thanks for taking the time out to read this post. God bless you.

Have a wonderful Sunday ahead in God's presence.  Make una go church o or else..... I'll save it at this point.



  1. Only you will write bout a dream on your Kai... You are definitely one in a million.
    I would try to calm him down, if he no hear I will just leave him there and he will see part two when we get home, I don't have time for people to embarrass me outside.
    Mine is more of a think through buddy *I know my strength and all, I can't be forming
    vex b4 they beat me* when I'm bout to do something stupid I just call him.
    A post is coming up asap, I need to go to church so God can remove this laziness from mee oh.

    1. Hahahaha. Looking forward to your post. Hope you went to church?

  2. Apology accepted... I always look forward to your posts. Hope Ur speech went well?.......

    1. Yes it went well....though I was rushing my lines and I could hear my voice shake, everyone said I did well. Thank you mami

  3. **waves** Hiya mamacita....Blessed Sunday to you....So public speaking huh?...Well, I do it all the time...Tibs can talk to just bout anyone...What I do everytime I have to get on the stage to talk to my colleagues or address my school - I just pick someone in the crowd and talk to that person directly...Usually I pick my buddy or my favorite that way I don't see anyone else...and it works for me alotttttt!...then again, different folks different strokes....**claps hands** Concerning my birthday....**clears throat** I want a private jet!....Simple!...**rips cloths and walks away naked** hehe...

    1. And a private jet you shall get..... Where is that my gun o....let me go and rob a bank asap *Leboo where art thou?

  4. You were blogging in your dream? Hmmm Moby no words. I don't have a calm down buddy and I have never helped anyone to calm down. I am always scared of confrontations eeh, if my bf or any of my friends starts to shout or wants to put up a show, I will just squeeze myself in a corner and observe. Hope your speech went well? As for Tibs birthday gift, a white range rover sport would be nice. We will team up and steal linda ikeji's own.
    Happy Sunday Moby.

  5. U did this post yesterday and am sure today it went out fine so i hope u give us gist bout how it went.

    So bout le boo fighting in ur dream meh if it was a reality and i was d 1 in it, i will try to calm in down first. I would rather face the woman myself if possible then watch him beat a woman.

    Hehehehe @ Temi doesn't post regularly. Oya Ugo and d rest ur hearing o. Hmmm gonna really try tho but really doing many tins @ a time now so decided to just calm down sef.

    Thanks Moby....see ya!

  6. How did the speech go? I hope you didn't throw any grammatical arrows o *lol* I know you kicked ass sha!!!
    Well, the day I see bae trying to fight in public, I'll actually leave him to fight. I need to see dat nigga mad at someone. My best friend is my calm buddy, she just makes me see reasons to take the high road
    Well I don't know what to do for Tibs that will be enough

  7. Gorgeousness is my calm buddy...shocker... He always sees reason in everything and then knowing I'm upset, will crack a joke and everything is OK!

    Never done a huge crowd before but I imagine I would assume they are all naked. I hear that works every time. Your eye brows tho...crushing. Saw the pic on Chioma's blog. She rolled out my theatrical techniques, that girl!!!!

    1. You call your bf Gorgeousness? Mehn I need to learn from you guys mehn....see me feeling like a boss calling boo Leboo. Nice.
      Thanks mami.....yipeeeee *dancing shoki*. Thanks for stopping by *mwaaah*

  8. Okay... **smiles Moby I have spiritual timer in my head nah... the thing used to calculate the 7 minutes.. heheheh **winks... mehn my Padis have insulted me on FB and tire cause of that 7 minutes ooooo. One said it was rhetoric at one time, another later said it was Ironic. Lmao. In my Family my Dad taught us a saying tha goes: 2 dogs never fight each other outside, so if one dog gets into a fight, the other dog fights for the fellow dog, and even if the first dog was wrong, the second dog would ONLY tell the first dog his faults inside of the house, and not right there outside. My point is me i have weyrey ooo... as in plenty madness, so if i got into a fight outside, and i was with my Baby, i wouldnt want her to fight with me, nor pacify me, but just let me vent, cause her pacifying me would make it seem as i was wrong, and fighting with me would just be wrong..... i know my philosophy is fucked up yeah, but hey a Brother has to be a man, and a lady a lady nah...

    Thanks for the mention Bubba, it means a lot to me, and it gives me the Grammies feeling... sooo... i dedicate this mention AKA grammy to cheers.

  9. hey! I am also the assistant youth leader in my church and I get super nervous when I have to make presentations. But at the end? It is always nice.
    If The Half fights in public, I will know shit really hit the ceiling and I would most likely take it up oh. That is because The Half is extremely quiet and calm so for him to fight, I will voltron for him mhen.
    I believe your youth week went well yeah?

    1. Awww....Vira calls boo The half... that is so cute. I am blushing for you. Hehehe

  10. Wait Moby! with all the talk wey you dey talk here you come dey shy lolol .. if i hear say you fall my hand. i know you will do well

    1. Hahaha. Buiti I fall hand o. I fall am big time. Hehehe.

  11. You too. One day we would get over our anxiety from public speaking. How was it? I am sure it went well. Only you can be blogging in your dreams.... Lol


    1. Hahaha. I can't wait for the day I'll fully get over it. Its annoying.

  12. Heheheh, U have stage Fright, same here though, been thinking, how I would tackle my defence next year. Well it's a nice dream ooo... Person like me, I would leave to do that which is one on your mind them later we settle.


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