Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Hello mi lovies. I know you missed me... I missed y'all too and so I have decided to spoil all of you through out this week. There shall be lots of kissing than talking this week *eyes Bukky and Tibs*. That's what's up na...  Last week I saw this article on my blog bestie's blog ( and  I stole it before asking and then like seriously, I took permission after robbing her *covers face*......mhen, my stealing skills have improved o... but then I would input my own in the middle so it would be Aby and Moby's article.... Here it is...

I'm a big fan of kissing.... I really am... You all shouldn't be surprised seeing I'm always sharing kisses on this You see, just as you have the "ass guy" and "boob guy", I am here today to introduce and represent the ladies that are into kissing and touching and the ones that are for the former and against the latter and vice versa.
For me, kissing is interesting and it kinda gives away the "arrival mode" of a guy. That means I know how a guy acts when he arrives once I kiss him. The word arrives makes it sound funny and I hope you understand what I mean.
I have gotten into lots of issues because of this kissing thingy.... The day I discovered kissing, I felt like I just found gold at the end of the rainbow... You should believe my last sentence cos that shii  is true. So I would like to point out somethings at this juncture.

Touching: Some guys are basically bad touchers. They handle the twins like .....errŕr......*thinking*.........
 the horn of a news paper vendor. Jeez its very annoying.  Guys like this are usually clueless in wonderland. Like truly, some guys would squeeze the future of the twins and you would be wondering if this same lady would be able to breast feed in the future... Chris....Mannie....Duru.... learn now when you can. Hehehe.

Off Topic: I find that some people are uncomfortable talking about sex with friends. Hehehehe. Truth is I feel very very uncomfortable talking about sex but I can type right now. When my friends are gisting about sex, I just laugh and enjoy the conversation. For people like me, don't just walk away. Just chill, listen and keep laughing but don't laugh too much before they think something is wrong with you. You may even learn from it. Don't act all Anti-sex cause guess what? It's impossible for you to be anti-sex. Were you not born as a result of an excursion to wonderland?????

Okay Back to the topic. I would like to ask some questions.... cos that's what I kinda do. 
What ticks you off about kissing/touching someone or what do you enjoy about it?
This is what ticks me off.... Tongue. I can still hold my breath for a few minutes if you have a bad mouth odour but once you bring out the tongue at the beginning,  that's is so over.

Don't be shy. Share.

Wait o! What even inspired this topic?..I remember now..heheheheh...
Why does it feel better or pleasing to watch white people kissing than to watch black (Nigerians especially) people kissing??? I think I have the answer.... Nigerians can't kiss. Hahahaha. 
So answer that and then share your views on the topic. Thank you!



  1. Mehn! All these post I've been reading lately tho. I went to bed reading tib's post on sex; now on my way to work I'm reading another one about kisses. It aint fair on single niggers like me ooo.
    By the way, who is gonna teach duru, chris and myself how to handle the twins??? Huh? Kindly profer a solution asap @moby.
    As for the kisses, I'm a sucker for kisses too. Though I've been single and celibate for a while, it hasn't stopped me from kissing (don't ask who I've been kissing :p).


    1. Mannie mannie dear Mannie....who have you been kissing? Confess now or else *brings out Tib's bazooka*. Oya

  2. Yes!!...Kissing!...hehe....mami...I can't even be bothered enough to withstand kissing someone with mouth odour....I am pretty much a take it slow person...I mean life is easy eh....and as for then 'Sex talk'...mami...I am a grown ass woman who has sex (actually lots of it with my husband) and I don't think I need to put up a front bout it.....I mean why be subtle bout it??.....normally....I think people who smile during such talks or people who act too-dressed-to-be-undressed are kinda the worst...#myopinion tho....Waddup mami....1 VBA award coming right up!

    1. Ahhhh....mami Tibs some people are just really uncomfortable when sex talks are being said *raises hand* people like me. I'm most comfortable talking about sex with friends....not just any setting and I'm sure most peeps are like that too... God help us with mouth odour o.. with the way we talk about mouth odour, I'm sure most people shouldn't have it. Its just bad mehn

  3. Come Marnie, your signature took plenty space, we go fight o. I kept scrolling down to see other comments and nothing was showing so I kept refreshing the page thinking my browser had issues.
    Mobylistic, nice post! Yesterday Ernie, today you! God forbid man with mouth odour o... anyone who starts a kiss with tongue is an amateur, except for cases I don't know about...

    1. Same here o.... I was refreshing this page thinking it wasn't loading...hehehe. I hate kissing that starts with the tongue mehn... it is only when it gets really intense then you can introduce the tongue.....not just sticking the tongue down someone's throat. Not cool at all jare

  4. Moby moby.Please don't spoil us o.All these kissing everyone iz talking about.Okay o . Don't let a brother go and sin o.About Nigerians being terrible kisser, I kind of disagree.i am Nigerian and I'm a terrific kisser.If not cos we know leboo I would have said you should come and kiss.

  5. Uncle Mannie you just borrowed the whole space for commenting.why now.Is there anyone that do not like kissing becos I have never found.some people will be forming they can kiss and its a lie.Everybody wants to belong to the kissing group.

  6. Lol@nigerians can't kiss . Mouth odour equals no kiss, no peck Laughed reading this....cheers Mami. P.s:I am a she.


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