Thursday, 23 October 2014


Hey mama!....

Hey Bruva!.....

Hey people!....

Guess what????

(you should know na when I ask my "guess what" question on a Thursday.....*hehe*)...

Anyhoo ...just the way the announcer(s) yells "Its Saturday Night Live" at the beginning of every SNL show (I hope you know the TV show's a comedy show in New York, that is basically a compilation of different comedy skits)

*clears throat* ...ITS RANT THURSDAY ......LIVE...(LOL)...

 ...And we have a very pained ranter.....

Ok people, today's rant would definitely raise some dust, especially with the let's read what Tinu has to say....I'm actually excited about this one cos I'm also very affected....*wink*


Moby, how are you now? I know I have not been a very loyal Mobylizer don't be annoyed with me.  I read the posts regularly though. It's also been a while we saw. Anyway, I have one rant oo. It has been pending and your blog is the best place to rant because I know my boyfriend would see it especially as he and Le boo have become friends. 

Moby, I am tired of guys and their addiction to football or soccer or whatever it is called. I am practically the side chick whenever these people start playing their ball. My boyfriend is an addict and it is killing me and our relationship faster than I can fry egg.

There was a time when I used to look forward to weekends because my man would always make it fun filled and this was like some 3 years ago. If we didn't go to the beach, we went to see a movie, or a wedding, or a restaurant to chill. It was always fun. But some time like 2 years ago, someone bought him a Manchester United Jersey and that was it, I became second fiddle. 

Nowadays, my Saturdays and Sundays are spent watching him yell and bark at the TV. Sometimes if I'm lucky, we would go to a restaurant, where he would sit facing the TV while I just watch him. It's like I'm never present or I don't exist whenever football is on. There was one time we went for a wedding, and you won't believe he left me in the reception and went with some guys to a nearby beer parlour to watch soccer, like seriously. thank God I was with some of my friends. 

I work weekdays so does he, so the weekends that should be our time together is not even there anymore. Football has spoilt so many things for me. He wouldn't even want to have sex sometimes. I thought that my big boobs and butt would distract him, I once tried to put on a nude show for him while he watched the game, but I swear down Moby, my round boobs and ass weren't round enough for him like the round soccer ball on TV. I even tried going down on him once , he let me for a while and just as I was about to shift gear, he sprang up shouting at the TV. I think a Man U player did something stupid and they lost the game, you won't believe he couldn't even get an erection after that match. I tried all I could to get him alert but  he was down and out. And I was already in that mood where cucumbers and carrots were beginning to look  like they had other uses other than for salad.

Though to be fair, there are some good days  when  If Man U wins like this, I get all I want from him. In fact one of the best sex I remember having was the day Man U beat Arsenal like 8.I can't forget that day because he just went wild on me. But since then, we haven't had that kind of fun. I just always pray Man U plays well so I can get some good time with him.

Moby, I don't know what the obsession is. It is not like he is being paid and he doesn't even bet or gamble, but in his life, Man U comes before me. Anytime we are going out on a weekend, one of the major criteria was if the place we were going had a TV + DSTV and if they subscribed the full bouquet. Imagine. Sometimes when I even manage to get home early on some weekdays and I try to gather strength to play with him, he would be watching ball.
Some people have told me to try liking and watching the football with him. I tried Moby, but I am not just a sports person at all. Sometimes I even get angry and scared when the players kick themselves and all that falling and rolling. I just can't bear it. I have tried. I believe he too should try and consider me. When I am watching Telemundo he never sits with me, he'll just say I'm watching rubbish and that the acting is poor and the story is stupid. Like football isn't stupid too.

Anyway, I really don't know what to do. And I don't want to be married into a polygamous home where I cannot even get a chance to poison the elder wife which is Man U. I love him to bits and he loves me crazy but he just loves his football a little bit more and I am very jealous. I do not know what to do, though I am preparing my mind to have to live with it like that. But please I'll need advice on how to cope and maybe you can say something that would let him realize he is neglecting a kind heart that loves him. Please I feel like I'll soon lose my mind and burn down the house.


Tinu dear. I can feel your frustration and if I say I don't understand then I am lying. Le boo is an Arsenal fan and I think last season they really messed up... mehn it wasn't funny. At some point I was asking him if he was being paid and he didn't tell me about it. The part that annoys me most is when his friends come around and they start arguing about football...ohlawdhaffmerci... so you see I understand you. 
You want me to tell you the truth?... there is nothing much you can do. A man's first love is football...maybe second after his mum but a man would pick football over good sex. This is what I think you should do, when he is watching's lasts for 90 minutes, just go and hang out with your friends. Don't make it look like your world revolves around him. You need to learn to have fun without him. Then after the match if there's something you want to talk to him about or something you want to do to him, do it after the match (especially if his team wins..LOL). Accepting that football would always come before you reduces the hurts that comes with it. Then try and like's the least you can do. A man likes when his two best people in the world are with and wifey. You think about it and try it. I'm sure you would feel better in the end. Pele dear.

Ok Mobylizers in the building....I can feel you all itching to get hold of your keypads and react to this rant....I know the ladies have a lot of attacking to do and of course, the men have to arrange their defense line...(see me already talking football terms...leboo has totally influenced me) ... who is also in Tinu's shoes. ....I'm waiting to read from ya'll.



  1. Eiya... the cry of every non-football loving wife n girlfriend...
    I can't relate tho cos I think I'm the one Datz crazy in love with football
    But either way, Tinu I think you should plan other things during the match.. ur saloon appointments, n all during the matches, dat way you're busy while he watches the match, after a while he'll start to miss u when he realises u r no longer available after his 90mins of football sex

  2. Well Tinu, a good relationship breeds independence not dependence; prior to dating him, football was there and I'm sure you also had some activity(ies) with the girls that you used to keep yourself busy.
    You've been telling him all along and there is no change, why the persistence? Some dudes will even label you a nag.
    Well, the period you referred to earlier can still come back if you reschedule it to be on non football days.

  3. Hiya mami....So I am just gonna jump in here eh....Erhmm.....I bought my husband the new Xbox One Kinect 1000GB...before that I bought him PS4....sometimes, when I go shopping, I go into the gamestore and buy him a game (those bitches are f$%#@^& expensive mehn)...why am I telling you this?..My husband loves football....he is a Man Utd anything and everything football - I make sure it is available for this is marriage not a relationship....If we were in a relationship, I would still buy them for him....why?...because it makes him 'HAPPY'...guys have their own way of relaxing....and you shouldn't have a problem with his style of relaxing...if it affects you, then you need to find a meeting point with can tell him on a random day, 'Hey honey, let's go to a sports bar'...when you get there , you tell him to give you 50 reasons why he loves football...that learn a thing or two and it could become a conversation starter for you guys whenever he is watching instead of you feeling all by both get talking.....and I haven't seen anyone who got hurt watching football with her boyfriend....if Man Utd is playing against any team...pretend to support the other the spirit of the guys will be on common grounds......... You are having all these problems because you 'feel' he dedicates more time to football...well..maybe he loves football can love it too.....In my opinion, this is not a problem and so you don't need any actually sounds like you are a 'needy' girlfriend...and guys hate that alottttt!...

    1. Hmnnnnn. I just learnt something from mami Tibs. Nice. Thanks Tibs

  4. Dear ranter, I was in the same shoes , maybe worse. It got to a stage my man would even not want me around whenever it was football time. In the end I was the one loosing, so one day, I bought a barcelona jersey, he loves real madrid and I started supporting them, a rival club and slowly i got into the whole thing and my team has been winning more sef. so we always have differents bets during the game and it is always sexual. like we'll say if my team scores first,he would strip tease for me and vice versa, or if my team wins, i get to be on top(he likes being on top oops TMI) . football isnt that bad in the end. just learn a few names and you r good

    1. Awww.... the things I learn on this blog ehn.... hmnnn. Thanks Anon

  5. Sister, i am suffering too. I dont uderstand why these men would love football so much that they let it cripple the relationship. I am not against it totally, but i am a woman and i have needs and my needs could need attention anytime. why would something on tv that doesnt really add to our lives be a blockage? I dont get and yes they never watch telemundo with us. men are quite selfish

    1. Hahaha. If I ever see a man watch telemundo, I would kick his ass. That's so opinion though.hahahah. But men are quite selfish sha.

  6. Its simple, just support the team your man supports and trust me, you would get everthing you want from him sometimes during the match sef. I was always complaining about being neglected for football, and truly it affected our sex. But he is an arsenal fan, so i started supporting arsenal too. If we won , we had celebration sex. If we lost, we had consolation sex. I was sha getting my quality time. Sometimes sef i would be the one to jump and scream and get angry and he would be the one trying to console me. at those times i got massages, feet rubs, money, restaurant treats so i could forget how woeful arsenal played, name it. The betting thing is also a great idea. I'l uses that next, we'll just bet who scores for our team and how many goals. thanks Moby

  7. Hmmmmm, this isn't a problem at all, I once dated a guy that didn't fancy football on any level. He would be doing odd things when all his buddies are watching football and he didn't know a thing about the game. It was so annoying how a guy won't just act like a guy. I mean, he was the ood man out. A guy liking football and video games is a normal thing and no girl should have a problem with it. Allow your boo to have his fun moments, you can do so many other things whenever he is watching football, besides football is two times a week, wednesdays and saturdays so make use of sundays. I do let my kid brother watch all the match he wants even when I paid for the bouque, these are compromises we make for our loved ones.
    How are you doing Moby, hope work is good?


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