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Anybody home???

Where’s every one


Oh! There you are.....

And you too, and you ..heeey you all are here...Yay! * jumping and dancing*

So people, hmmmmn......Firstly, this post was taken from my blog bestie's blog... This time I didn’t steal it ooo...I took it with permission..*smiles*.. You should check out her blog She is amazingly amazing...hehehe.

...And hey? Who knows what time it is?

What time is it? Huh? Huh?...................You don’t know?......................Well Its 


So our ranter today can rant like ehn!..In fact, she is the ultimate ranting babe..LOL..  And I'm sure most of us can relate to her outburst and truthfully, it concerns both guys and girls especially guys *rolls eyes*... Well I can relate to the issue and I have one small story to tell you at the end of her rant..... I would also love to read your thoughts....Ok Leggo!

Yes I am about to rant. This one is directed at the men folk...I don't know if women are guilty of this, but if you are, please take note and adjust...

My question; why do some guys feel, because they have been asking you to date them for years, they are entitled to a "yes" from you?. Biko are you queuing to buy plantain chips? Love is not 'first come, first serve’. I do not owe you any positive response just because you decided to hang around and not move on with your life for years.

I have had several of such experiences in the short while I have been on this earth and the extent of my annoyance with this behaviour cannot be conveyed in this blog post. On one of the occasions, the dude kept hammering on "I've known you for "xyz" years, I've loved you since the day I met you, you are the one I want to marry, I've pictured our life together and so on and so forth..." Please which prophet told you about this vision? I seem to have missed the memo from the almighty grand master of matchmaking, telling me you are "the one" for me..And if it was a ‘call’, why hasn’t my phone rang? Please o just park well.

There are some that will even say "I'm sure you have a long line of guys waiting, when will it be my turn na?, I've been waiting?!! Imagine that" You have been waiting on a long line so?...I still don’t get what exactly he was trying to say. How would someone say he knows I have a long line of guys waiting?...please am I conducting an interview? Oh dear Lord, help me so I don't strike one of your children down with these little hands you gave me! When did I become a commodity? Or a service provider?

Guys please and please! I repeat Love is not 'first come, first serve'...if you have waited for a year and it's looking like no show, I think you should move on oh. I like to believe a lady knows if she wants a man from the first time she meets him, or at least second to fifth time of meeting. Being persistent might pay sha oh (depending on the circumstances), but at least be sure that the feelings are mutual or have the possibility of being mutual first.

I rest my case.

Moby speaks

*ROTFL*....This is so funny kai!. Like seriously....but I want to mention something here....let me tell you one small story. Leboo asked me out for 4 and a half years mehn.*straight face*...not like he was hanging around and kept pestering ooo..He didn’t do that.  He asked me out rather casually in 2009, I didn’t oblige, then we ran into each other sometime in 2010 and he showed some interest in me again, but still no show. Then he left the country for a while and though we kept in touch, there was neither dating nor relationship. All this while, we lived our lives, dated other people without any stalking or demonic persistence LOL. He came back in 2013 and again we ran into each other (I’ll tell you guys the full story later...LoL)  and we were both single and this time he meant serious business and so I decided to give him a chance and I've not regretted that action since then. 

So maybe some guys just don't give up never know what the future holds o. But to guys hanging around that babe waiting for an answer and seeing visions that only them can see, this is what I think you should do; Take a cue from leboo... be there like you're not there...Leboo was always in the background.  If you really like the babe, make sure you are always in the picture but please do not stalk her...*wink*

Thank you Aby for making me use your rant. God bless you

Mobylizers....what are you waiting for....start typing your thoughts NOWW!....LOL

P.S: Its the end of October already. Like seriously.... Thank you Jesus.  I remember when I put up the happy new month post.  Mehn time waits for no one o. Like I always say at the end of the month,  STOP it now.
I love you all.



  1. End of November? It's October babes.
    My first bf asked me out for 3 years though not annoyingly, both of us were busy so when I was less busy he started to fire me till I said yes.
    Oh well, if you aint interested tell him politely and guys, stop the guilt trip with the I've known you for donkey years talk.

  2. I don't think there is anything wrong with a guy waiting but he shouldn't pause his life while doing so. Just like you said Moby, be in the background and be wise enough to know when to finally move on.

  3. Hiya mami.....Actually...In my experience, the only reason a guy would recount all that life history is if you are sending him missed signals....I mean...a guy that sees he means absolutely nothing to you wouldn't wanna spend his time telling you all that. cuz if you tell him 'Hey mister, this isn't it for me'....he gets that you are not down with him...buh when you go, 'Can you buy me this? Are you free to take me for a movie? I am not sure I have time today.'....those are mixed signals.......then again...different folks with different experiences....

    1. Mami Tibs, trust me when i say, they don't always get when you blatantly tell them you're not interested. I personally don't ask for anything from you if i know I'm not gonna date you. Trust me, some guys don't listen until you're outright rude or mean to them.

  4. Na lie moby.Tito asked you out for 4years.i knew there was something about that Erniesha said,diff strokes for different folks.

  5. Lol.. Rant of life.
    I agree with Moby oh... The Half was subtly on my case since we were teenagers. After nysc, I agreed to date him and today, we are engaged.
    So yeah, it depends on the guy's approach

    You have been awarded

  6. Gbam you took the words right out of my mouth @Aby.Some guys will not just give up at all. until you become so rude brfor they'll leave.


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