Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Shhhhhhhssshhhhh *whispering*+*tip-toeing*.....Don't tell anyone....I'm about to blow your minds....so I have to set the explosive and start the counter....just so you know, it's a c4 bomb...ssshhhh.....prepare to get blown away.....

*Timer starts*....5....4....3...2....


Hello mi lovies. *Big smile* yes you've been blown...me too..blown into our new season of unlimited and overflowing favour...so sit back, relax, let God drive and be sure you're headed to your desired hope ...(that's the pastor in me speaking...don't try me mhen..LOL)

I am actually very happy to be back and I didn't know how much I missed everyone until I read everyone's comments yesterday. Thanks guys..You all are the factors that make the DOALDQ thick...(I'm sure someone has tried to pronounce that word...who knows what it is?....you might win something o.....*wink*)

So today I am going to be putting up two out of the many makeovers I did while I was on sabbatical.  Hehehe... The 1st was done on my make up student, Wonuola....(a.k.a. Duchess Wonabella...she was also a bag&shoe making student).  I was really in the mood to touch someone's face (trust me I am not always in the mood except money is involved) and I noticed she didn't use to wear makeup so I decided to see what she looked like with makeup and mehn did she look beautiful. Here are some pictures.

This next one I did over the weekend. Now this bride is a very funny human being. I've met some very nasty clients so I try not to expect so much from a client. So what I do is I keep it really professional but with this bride, it was impossible.

When she came for her trial 2 weeks before her wedding, she came with her husband and mheeen....that uncle is calm and patient... They really complement each other. She is the playful one and he is the gentle one. 

She made me laugh so hard I had to drop my guards with here. So her wedding was on Saturday and I made up my mind I wouldn't talk or laugh with her so that I can finish her makeup fast but mehn this babe is a comedian... Basket mouth has nothing on her. From the minute I asked to take a ‘before' picture of her till I finished, I was laughing. It was really fun working with Ize (that's her name. She's from Edo state). And her family are really sweet people. I wish every client can be like Ize o...that's my prayer point for this month and next. 

P.S: Her bouquet was real....like real flowers....not plastic...I was just tripping kai...money is good sha.

Here are some pictures.

Below is a list of the products I used for the bride.


Black Opal col. B02

Zaron eyebrow definer

L.A girl concealer to highlight

NYX Jumbo pencil in milk

Magnolia eye shadow in Sphinx

Black eye shadow from the sleek bad girl palette

Brown from BH neutral eye shadow palette

Mary-Kay woodland

Zaron black gel liner

Maybelline colossal kajal

Milani mascara

Amazing shine human hair lashes #43

No.7 oil matifier

Mary-Kay Foundation primer

BH cosmetics anti-shine

Mary-Kay foundation -607

Milani concealer - Honey #03

Milani mineral powder blush #202 sunset beach

Sleek contour kit in dark

Iman powder in dark

Mac Ruby woo

Red pencil liner.

Dasall..LOL..*thumbs up + half wink*

While I was typing all the products used, I realized something. I've grown mehn.... like I have grown. If you all know where I started from and what I started with, you all will thank God with and for me. I will keep saying it don't let money hinder you from chasing your dreams. If there's anything at all you have a passion for, you don't have to have all the capital needed to start but the little you have, invest it into that business and trust God will bless the works of your hands.  He doesn't like lazy people so if you want to be blessed, get yourself ready.

If you need a makeup artist for any occasion, just call on me and I'll be there. We do home services too for all your owanbes. Just holla at me on 08087646638.  Also, we have make up classes every month, so you too might just become a makeup pro....call to find out about the classes...Thanks for stopping by. I love you all...
*stepping out*

Hold up...wait a minute
 Leboo has said I should tell you all ooo....If you need an MC for any event or you know someone who does...holla..Call me and I would link you..You can see some of his videos on his YouTube channel, just search Life is fun with Tito...(he's paying for this advert mhen *rolls eyes*)... *turns to Leboo* oya my money...



  1. Mobylistic Moby! Well done o!! May God bless the labour of your hands o... I have one small business o and I sent you a mail on sunday... please reply as soon as you can

  2. **waving** Hiya mamacita.....**covers face** I have been swamped with school...No kidding...buh now I am free tho'.....so you went to moon and back eh....it feels great to have you back mami...To be honest, you did good work on these ladies...I mean, the makeup touch is amazing.....they really look beautiful mehn....Hopefully one day, you will be do mine....**whispering** Just so you know, I can't sit still for anything...an hour is my max....even in class, I gotta go out every now and then.....Alrighty!...Now you are back...Let's get them post dropping eh?...I see you dudette!

    1. Hahaha. When you come to Nigeria, I will drug you and kidnap you then I'll paint your face before I release you...watch out o

  3. Can you make me your next project? You are so talented!

  4. The Wonu girl luks good you did a good job on both of them.

  5. Wow you are really good, love the first girl, kai she so pretty. I can imagine you working with a bridzilla

    1. I pray I never work with a bridezilla. I've met one but I wasn't the makeup artist and I thank God for that...it is not a funny something o...hahahaha

  6. Moby must I laugh anytime I visit your blog anyway thats what keep me coming back here,thumps up girl nice work,well done

    1. Awwww.... Ada just called me a funny person *yaaaaay. Thanks for always stopping by mami.

  7. Ore mi o wa very talented .Im so proud of yyou.Keep doing big things and we'll keep supportin u.thumbs up




    1. Yes... I am a magician....I can only perform magic with makeup...dasall... hehehe. Thanks mannie. You are too much

  9. You did a very good job on Wonu, mehn!, she looks so pretty.

  10. Nice work Moby.... I think I might take a refresher course from u one of these days.


    1. Thanks Omowunmi... anytime you're ready just let me know...*winks*

  11. well done mami... your work is really good. I've missed you sha.



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