Wednesday, 5 November 2014


*Singing*....Baby bay baby, I got so much love for you.....

Yep, I’ve got sooooo much love for my ever ready, supportive and blessed Mobylizers. You guys are amazingly awesome...*BIG KISS TO ALL OF YOU*

How are we all doing? You have no other choice other than to be bam!.*thumbs up*.  I spoke with Wole Ojo yesterday as regards your questions and he has promised to answer all. You just have to love the guy right?..Quite humble and respectful to the great Mobylizers...*winks*

For today's Dear Moby series, I’m am sorta spilling the beans on one story like that and this my friend that’s involved in the  gist will kill me if by chance she sees this but I will deny it sharp sharp...It wasn’t me *straight face* LOL. Is it only her that has this problem ni? *rolls eyes*

And to all my friends who always confide in me, I swear I will not share your issues if you don't want me to.....seriously. This particular friend was being diplomatic.  She kind of asked me to share the story in a way that seemed she was asking me not to... I know y'all are at this point. ..hehehe... just stay with me okay.... Good! She needed me to say something but I couldn't think of anything to say and I was sure if I brought it here, she would definitely get help. So, here we are.

This my friend is a beautiful girl. She is tall, fair, speaks good English, she is a ten over ten....if I had a brother, I would hook them up without thinking twice. But her major issue is that she is not lucky with men. I've met a few of her boyfriends in the past and though they always seem to be in love, it always ends. 

After some observation, I arrived at a conclusion on what her problem is (or could be).... She has a type. All her exes look alike; Tall, dark, very handsome, rich, good job.... she has never dated a short guy that is hustling and I think she’s never been able to meet the right guy, because of her stereotypic approach towards choosing men. (yee....see grammar sha..where did that come from?).  

Now, my friend has a very big problem....She is in love with her brother's best friend and that one seem to like her but her Brother will not even let her think about it. He says it is a no no..(every brothers stand abi?).. 

So what does she do? I can't tell her to go behind her brother's back to date his friend....I can't say she should just move on like that without trying... I don't even know what to tell her but I know she needs some help because I know what it feels like to really like someone and yet you can't be with the person cos of the circumstances surrounding the situation.*sigh*....for once I'm dumbfounded when it concerns  love wahala..(Adonbilivit). 

So Guys please what do you think she should do? I need the help of every Mobylizer...I am very certain this problem is not peculiar to my friend alone so your contribution could be helping more people than you know. Oya lets do this guys....



  1. I think she should just sit her bro down and talk to him bouh her feelings, bhur if he insists on no, den she should just forget about it and move on with her life because 'm sure her bro has a reason.....

  2. Emm moby this one big pass me ooooo, I think she should just wait for the guy to make a move, am quite sure the guy must have her brother.


  3. If she is in love with him then she should follow her heart. With time things will fall in place

  4. I think she should talk to her brother honestly about her feelings, and she should make sure what they feel for each other is real before talking with her won't be cool if they date for just two months, that'll just make things awkward for everyone.

    Basically she should be sure the guy wants her and wants something serious and she should be sure she wants same...when she's sure, she should talk to her brother. There's no hurry.

  5. I'm sure her brother has a reason, so I'll advice she asks her brother what d reason is over a nice dinner, I'm sure she'll knw what to do from there...and really mody, u don't av a brother??? Me nko???

  6. My brother got married to his bestfriend's wasn't easy convincing everyone they really love eachother but love conquers all.if it is meant to be, it would need rushing it.
    Also she should talk to her brother 1st . I'm sure her brother wont want her to make any wont be good for her to go behind her brother's back and wen he finds out he's really angry.

  7. My question here is, what's the brothers ish with them going out? If there is no solid reason then its total crap. My brother can't tell me who to date. Besides, I don't think the guy is that much into her, if not, he should talk to the brother. Make him understand that he really likes the girl. As grown ups, it will b sorted out.
    Jeezz! My network is so bad.

  8. If her brother says no, she needs to beg him to tell her why. Perhaps he's seen the way his friend treats other girls. Or maybe it's something deeper. If it's nothing tangible she should go ahead. it's her life not her brother's.

  9. Moby, i don't know much about love though, but what i know is that love is equatable to a lit candle. Once the flames of love are ignited, and both parties involved love each other sincerely, then little or nothing can stop it from growing, and going further. I NEVER!! and I mean NEVER!! will let my Friend date my sister, why?? Cause i know what he does (ehmm, Nonso come back to reality, you no get Friend nah!! :( Okay thats true.. Oya Flash back to reality) My point is, we guys are oftentimes scared to let our WRONG friends into our Family circle (emphasis on the WRONG Bubba), not JUST cause we dont trust them, but cause we often know something about the guy that our Sisters might not know, or would i say that Love has used to cover our sisters eyes from seeing.. So if the guy says No! then his sister needs to kindly find out why from him. There most definitely must be a reason.. But like I say once love enters the matter, and the love is true, and not based solely on shagging alone (although that one is important too), then I guess they have nothing to worry about, as it is only a matter of time before they become together.

    P.S: Bubba, i think It is imperative she asks her Brother why o! I mean No Brother wants the worst for his sister nah, nor is there any brother that doesnt want the best for his sister. He must be protecting her from something. Cheers Bubba xx

  10. #sigh
    Brothers tho. I don't know much about relationships but I think she should listen to her brother and try to forget his friend. Obviously her brother knows the kind of friend he has, she doesn't. He's just trying to protect her.

  11. Hiya mami, You know, I read this yesterday and I couldn't come up with anything to write...I have never had to deal with any situation similar to this.....buh I think If I were in the situation, I would call for a round table talk....I mean we are all adults right?.....**shrugs** Like I said, I have never been in such situation so my advice might not be solid enough.......hows you dudette....

  12. This story reminds me of me when I was 19.I was in love with my brother's friend but he totally disagreed and I just moved on.I wasn't totally in love.I was just crushing o him so it was easy moving on but for your friend I think her brother knows best and she shud just chill.

  13. She should ask her brother why, cos if he says no that's because he knows how he rolls, they are friends after all. She should just chill and find another live, her bro knows best

  14. Most brothers don't always like it when their friend dates their sis so there may not be any solid reason behind that. I think she should just ask herself if she really loves the guy in question and then go ahead to talk to her bro. He might see reasons with her

  15. First of all, I would demand an explanation from my brother why he does not want me to date his friend - Perhaps, he could have a valid reason, and seeing things from his perspective might make things clearer. Having done that and 'everything is ok', I'd explain him, and if he does not agree, I will go ahead - At the end of the day, you should follow your heart, but, you have to be practical about it! How are you, Amusu?

  16. LOL. I love the way you present your Always makes me laugh. From an experienced serial dater. She should go for it!!
    It will bother nobody. Eventuall her br will get with the program.
    Ps..please share your friends secrets..lololol. We love reading from peoples actual scripts!!


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