Wednesday, 26 November 2014


*I've been thinking*..(In Beyonces voice and style), I should do a sound track for the Dear Moby series shey? Hmmmmmnnnnnn.......Okay

...I want to compose a song now...

*clears throat*

*singing*... Mail Dear moby.....dear Moby.... you need someone to talk to...Mail dear Moby ..... Moby is here to talk to you..... Dear Moby.... Pam pa ram pum pum taaa raaaaaa..(You can sing it however you like cos I have a beat for it already...) LOL.

Smh for me big time.... The things I do at times ehn?..Lol...I amaze myself all the time... Okay so we know how we do it on the Dear Moby series right? Someone sends me a mail, I go through it, post it here, we all read, Moby speaks and we all get to talk about it and try to help the  person concerned (who is usually anonymous except permission for identity disclosure is given).

If you want me to help you in my own little way and you need other  people's opinion about whatever situation you are facing, just send your worries to and I would be sharing on the Dear Moby series and I'm sure we would be able to help you in our own little way. Notice the WE... I can't do it on my own so everyone that reads would be helping too..Remember, a problem shared is a problem half solved..*wink*

Okay guys, I got this mail while I was gone on my 1 week break.... I hope my reply isn't too late. I'm so sorry Anon...

Dear Moby,

I met a guy and after a few weeks of casual talks, we started talking deeper and string attaching talks and he eventually seemed nice and had qualities of a potential boyfriend and I was swinging that way. But some 3 weeks after, I met some other guy that swept me off my feet completely and  I fell in love with him well I think I have. 

The problem now is, I have the first guy already playing the boy friend role very well, but I am drawn to this other guy like seriously. So, Where do I put my potential boyfriend who is actually an acting boyfriend and what do I do about the other guy whom I believe I'm in love with. Please Moby and Mobylizers help me out. I don't want to make a regrettable mistake.


Dear Anon, hmnnn... this one pass me small o..*sighs*.. Okay so this new guy has made you fall head over heels and you don't know where to put the already acting boyfriend....hmmmnn... Here's what I think you should do. Don't tell any of the guys anything just yet but don't give away too much emotions to any of them too. Chill like some weeks more and see how you still feel about both of them. I don't want you to take an action based on how you are presently feeling especially as you don't want to make a grave digging mistake. When you are sure of how you feel then you can tell acting boyfriend that you are not sure both of you will work cos you are in love with someone else...or you tell the other guy you have some one you think would complement you get? Just be sure you are choosing the right person. Who knows, the other guy might have a game plan and it might already be working for him. Also, take time out to study both of them...You would be good... I'm sure about that. I rest my case.

I'm sure other people might feel otherwise....Mobylizers oooo...I need you to help a sister. I'm sure some of us have been in similar situation so lets do this.... Help a sister...



  1. I agee with you on this Moby, she needs to study the both of 'em. Above all, just follow your heart.

  2. **rubs temple** Uhmmm Hiya mami...I am really confused mehn...this is not right had one bird in your hand - what were you doing looking for another bird or welcoming another bird?...**shrugs** Oh well.....I don't like issues like this....cuz ladies like you are why guys aint loyal anymore...

  3. Moby you hit the nail on d head and I support it.Just take your time ok

  4. seriously, i dont understand how peeps jump in and out feelings. you dont have to lead the acting boyfriend on if u dont intend to stick around. manage my 2kobo opinion.


  5. Yep, I agree with Tibs. This sister aint content with what she has/had and ofos there's probability she'll meet another guy again. Why would you have something you can build on and still be looking elsewhere #sisterbitch. Moby welcome back.I was actually goin to ask for leboo.just for chirssmass

    1. Thanks Anon. Please o don't ask for leboo o... hahahaha

  6. I think she should prayer and be content we her bf, sometimes what you feel is love are just mere fantasies

  7. Just play along and watch their characters. Character and ur happiness that's what matters. Love is not enough. If u don't know how to play along don't do it. Cus u might loose both at the end.

    1. Miss bng is back.....yaaaay she came back... We've missed you mami. How are you?

    The bible says we should obey our parents and also says that parents should not push their children to anger.
    "I will tell my dad I want to go for masters n never come back but only during holidays and marry a whitey since I am not allowed to marry outside my tribe", that was my thought when I woke up. Kudos to my mum. She just raised an angry and depressed daughter looking for love and trying to give love to make my life worth living. There were times while growing up I asked myself if my mum is really my mum. What I know is that my parents where married in 1984 but had me in 1990. But everyone keep reminding me of how I opened the door for my siblings to be born. First of all,my parents are fair. I was born dark. I have a pointed nose that don't resemble anyone's nose in my family. Because of the inferiority complex of being chocolate in complexion I started using papaya soap and body cream to lighten up to a shade of caramel because as a kid each time I went out I was constantly reminded of how my mum looks more beautiful than I did and how I don't look like them. I always believe that people said my mum looked more beautiful because she was fair and fair skin is more attractive.
    I can now understand y Constance Bristle wrote the book "Ugly" about her mum. Mine is a lesser case than hers. Like the milder version of "Ugly". I have a dad who loves me so much and is ready to support my dreams and a mum who is controlling. Who things my dreams are a waste. And tries to enforce her opinion.
    Ps: I will b very glad if u post my diary. Thanks a million.


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