Monday, 10 November 2014


Hellurrrrrrr *in Madeas voice*

Helluuuurrrrrr. anyone home? 

..Who missed me? .....Any one????......*straight face*

I missed me sha  *raises nose* and heeeyy I can see some hands up.*big smile + dancing*. hehehe. I missed y'all too. 

I won't give the excuse of  " I was busy".. cos truthfully I wasn't *covers face*. But I have to give one...there's gotta be an excuse..err..lemme see *scratches head* okay ...found I was thinking / pondering / crafting / brain storming over an  idea that would make me a billionaire by the end of 2014 and this mental engagement didn't give me time to think of plenty other things...*YUP!*...I think that's a good excuse right? Even though it might not be totally true, there's an iota of truth in me *wink*.

You remember the post where I opened men's asses to us about the lies they tell to we ladies so that they can taste our cherries and run off??...well I've had some very angry men on my case since I put up that post. Duru still reminded me about that post last weekend and how it was unfair to expose some sacred male secrets Hee hee ...Anyway, I have considered the unanimous male rants and I have decided to do something about it. 

You won't believe what I'm about to tell you...a lady on my bbm read that post then pinged me and said 'Moby Ladies are worse liars....ladies can lie for Africa should do a post on the great lies women tell'... hahaha. I have been postponing that post since last month but I have decided that tomorrow, I will stylishly expose we ladies too. I have told most of these lies too but you won't judge me shey? I promise by the power vested in me I will speak the truth and nothing but the truth....but I won't say everything oo so that some ladies don't start cursing me...LOL 
This should be fun *rubs palm together...evil grin*

Please don't ask how my weekend went.*rolls eyes*... that would be a tormenting question. Someone that saw how I spent my weekend last week would think this ‘babe is balling big' but mehn my weekend was dry. Over dry dey worry am sef. 

So what did I do?

Friday was the graduation of the Moby Impressionz fifth set of student....whoop whoop...I didn't even know 3weeks was up already....soo fast. I really liked this set of students.  Ever had that feeling when you know you are doing something right? Yea I had that feeling all through Friday. My students really impressed me....they just keep getting better. And to think i thought they have been the laziest set so far.... They really impressed me with their projects. Here are some pictures....
Bag made by Bimbiani... I love this bag
We called this purse 'The multipurpose purse'...made by Lawizzy
All made by Lawizzy
Made by Lawizzy
Bag made by Wonabella
Purse made by Temitops

Two students missed the grad party....ain't they cute?
These were all made by Lawizzy
Slippers made by Temitops
Please ignore the imperfection of this was an unintentional mistake... Made by Lawizzy
Friday night,  I was invited to a vigil by Leboo's mum... who says no to the woman she hopes to be her mum-in-law someday???...NO ONE!....
People who know me well know that I can sleep for Olympics and get a gold medal. I love sleeping o chai...I will not deprive myself of sleep for anything...maybe money but asides that, every other thing can wait. I attend vigils oo but I would have had a one-on-one session with sleep.. like take permission and ask that he waits for me till 3 or 4am.. But this particular vigil came out of the blue... I wasn't prepared for it but I went and I didn't regret attending the program at all. At some point my eyes were shutting down but you know deep down if you sleep, that prayer meant for you might just pass you by so I stayed awake and it was a wonderful experience. See people dancing shoki in church. I saw one babe doing etighi and one old woman tried doing shoki but she looked like she was trying to remove something from her eye...LOL. 

I slept for most of Saturday and then Tibs decided to bring out the artist in all the TTT fam. She asked that we all draw a picture of a dog chasing a cat. I thought my drawing was hilarious until i saw the pictures of other. There was a particular picture drawn by Tosyne that looked like the dog and cat were best buddies and couldn't stress there was no chasing. You want to see hilarious dogs and cats, please check out This is my own drawing.

 When I couldn't take the boredom anymore, I asked Leboo to take me to MA kitchen. If you have never been to MA kitchen on Salvation Road, Opebi, my people you are missing. The restaurant has this ambiance like you are in Sheraton hotel and their food is freaking cheap and delicious. When next I go there I would take pictures for us all but I took this picture incase I don't. 

Sunday came and it was the most boring Sunday I've ever experienced mehn. I went to church, got back home and I was looking till I fell asleep. Woke up and it was barely 3pm so I decided to watch ‘The Strain'. Anyone following this series? I love it..If you are not then you are on a longggg thing. 

Someone would say that's some gangsta way of spending the weekend. It was boring as hell but thank God today is Monday. To think I was looking forward to Monday is terribly ironic...LOL.

So over the weekend I was stalking some blogs and I was able to collect some very funny pictures that almost made me pee in my panties and I have decided to share with my leboos of this blog... seeing my weekend wasn't so much fun.. Enjoy and always remember to smile cos you never know who is looking forward to that smile. Who had fun this weekend? Abeg gist me and you better make me jealous...

Waiting to read from you..
This has happened to me before but I didn't get the message back then

And I'm sure she saw something she didn't like...hehehe

Truthfully will you? 


  1. Markdonald huh? People won't kill me with laff. Your students did very well Moby, you are a good teacher.

  2. Moby I will make u jealous today tink you are the only one that can have too had fun over the weekend.On saturday I went for 3 owanbes.not one but 3 different owanbe and I chop bellefu.On sunday was my neighbour's 1 year old child's birthday and I also ate plenty rice and cake.I have been visiting the toilet since last night.awoof dey spoil belle.I would have invites you o but as you are a big madam I was tinking you'll have plans.Maybe some other time.These bags are very beautiful.Your children really tried.I want that green slippers please

    1. Bukky bukky many times I take call you? As from this moment, we have ended our you can go for owanbe wiithout inviting me. Babes that is not a fair something. God will judge you *in Tibs voice*. I hope you have stopped purging sha. Pele dear

  3. Lol the pictures funny ah swear, good to have you back.

  4. I think your students did really good. I was learning this stuff on my own during the hols, I hope to have a good training when I have the time to. I can't make you jealous because my weekend was full of sleep and anger (just when I thought I am a changed person).

    1. Thank you plenty mami. Whenever you are free, just holla at me and I'll definately teach you....who annoyed my Agbani Darego o.... babes hire me already to go and deal with that person asap. I'm sure this weekend will be fun...I pray o cos it not looking like it from where I'm standing.

  5. This is a fun read. The woman wit the torn trouser, I will tell her so as to save her the eembarassment when she later finds out but how come she didn't notice. She must be feelin fresh breeze in her bombom at some point. Some people are just very careless.

  6. I want the first bag!!!! You people did well oh.
    My weekend was good, this is what I was up to.... And Zee turned one....

    At least you got to rest right?

  7. Im a huge fan of anything handmade. Good going to them joor! I know that massive excitement of creating something yourself!!!

  8. Wow!!!! I love this.

    MOBY MOBY if ur friend is calling you say come come i wantu help u sell all these bags will u say no??? all these bags u people are making there is GOD o. lol...
    U guys did a splendid work there. really.. very colourful n cute too.

  10. hahahhaha Moby these pics are damn funny. I will tell the babe aaah see her ass out na.
    Good to have you back


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