Saturday, 27 December 2014


Meet mother Christmas moby.... this was my 1st christmas gift.... thanks Sucre *mwaahhhh*
*talking drum*.....present

*agogo (gong)* dey

*Sekere (rattle)*.....sighted

*razz mode*........Increased to the loudest....


Oya angels from the realmmmms of glooory...make you....wing your flight over the earth....Mo ni....He whooo sang creeeations stooory ...eeba...Now proclaims Messiahs birth......

Oya cooome come and worship...come and worship...come and wooorship....eja ka worship Christ the new born king.....*shokiki infused*

Wooooo!!!.....LOL....that felt great and I think I need to stop being razz. Mehn I'm too tush for all this mehn *British accent activated*.

Hello mi lovies....mi sugars....mi beautifuls..... How are we doing? ...I believe we are all digging the xmas season...I am!!....

Guess who won a give away?? Guess please na *bats lashes*.... yes I did. The 1st giveaway I am ever winning in my lifetime. Thanks miss Gbemi *mwaaah*. If you want to be like me when you grow up, run over to Gbemi's blog ( and start sharp.... E fit be you o...

Mehn.... I have this very funny sorethroat I'm so sure I got from leboo (I don't know how o but I'm sure I got it from him *rolls eyes*)..... It is dry and annoying, It doesn't respect me and it makes me cough anywhere at anytime....I can't even cough sexy. Very annoying cough sent by the gods...LOL. Lemme quit complaining o before something else will happen....

I have lots of gist for us oooo.. but I would try to  make it short. Do you remember how I was always hammering that my Christmas will be very boring? Well it turned out to be amazing.... I had loads of fun o....kai. 

1st stop was the end of the year party organised for the kids in my estate. You know ayam an agbaya aunty na so I went feeling like one child....atleast I'm a child of God na and we are all children in the eyes of God *straight face*... It was so much fun jor....But wait ooo.... Is it just me or are the kids of this generation quite very sharp? You need to see the way the kids were dancing. My mouth was opened all through.... A little girl (I'm guessing she was about 7) was serious twerking.....mhen no be small thing oo. Do you think you can dance shoki? I know a child that would make shoki look like nothing. What do they put in their food sef...I need to know so I can feed my kids with it... I went to the party with my former bestie... isn't he cute???

Anyway, after the amazement and fun at the first location, I decided to pack myself and my trouble to Leboo's house. You all know how I always say I'm watching my weight...... guess what? I ate only once on Christmas day. I did not eat so much....Just  as promised...*wink*... I'm feeling like a size zero right now. Can you believe the Christmas dress Leboo bought for me was a size 8?.... And I fit into it!....Can you believe it!!!!*big grin*.... I didn't take a clear picture of the dress cos it was quite *clears throat*......on the revealing side...*raised eyebrow*....and my pastor might just be reading this post....LOL but I have some pictures. Just a few.. Just two.
L-R:  Moby, my sis bf Wale, Leboo, Deji, my sis (the camera gave her face a white effect) and my cousin Ope

Later at night I went to the club with leboo and friends and I had so much fun.....We went to two different clubs and the fun was out of this world....PAUSE!..... Let me ask a quick jokes o... Can you ever watch your man being strip teased for with a lap dance from a stripper? I thought I could take it oooo but mehn my weere (craze) no gree me. (*turns to leboo*... you are never having a bachelor's eve....never ever).... I might have to fight with all your friends but you shall sleep in the house on your bach eve... I will drug you if I have to....shikena....At one of the clubs there were lots of strippers and I was uncomfortable that Leboo was seeing naked ladies...talkless of lapdance or strip tease....But twas fun sha (not so fan)... Here is an unclear picture of me and my goons
Leboo's bestfriend Tunde, my sis, her boyfriend andMoby

Anyways people, that's the end of what my Christmas day looked like.....Summary?....I HAD FUN......and I'm very grateful to God for life, for Christmas, for my family, for mobylizers and for you...*kisses*

For my next post, I have something special to talk about and I would need your opinions..... just keep your fingers crossed and your refresh buttons ready... I was looking like a chick yesterday and I thought to share the only picture I took
Ayam fine small na

To everyone that travelled to the village for the Christmas, abeg please bring something for me or else....or else....I shall find you and do things to you you will not like *evil grin*.....On another note, traffic is so free in Lagos now...So maybe those of you that travelled should just stay there sef....*rolls eyes*...LOL

Please I need to know how your christmas was.... if you know its was boring, just type 'CHRISTMASY' and go...LOL.... Don't tell me how boring it was. And if it was fun, I need to know. Gist me now now.....

Remember Jesus Christ is the reason for the season....Give Him a present



  1. Wow, so much fun for u in just one day, I always pray for days like dat to never Christmas was fun too, visited a friend and d reception was great...u look frosh in d last picture!

  2. Babes, I need to see a full picture of the dress now now....
    Christmas was fun.... I ate like madt, then i won my dad in a dancing competition before we entered car n drove to BENIN out of joblessness....
    I Still didn;t get christmas cloth faa

  3. You had serious fun.o, and to think that you ate once a day is somehow. Me I ate like 4times. I can see the top of the dress.o its beautiful.

  4. lol... so much fun for one person...
    i had fun too. i got an invite to a beach party... Xo straight the beach till mama called.

  5. Hiya dudette! I am sure you had lots of fun...

  6. I want to see the full gown ohhhh. Well Christmasy bye bye

  7. Chai! U dis Moby eh! Fine mother christmas, I love that pic no be small. Fine girl, u really flexed o + I love how u packed your braids...really cute

  8. Ha! I dint see my previous commet oO. Happy holiday dear

  9. Oya moby I really gbadun the way u did ur hair oo...making me wanna make braids would love a tutorial on how u packed it if u don't mind.


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