Tuesday, 30 December 2014


Feliz Navidad.....

Feliz Navidad....

Feliz Navidad....prospero ano y felicidad *I no chop mouth o*

*suprano activated*...I wanna wish u a m.....wait o!....Chistmas has passed na......shuuu!

.....I wanna wish you a happy new year

.....I wanna wish you a happy new year

.....I wanna wish you a happy new year....From the bottom of my heaaarrrt....#In advaaanceeee.....

Thank you thank you

*takes a bow*
I feel like Beyonce right now...kai...

 Hello guys.
Hope the yuletide season is still alive in you....We all should be merry through out this period ooo...whether Xmas has passed or not....

 So yesterday while I was typing a new post (the gist I promised us....that sweet gist), something just came up in my head... and I felt I needed to tell someone something. Like most people at this time of the year, you are probably thinking about some pretty big dreams and goals. That’s great. We should. But no matter what has happened in the past or what you’re dreaming for in the future, why don’t you let your New Year’s prayer be, "God, not my will, but Yours be done"

We go through life everyday facing challenges, whether expected or otherwise. Maybe things are not working out as planned.... Maybe, you already visioned what your life should look like right now but it still hasn't materialized..... Those friends you made plans with are already way ahead  and you're thinking its already 2 days to the end of the year and still nothing to show (as par your projections)....and you're scared of what 2015 would bring!!!... I just want to tell you that everything will be alright.... Everything would be fine... Just take each day as it comes. 

I always tell myself that if only God can just show us what our future looks like then just maybe we won't need to worry so much. But he doesn't have to, It's already written in the Bible...God knows what's best for us and He won't give us what we cannot handle.

You see ehn, the enemies use what you want so badly against you... They know you want 'love' so bad but then they keep you distracted by giving you people who will let you down all the time....and so you start to worry and overthink. Or maybe you need promotion at your place of work and everyone keeps getting promoted but you... or maybe its a job or that big break...My friend Michael will always say 'worry doesn't help solve anything. It only keeps you busy'.

Its not bad to want something so bad.. it just your attitude that matters... Let me use myself as an example. I want a car so bad *covers face*... if you laugh ehn (u know yourself)... and I told God "I believe I need a car....I don't have the money to get one now...I don't even know anyone that would love to give me a car right now but I trust you Lord...Though if it doesn't happen, I will still be happy entering bus.... Let Your will be done cos I know You have my best interest in mind'...That's what I tell myself and my God..
You see ehn I am one of the few people that can get into depression mode as fast as I can get into a happy mode..... I worry alot (I think I got the trait from my mum...gist for another day) and so I have started putting in conscious efforts  not to worry and that's why I need God in everything I do.

 My advice for anyone going through any funny phase and is reading this, is that you should release control to God.... God is asking you to turn over that situation to him.... Tell God you will still trust him if it doesn't happen when you want it. Cast your care upon the lord. He is capable. Have you heard about the 11th hour miracle? Yes that kind of miracle is possible. But if it doesn't happen like that for you, trust God. Believe in him.... He has big plans for you. Just keep believing and praying.

I pray that God blesses us in such a manner that our stories would become testimonies in Jesus name.AMEN!

 Today, as we finish the last few days of 2014, know that God has you in the palm of His hand. He has good plans in store for your future! Surrender to His will, trust Him with your whole heart, and let Him order your steps in the New Year!

I kuku wanted to do gbeborun with you all today but my Father in Heaven had bigger plans in mind. The gbeborun shall be pushed forward. Don't worry I will still gist you.

Have a wonderful week ahead and happy new year in advance.



  1. Replies
    1. Good morning queen lulu...I'm just chilled like that..hehe

  2. Hiya mami, This is a pretty nice post...Loads of encouragement!

  3. Its just like you read my mind and wrote this. Happy new year in andvance Moby

  4. Always giving us food for thought. Happy new year in advance dear. God will send that car

  5. True that Bubba, one thing i am learning is that right now yeah, we might not have all that we need, but with dilligence with that little thing our hands have found to do, with trust in GOD, trust that will never be shaken, and with faith in GOD and ourselves, we can achieve a lot and some more.. so its good to dream big yeah, but like my Blog mother janylbenylshares.com says "a heart of gratitude opens doors of opportunities..." So lets not loose hope regardless. Some day Bhbba, you will have that car insh Allah, but for today, Dream big, work hard and count your blessings. Complements of the season Moby... cheers.

  6. This is encouraging Moby, I worry a lot too oh *chai*, try!ng to stop. Happy new year...

  7. I needed something like this.thanks dear

  8. I really need this inspiration write up thnx moby & Happy New Year wish u all the very best 4 u & everyone around 😘hugs


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