Thursday, 25 December 2014


Ayam too razz....kai
On the 1st day of Christmas... Chioma said to me......and a Bentley in my drive way. ....

On the 2nd day of Christmas. dear Tibs said to me...2 private jets and a bentley in my drive way.

On the 3rd day of Christmas....  Mannie said to me, 3 Jimmy choos, 2 private jets and a Bentley in my drive way.

On the 4th day of Christmas and Esther said to me, 4 stripper poles, 3 Jimmy choos, 2 private jets and a Bentley in my drive way (we bad like that *winks*)

On the 5th day of Christmas and Leboo said to me...... one golden ring....*clears throat*...+ *raised eyebrows*

Now to today's post...don't think too far oooo.....ehen.....just let me know what you are telling me on any of the Christmas days...

Hello.... Watagwan?.... Its Christmas finally......*dancing shokiki.....(lol..dats our version*) The Christmas we all have been waiting for... There is only one 25th of December in a year and I always look forward to it...... (still dancing).... Asides the plenty party jollof rice I will eat, I get to wear a new cloth and new shoe....yes I finally got a Christmas cloth..... Leboo decided to shut me up by buying me one.. (after my plenty complaints and sulking) ..*bats lashes *. ....Help me tell him thank you o. Thanks swirrie. ...*big deep wet stimulating french kiss*....

After I put up this post, I am going to take a shower, wear my Christmas dress (or not) and then off to Leboo's house. I think he's planning some sort of house party.... then off to one of our friend's house. That's my plan for today. I hope this Christmas is not as boring as I thought..(it's beginning to look interesting)

So yesterday I was in Leboo's house, just chilling. I hate when I chill cos that's when the devil puts some evil thoughts in my head.... (hold it!.....don't think too far yet.....*raised eyebrows *) ... So the devil crept into my head and said 'Tell Leboo to do your makeup'. ...Immediately I said 'get thee behind me satan' but the thought stuck..... So I called Leboo, told him what I just thought and he agreed!....*surprised*... Leboo agreed to do my makeup!!!!!!!. People who know me know I do not like sitting to do my makeup cos I get tired very fast...I wonder how I'll endure to do my makeup on my wedding day o. I no fit siddon for 1 hour to do way..... But then some people do not mind and they pay the bills *shrugs*. 

So uncle leboo took me to the sitting room and started with my brows. I was laughing all through cos he was acting like a real makeup artist. He even gave his makeup name as TITO'S EXPRESSION... hahaha. He is something else. Well, I will let you be the judge of his work....I decided not to comment about it before they say I'm what do you think?

Modella of the year goes to.....Moby.

One and only.... makeup artist numero uno...don pilly chilly a.k.a don sphagetti.... Tito's Expressionz... hahahaha
He said my lip colour is Ombre... well I hope you can see and tell it is ombre... hehehe.

Who has any plans for today? Oya now is the time for you to drag me to your house o...Oya send your house address kia kia...lemme come and eat Christmas rice.
I wish everyone a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Remember,  Jesus Christ is the reason for the season. ...don't forget to give Him a present. ..



  1. HEEEHEEE.... Mehn. Uv donated apart of ur makeup expert DNA to LEBOO...
    the pix ez nice nah....
    Oga tito weldone jare...
    MOBY merry xmas. enjoy ur jollof rice hunnie

  2. As you celebrate the miracle of this special season
    may your heart be filled with joy and peace.
    May blessings of the holiday linger in your home
    and stay with you throughout the year. Amen!

  3. Wow nyc makeup tho,thumbs up 2 him. I wish i can drag u 2 my huz o, but it wnt b possible bcoz i stay in Benue State. Have a wondaful xmas too dear.

  4. Moby, Merry exmas darlyn,...
    Urself and Le'boo are one funny couple mehn!, bhur honestly, Le'boo really tried oh, some ladies sef no fit apply make up like this sef....

  5. Wow! Leboo is talented. For a guy who is not a make up artist that is some awesome work. What eye-shadow did he use? Lucky u, u got Christmas cloth...I didn't get o*wailing* Merry Christmas dear...


  6. Oh baby..... why is it STRIPPER POLE i gave in your song na
    Omo, na Tito Expressionz i wan use for ,my wedding o...... I don't think i can make anybody or myself up like this
    Moby you taught him well o
    As for RICE AND CHICKEN, just come to asaba and shout my name, i go show

  7. Woo he tried. Tell him to come and teach some of the girls in my school to draw their brows. He did a great job hun. Merry Christmas hun, me I'm home watching tv oh

    1. Comment had me giggling. I swear down, he definitely needs to come teach the ones at my school.
      Reminded me of oone girls eyebrow that I saw last week, eyebrow gave me nightmares.

  8. Nice make up by oga tito merry christmas to evry one

  9. Woahhh leebo making u up no get part 2 oooo...go leboo lol.i will invite him to make me up for my wedding next year lolzz
    Wishin moby nd all d mobylizer merry are invited to our family christmas get together
    come to sango ota and scream my
    have realy miss your blog.thank God am back and better *cheers
    #bukola oluwabibs

    1. Oluwabibs..... Oluwabibs..... Oluwabibs....why na? Why did you just leave me like that? Its not fair o. Welcome back mami. I missed you plenty dearie.

  10. I swear down, this is the best christmas ever.
    Lmao @ombre
    He tried gan!
    The eyeshadow had me at hello!
    Love love love it.
    And the lips well the nigga tried.
    I had fun today until one igbo boy decide to spoil it by telling me that women should be reduced to the thing between their legs, nigga had me on anger overload, couldn't speak,
    Anyways tito expressions rock.
    Love you moby!!!!!! #mwah*

  11. And this is the leboo my dear Moby was begining to have some negative feelings about.I can tell you that none of our boyfriends or husbands would even have half the time to do half of what leboo does with you Moby. You are a lucky girloo just reamin lucky and enjoy it. The make up is very good though the eye brows na war but I can't do makeup like this sef.Merry xmas especially to my crush uncle leboo.

  12. Aaawwgghhh Kai i love you both oh.... in short you guys are the Queen Bee and Jay z of blogsville... hehehehe see the evil smile your Oga boss is wearing... i love this post. Cheers Bubba, and my greetings to your Oga boss. Or in your case the Oga le Boo. :) Meery Christmas Baby mi. xx

    1. I secondhand the queen bey n jayz part.nice

  13. Bolaji is a fine geh eyaeyao.leboo is a makeup

  14. Loool are you forreal? He did well joor. Merry Christmas mami

  15. My namesake!tell leboo to come and pay for the name o. ..the name wey make sense

  16. Your boyfriend is so funny.Does he even know what ombre is ehn.but truth be told he did a good job.

  17. He tried sha! Not bad compared to me that can't do jack.

  18. Sorry.o Moby, the only am seeing is your le boo's shirtless body. Eerrrmmm! #Nowords. He did a good job for a non make up artist like me. Me say bentley to you? Hmmmm na wrangler no b only bentley. Oshi


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