Monday, 15 December 2014


You all are the ahhhh to my shoki...*mwaaah*
*Ding dong merrily on high, in heaven the bells are ringing....

*Ding dong merrily reply...the angels they are singing.....

Xmas bells are ringing its almost deafening.....I'm excited already....

So this season, I'll sing a Christmas hymn as intro for my posts....*thumbs up*. I've not gotten my Christmas cloth sha... I told my friend that I don't have Christmas cloth and he said I'm childish... who doesn't buy Christmas shoe and cloth? Raise your hand now lemme see... So I'm not alone sha. 

Hello mi lovies toh splufik..rated toh badt...*wink*.. how are you and how's your Monday going? I've decided to quit the 'I hate Mondays' attitude so this is what I'll do... I'll keep assuming every Monday is Friday ...LOL....even though I know it is impossible. Hehe. 

Mehn there is no weekend download today o..(like seriously....*sad face*).... My weekend was boring like shit..(everything is like shit....LOL).... I didn't even go to church....Imagine! I caught the flu over the weekend and so I was practically handicapped ......all weekend...*sighs*.

Y'all remember me ranting on Thursday about the heat? Remember I wished for rain? Well Rain fell on that day and guess what folks?...... Harmattan is here..Yay!!! *dancing shoki remix in blues...LOL..*....I Woke up this morning and I smelt Harmattan. .....Yes I smell things like that.Don't ask me how's just one of my super powers ..hehehe. I'm so happy.

News!......I have 3 new friends..*big smile*..... The way I always take this friendship issue as a big deal ehn?...Well yea it's a big deal to me * straight face*... I Wanna give a shout out to Jamie, Eniola and GB (yep he finally found his way to my heart....thanks hun for the gift... God bless you). Also Duru has finally got me into his confused world...*rolls eyes +deep sigh*.... I just can't shout but I'm loving it there...... Zoe I've missed you and you know it. What's going on mami? Don't let me come and kidnap you oo...Cos I have learnt some A class kidnapping skills....LOL.

Though there is no weekend download or gist, I still have something for us..(ain't I just sweet like that *big grin*)..... I got this message from a friend of mine (Hello padi mi Raliat.... *yeah that's how I greet her) and I just thought to share with you cos it kind of speaks to me too.

Mobylizers of life, I hope you learn a lot from this much as I did.....


These days we have found it really difficult to loosen up. Well...some would call it INTEGRITY, but I call it PRIDE!!!

Have you wondered and asked yourself why some relationships these days won't just work out? It's because  nobody wants to reach out and nobody wants to be sorry. You will see some relationships and marriages working out fine.... it's not like they don't have their issues, of course they do, but they never let pride get in their way  as they would always reach out to each other, regardless the gender.

I'm so sad about the way things are going and also about the many stories I hear about some it a Guy or a Lady, don't let this egocentric nature get in your way.

Guys!!!! DON'T say because you are a man you'd just watch the lady you truly love walk away and most especially ladies!!! Drop the drama, loosen up, reach out to the one you love , don't let him walk away. It would even hurt you more seeing him with another lady so get out of that your uncomfy shoes and run as fast as you can after him, either for being sorry for the wrong you have done to him or for a fresh start relationship. Forget who approaches who first... just go for him, it won't hurt. And for those in a relationship, don't wait for your spouse to call you first because he is the man, you both are in it together. Pick up your phone and make the call, forget him reciprocating because of his busy schedules. Even if he doesn't return the calls, he sees it all, he knows you are trying your best and of course, it doesn't mean the guys should take it for granted or take advantage of that.

REACH OUT TODAY....... If you really like someone and you want to know more about that person, my dear brothers and sisters, do not let pride get in the way of the potential love...I repeat!!! Do not let PRIDE get in the way!!!.. Reach out today.... Tell someone how much You want to be in their life... Life is too short to let Ego rule you .... Have a fabulous week ahead of you all ..... God's blessing my people...

That's it Mobylizers...Power packed, filled with wisdom and truth and very practical....lets try and be better people to those we claim to love and even those we are hoping to have something with. Treat people better and you'll always get the best from them. I can never get tired of telling you all I love you. Yes I love you... Thanks for taking the time out to read this. God bless you *in Jamie's voice* *winks*



  1. Hiya mami...This is a lovely piece...Erhmmmm.....So I see that GB nominated you for the #One2Infinity Challenge and he has passed you your gift...It's your turn to nominate someone now and you gotta do it within 48 hours so that we can get it going...So I will be waiting....Thanks mami.

  2. Mehn! I'm blushing. and smiling like someone that has won a lottery. so am moby's friend????
    Waow!! thank you sweerie...
    was thinking i'd see party rice pictures today. lol.
    my Monday is like Friday nao o. vacation tnzzzz

  3. Moby, ure right jawe, we need to put aside our pride...Mami, u got me with the "weekend download" was expecting pictures*

  4. hi ya. lemme share my own story. I did reach out to an ex of 2yrs whom I still love nd thinking abt alot. he was nice nd friendly but said for some reasons we as a couple will not work.
    mehn I cried ehn. he is dating someone now sef.
    so my reaching out didnt turn out as I planned.

  5. Hehe, i'm blushing o, moby can know hw to make person head to swell like!!!, Tanx for d advice o, pride is killing so many prospective relationships and pple are still yet to realise it, preach it moby!

  6. Moby since you don't love me, oya send my guest post sharp sharp o
    I love you more boo.... I'm pretty sure your weekend wasn't as boring as mine

  7. It's a nice piece moby, I guess am not ur friend abi.... Their is God ooo

  8. I kanutblivit.Bolaji didn't have an owanbeful weekend.heya.and I had owanbe with plenty rice.i will invite you later

  9. heheheheheheheheheh Dont we all just love moby? I mean she is all shades of awesome.. In fact **In Korede's voice, Doro Mega+ Doro Super+Doro Moby = DoroMegaSuperMoby.. heheheheheh Aswear Bubba, you are amazingggggggg.. lmao! its amazing how you just make us smile like fishes with everyu post, and how you are becoming one of the bestest reads down here :), In short **Chop wet french Kiss... As I am typing this yeah, I am smiling at the PC like a fish, and wondering to myself, that Moby must be the realest coolest babe i met in all 2014. You rock Bubba. lmao.. Moby, may GOD bless the evening I met you down here, its been awesome all the way... Moby!!!!! Moby!!!!!!!!! Moby!!!!!!!!!!! Amma try get Wajilda to read your Blog, you and that babe are 2 of a kind aswear. :) Cheers Bubba, and hope the flu is passed now oh! xx

  10. Pride is one of the most serious issue disturbing most relationship. Too bad!


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