Tuesday, 9 December 2014





Ahan.....where are all these children? ???...

Anyone home.....

Moby has come again oooo to disturb you guys....

Oya oya....come out ooo....bring mattress....bring bench. ...come and hear ooĆ².

It's so funny that I still run this blog after 7 months...I'm totally amazed at me.... You all don't know how fast I get tired of things. I get tired of anything after doing it for as much as 20 times.. (in some cases that's too much sef)... I even get tired of people but everytime that 'dump-it' feeling comes especially when it concerns this blog (yes it has come a lot of times) , I just always find myself shaking it off...why? Maybe because I like doing gbeborun with all of you.*big grin*..my gbeborun skills have improved since I met all of you..*wink*.... or maybe it's cos I really love my mobylizers or because I just love being here. ...I can't quite figure it but I've been doing this for this long and I am not going to give it up for anything.... I promise I won't go anywhere... I might just be blogging till I'm gray and old and I'll be gisting you all about how my back hurts and how sex is no longer interesting cos leboo is already old too and his thing can't stand up again even with viagra sef.... *covers face*....I reject it o... *see leboo giving me the eye*....LOL. . and then Chioma will drop a comment saying her grandchildren just finished their masters in the UK... Eniola will be with hubby in neptune, Aby will be a don jasi Grandma...she'll be chasing her great grand kids all over the place and making errors on her blog posts. ..LOL ...We'll be hooking up in mars to party and Tibs will be like Oga mofaya just bought the latest model space ship for her... (the jet would be out of fashion then) ...Bimbo and Sunbo will be chilling on the moon with their husbands, Bukky will be the first lady of America...  Mannie will be in the sun... I dunno what he'll be doing there but he'll just be chilling on some cold alomo bitters (then alomo will be the most expensive drink
...LOL) and Nike.... Nike will be one big madam...her kids will be in top places...controlling gold. I'm sure people won't be spending money by then.... I actually wanted to mention everyone's name but my oga at the top *eyeing Tosin* said my story is always too plenty...so I'll just shut up. But guess what? I know by then all of us reading this post will be so blessed that blessing sef no go understand am anymore. I double sight Praiz, Simi, Sisilicious natural, Oby, Omowunmi, GB.... (I'm sure I'll still be crushing on GB), Zeezah... she'll be miss earth with that her stature to die for...kai, Amaka, Ugo, Sogie, Esther, Chiemela, Toun, Bree L, Habeebat, Duru....duru....duru will be married to two beautiful women *hahahaha*... Wajilda and Ronii.. *I did no say anything o*, Oma, Buiti will be one bad ass grandma...she'll be wearing bum shorts and crop top....cos she'll be one big fashion mogul...LOL Mbata, Superlux, NSG, Gbemi, Cassie....Miss bng will be the president of Nigeria so let me start famzing now o, Godfirst, Adaora, Sandra and all the anonymous'... by then they'll have google accounts and be able to comment with their names...hehehe *covers face*.

Now because of my plenty story written above, my weekend download will be short small. I had an impromptu client on Saturday. She wanted smokey eyes and loud lips and so I gave her smokey.... ... Why is it called Smokey in the 1st place? I dunno o. This was the look I was able to achieve.

From there, I had a fashion exhibition in church so I had to rush down and it was fabulous. When I was asked to walk through the models and take a bow, chineke mehhhhh... I was shy like shit *that is if shit is shy o...which I strongly doubt*. People were clapping and my head was just growing big. Mehn its good to be a star o *in my mind*. Leboo was supposed to take pictures but he didn't.  I'm sure he would tell you why he didn't in the comment section himself. Anyways Saturday was really fun *dancing*

On Sunday,  I had to be in Leboo's church for their Adult harvest.... If there's something I always look forward to during any harvest in Leboo's church, its the jollof rice...it is always delicious. *wink* l ate bellefull and when I got home I couldn't move my body....*covers face*. I wanted to sleep but then I remembered there was a praise concert I had to attend. I wish I invited you all. When you are in the midst of people praising God, mehn your head will just be swelling. It was a wonderful time in his presence and Pastor Tunde Bakare was on fire. I've never heard him preach but the little he said made a whole lot of sense. Who has heard Pastor Bakare preach before?

If you do not remember anything from today's post, please remember this.... Always thank God for everything. Thank him for what you have and he'll bless you with what you want. You do not have a car, or a job or a spouse or expensive clothes and shoes and the huge account balance....quit complaining. Thank him for the breath of life, for good health, for freedom, for your family and he would bless you with all the things you want. May God answer all our prayers and bless us abundantly before the year runs out...Amen.

To everyone that asked for ankara bags for Christmas,  we'll hook up soon so you can get your bags. So who is giving me something o? Abeg make me happy na...ask for my account number. Na Gtbank i dey use o. Hahaha... any gift is appreciated.

God bless us all....

Compliments of the season. ..



  1. the make-up is lovely....hope my ankara bag is ready too oh

  2. Hahaha...the spaceship part got me laughing....I mean...do you know how many times my husband has asked me what the hell I'm gonna do with a private jet...lol...Now this is alot of fun for one person mehn!...I'm glad you had fun mami...

  3. Hmm, Moby I had the intentions of kidnapping you, but Immediately I saw gtbank my heart melted. I really love that Tibs part, the private jet abi space ship should come quick. I also love Duru's part, but moby he Hehe two women can kill an ibo boy oooo. My Mami beauty he Hehe bad ass grand ma

  4. I will have an account by nextweek. You dont worry.

  5. Heheehe. Ofcourse i will be with hubby Bur neptune???? confused.com!!!!
    as per the praise nyt. i get the same feeling too when i praise. i feel like am in heaven.... i love worship!!!! Tz an addiction.
    my xmas gift!!!! u said u wee gimme a book. Okayyyyyy....

  6. hahahahahahahah!you are so funny,nice one there,hilarious.i usually see your blog on tibs but i didnt deem it fit to visit but today the holy spirit ministered to me to visit all the blog on tibs and yours caught my attention,i love your choice of words,humour and your ''buitifulself".


  7. Moby gbeborun of life.... Don't you dare dump this blog o... Who will now be giving me weekend download na
    i saw the makeup on IG, I wish i could double like

  8. Your client looks gud o.you did a good job.when will you panel beat my face aunty?

  9. hehehehehehehehheheheheheheheheheheheh Chisos Moby!!!!!!!! you are not well oh! in short with all due respect accrued Moby; You are crazy! lmao and thats why I love you much.. So you are still #TeamWajilda ba? berra port oh, cause nepa e haf take light there.:) kai! i laughed so hard at that line, that my stomach hurts.. Ice told me about it last night. :) So you have use your hand to help me propose to Ronii ba? issorait. I mean Moby you may not know this yeah, but Bubba you are a blessing aswear, making us smile and giving us reasons to be happy. GOD bless you loads Baby mi...

    Mehn I wanna be like you when I grow up oh! Every weekend na turn up! Osssshhhhheeey.. hehehehehehe Mehn Moby! you rock. in short Moby!! moby!!! Moby!!!!! I love you Bubba, aswear. Plus your client looked frosh after undergoing your panel-beating oh, ,maybe you could work on my next girlfriend a couple of times to make her that ghen ghen like that, and give her smokey something too.. Cheers Bubba.

  10. Ewooo...Moby....I haff vex....you just double sight me....no glimpse into my future??...its official...I go dey comment everyday...(I hope I remember)....Tibs,Aby,Chioma and Eniola should watch their backs...hehehe.
    As for Mannie....I sabi Tito naa....*famzing mode*....so I should be representing...lol.
    I do appreciate the love babes....and as you grow old still dey give us tori....lol...we sef go dey here dey enjoy am.

    P.S....can you please ask Tibs how I can subscribe to her blog....been trying to no avail...and Aby's doing great as well...no wonder you so good...with such great people around you.
    Hope too join you guys soon....followed your advice...been taking pictures and notes down...lol...expect something soon.

  11. Uhn moby, me 2 i'm crushing u o* leboo carry eyes o*...as for d fashion exhibition, u should go more often o bcos u are beautiful inside out and ur client looks good 2!

  12. I believe in the truth as most legends are over rated often times. Tho most pple tend to go by legends cos everyone believes them.

  13. Hhahahhana you go dey wear bum short kia! lol bnice job dear
    i have a video up o.. go see

  14. Moby the panel beater, you did a great job. I am looling at all these futuristic thinking. Na eye you eye me you know see my future tok

  15. I don't know how abracadabra made my comment on Tibs blog appear here o. My enemies in our village don't want me to collect my Ankara bag abi? Na lie!!!!
    Nice work Moby

  16. See my future I Moby you are wicked o.This is really funny though

  17. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha u so 4unny Moby thnx for ur prayer luv 3much, that make up look luvly on point Almighty God 'll continue to bless the work of ur hand. #Doromake-up artist superstar .......

  18. i just added you on my bloglist dear...so i wont be "milxing"your stories.


  19. LOL....u are really funny. Nyc make up dear n tanx 4 ur prayers. God bless u plenty.

  20. LOL....u are really funny. Nyc make up dear n tanx 4 ur prayers. God bless u plenty.

  21. Errr....I'm sorry I didn't take pictures....I was eating and at that point, I had my teeth sunk deep in one juicy piece of chicken...emabiinu...just picture Moby was as gorgeous as ever....errr Gbolahan...I've killed 4 less....#watchurback

  22. Errr....I'm sorry I didn't take pictures....I was eating and at that point, I had my teeth sunk deep in one juicy piece of chicken...emabiinu...just picture Moby was as gorgeous as ever....errr Gbolahan...I've killed 4 less....#watchurback

  23. so for MOBY Tz jollof rice nd for Leboo Tz chicken! Heeheee.

  24. Great post; I like your sense of humor...:-)
    Christmas Giveaway on my blog. Stop by and check it out.
    Have a great weekend.



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