Monday, 22 December 2014


And this, my friend, is how to dance shoki


Guess what?....I'm composing my own's gonna be R&B...or Blues.....or Country music...LMAO.......can you imagine shoki in any of the three genres I just mentioned???...Lol.....Epic mheeen....Epic!!...If you wanna collabo with me, just holla ooo... before its too late *covers face*.

Anyway Mobylistic Mobylizers....I just had to shoki my way in..*shokilizer mode* LOL....Mehn I've missed this place walai. How are we all doing? I really want to believe we are doing well...*thumbs up*

 Its 3 days to Christmas ooo (hands on head) and then before we know it, it would be new year. I am so grateful to be alive and well and I'm happiest I have the most amazing people in the world to call friends....Mobylizers..

You see when I put up my Dear Moby post, I was like 'I won't moderate any comment jor...*folds arms*....Since the comments would be meant for me na... so no one needs to read it ..just me'. But then gbam!.... one mail landed in my inbox. Someone apparently was thinking of breaking up with her boyfriend but couldn't cos they had done introduction....*sighs*. So she saw my dear Moby post (my own issue) and she said:.... In her words; 'I need to know what you'll do in my case'....And I'm like... Look at me looking for advice and here I was being asked for advice by someone else over a similar problem ...*sighs again*. I was able to muster up some strength to give her some encouragement even though I was not in my happiest mood...*big grin*...I do not regret putting up my last post (not one bit) and I am so happy I started this blog. It was the best decision I made in May 2014...Thank you all for your love and support. God bless you.
Apparently a lot of people read this blog but them no dey gree comment....*rolls eyes*... If you know how many people have called me since Wednesday.... Omo na die. Thanks guys...*hugs*...I want to give out small shout out oooo.... First to Duru, this boy got me mehn. *fist bump*..The 1st time I was on Duru's blog, I connected instantly with this nigga....I don't know what he did but his jazz really worked.... Guy go and thank your jazzman cos he did a good job. Thanks bubba. And to the woman that makes this my nigga happy (cos at this point I do not know who it is anymore *covers face*), thank you so much. Wajilda, I hope one day you and Duru find your way back to the love garden..(it's not hard to find...LoL)... I Dunno why I like you...maybe its cos I like Duru and so I must like everything he likes....including you. Thanks mami for the call.*Hugs*

To Eniola, babes I love you ehn kai.... where have you been all my life o...see the way I was blushing when she called...LOL... Thank you so much..... Suzanne....Suzanne...I hope our thread never untangles.. Believe me when I say I almost cried when I got your call. This babe got my heart...thank you so much.... Habeebat, I hope you are dancing shoki now o.(it's because of you I'm releasing my own version..LOL)...hahaha. Thanks mami... Chioma, Tayo, Doyin, Kenny, thank you so much. To everyone that sent me texts, emails, the phone calls, thank you so much for your love and care. Thank you...*big hug*

You know I usually put up post using my phone so I don't get to see my page view stats. Mehn I checked my blog using a laptop on Friday and I saw I had over 100 thousand page views. I was like WHAT??? gaddamnbullshit? I was telling myself someone definitely did something to this thing cos it didn't look normal...100 k??? Views???. I was almost tapping the laptop so it would show the original stat. I mean people actually read this little blog of mine....*humbled*. To everyone that comes online and checks my blog....even though some don't drop comments and some do, I say a big thank you.  I must be doing something right o....kai. Thank you so much....*on my knees like a proper Yoruba lady*..

To everyone that left a comment on my ‘Dear Moby' post,  (both the 1st timers and the old timers), I say thank you so much. Your piece of advice will definitely go a long way I promise. Now I know you all got my back. Thank you. To Wole, trust me you don't know that I am seriously considering your advice. Thank you so much. And yes...please vote for my friend o... Best actor in a short movie... Wole Ojo ...In the Africa magic viewer's choice award. He said he would come and ask for your votes I have done my own part of the deal o.  Thanks bubba..

I have one new year's resolution...maybe more than one sha but this one is most important. I will start reading my mails on time. I don't care if I have to run to the cyber cafe to check, I shall be reading my mails on time....*cross my heart*...I need to tender an apology to Miss Cassie. I was angry at myself when I read your mail a week late. You see, there was this fashion bloggers yard sale and everything was sold for 2000 naira and less. I was pained when I saw that Cassie had invited me but I didn't read the mail on time....*angry with steam*... Like seriously.... I would have jumped at any opportunity to shop knowing I won't spend so much (but thinking about it again I think I would have spent so much) but my ‘read-mail-late' syndrome just had to mess it up. I'm so sorry Cassie. I hope you still trust me enough to send me another invite of something so important.

With all this my story, I doubt I can type any weekend download o before my ogas at the top (y'all know them na.... their names starts with T and G) will say something else. My weekend was full of party jollof rice sha. I can only imagine how much weight I've gained. That's the summary of my weekend.
To everyone that wants to see what Iya Dayo looks like, here she is
I'm back and I can't wait to serve you better. Christmas doesn't look like so much fun from where I'm standing...(well that's at the moment though...who knows what tomorrow would bring). All my goons are all over the who has a plan for me? Any plan you cook up, I am interested......Who had an eventful weekend? I wanna know. Make me jealous please... oya.

Love you all......Compliments of the season and remember Jesus Christ is the reason for this season...Its all about Him so give Him a birthday to someone about Him via any means... please.... and then ask for my account number in the process.. hehehe.

I'm in the Christmas mood at the moment so the first person to leave a comment gets airtime from me. I know you weren't expecting it... I neva experrit it too....but its the least I can do.

P.S: I have been messing with the template of the blog....I'm sorry. Some people said they couldn't view the blog cos of the former template but please forgive me...I'll keep trying to do somethings to it *I can't promise I won't* but please endure for the mean time... please *bats lashes*. Thanks. ..



  1. I saw that picture this morning and I tried so hard to dance the thing, but the igbo girl in me was on riot. Am glad you are alright now.
    Ehn ehn moby your mother fine die, you resemble her gan. You no go believe say I still dey school till now.
    My weekend was awesome, saw a theatre production in my school with my goons, and it was awesome *how many awesome in one sentence nah? Still awesomely awesome, then came convocation dinner mehn it was nice. Other than that nothing really happened.
    Moby is a strong girl, you are the wax in my candle, I love you like kilode sef.

    1. Hahahaha. I love you too hun... thanks mami. And I'm sending your airtime right about now. Mwaaahhh

  2. Welcome back babe! Your mummy is preeeetttttttyyyy, this shoki dance needs a video, pls don't just record the song, shoot a video. Glad you are ok. *big hug*

    1. Hahahaha. We shall be in the video together...hehe. Thank you so much.

  3. Yaay, our dear moby is up and standing o *dancing shoki wit her *...I really need to start following u to all dis jollof rice party o, I like party rice too...Merry christmas in advance...oma bubble!

    1. Hahahaha. Incase you want to be my owanbe buddy, please send a formal letter to me and I shall approve. Hehe.

  4. First to comment?!! Lol. I would be expecting our own shoki version very soon. Wait, is that Iya Dayo?!!!!! She looks like shes Ur twin not your mum. Amazing! My weekend was just the as usual except for yesterday, it was my friend's bday.

  5. Mobyyyyyyy!!!!! Good to know you are happyyyyyyy interested in the shoki collabo ooo. holla me when you are ready.

  6. Mami. welcome back....
    is that really ur mum??? Shez so beautiful and looks pretty young.
    the beauty runs in the family genes...

  7. Welcome back, am not a visitor tho but this will be d first time I will drop a comment

  8. Ahhhhhh Shoki.... Shoki Ehhhhhh Shoki.... I don apply to join the collabo o.... I'm so glad you're back n happy. Sorry I couldn't call or text, I don't have your number. I didn't send a mail either, you know why na
    Mobyyyyyyy can I adopt your mummy........ She's so hawt, n beautiful, n pretty and young. Now I understand why yaa so fine
    Babes, where my guest post na? We go fight o
    Last but not the least I'M HOME........ Been eating like no man biz since

  9. lolol@ iya Dayo
    Moby am glad you beter now.. I hope we still have my deal for my wedding make up ooo

  10. Moby glad u are better, as for not reading your mails earlier.... I am still vexing for you

  11. Replies
    1. Awwwwww thanks. So my mum is shokiliciously beautiful. I will tell her you said so....hehehe

  12. Yay! she is back. I love what you have done with your blog. Can you put up a tutorial? I need to tweak my blog too and make it as fly as yours. Thanks....*wink*

  13. Heheheheheheheh any time we come down here, happiness is a grand norm, and thats how awesome you are Moby, thank you for being a light in our lives Bubba... Turn up Turn Up ladies and Gentlemen, Moby of life is back... :) and berra.

  14. Welcome back Moby bt ur mum is pretty oooo I was xpectin iya dayo to b one old woman


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