Monday, 1 December 2014


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We started from January now we here....

  We started from January now here....balling in December...

# We started from January now we here....

# haters can do nothing cos we all made it here......Yo!

LOL.....*snap back*

We made it oooo.... we made it o... *ties wrapper tight round waist and jumping for joy*

We don make am enter December ooooo.....Lol

People of the Mobylizing world...It's the 1st day of the last month of the year. Wow... lo n pop mehn?  I'm just feeling really cool today...I feel blessed....I feel favoured and I am thankful to God Almighty... Congratulations to everyone reading this post... you also made it....I need to give you a big hug *opens arms*. And a heartfelt *Christian* kiss..

I just thought to drop something to kick start the week. I'm sure you were expecting weekend download. ..well my weekend was full of spiritual activities *angel* and I felt if I don't share with you guys, God won't be so happy with me. I'm going to share a little story and then I'll give you gist about how my weekend went...*wink*

Story story.......

Once upon a time.....

A man died and when he realized it, he saw God coming towards him with a suitcase in His Hand. The following conversation ensued between them:

God - Alright son, it's time to go.

Surprised, the man responded:

Now?  So soon? I had and still have a lot of plans...

God - I'm sorry but it's time to go.

Man - What do you have in that suitcase?

God - Your belongings.

Man - My belongings? You mean my things, my clothes, my money?

God - Those things were not yours; they belonged to the earth.

Man - Is it my memories?

God - Those never belonged to you; they belonged to Time

Man - Is it my talents?

God - Those were never yours; they belonged to the circumstances of your life.

Man - Is it my friends and family?

God - I'm sorry they were never yours. They belonged to the path.

Man - Is it my wife and children?

God - They were never yours; they belonged to your heart.

Man - Is it my body?

God - That was never yours; it belonged to the dust.

Man - Is it my soul?

God - No that is mine.

Full of fear, the man took the suitcase from God and opened it. . . just to find out the suitcase was empty.

With a tear coming down his cheek, the man said:

Man - I never had anything???

God - That is correct. Every moment you lived was the only belonging you had.

This is a great lesson. Life is just a moment - a moment that belongs to only you. For this reason, enjoy your time and use it wisely while you have it. Live now and love your life. Don't let any material thing you think you own or you are struggling to acquire stop you from doing so. Don't forget to be happy...You owe yourself that much. Material things and everything else that you fought for will stay here..In the end, where you end is all that matters. Your primary duty is to serve & worship your creator. Live for God and in the end, He will reward you.

I hope this story speaks to someone....*hugs*

Yes...My weekend gist;

I spent most of the weekend in church...
Sunday had most of the interesting event. We had a drama ministration in church and I wish I could share the video on the blog. It was so touching, challenging and cool.  While I was watching the drama, a few thoughts came to mind. How many people do we really talk to about God? Do you know some people still don't believe God exists? Will God look at us and say 'you are just a waste of my investment' or will he say 'this is my son in whom I'm well pleased'? Do we wait till we are so comfortable before we read our bible or wait till things are not going as we planned before we remember to talk to Him? Do we remember to thank Him for the smallest things and Thank Him for life?....  

Let us take out time to reflect on these things. In the midst of our hustling and bustling, do not forget that God was the one that gave us life in the first place. Ignorance is not an excuse...Seek God now and endeavour to have a relationship with Jesus Christ..You would do yourself good.. And for those of us that are born again, make it a duty to talk to someone about Jesus Christ..Spread the good news...God bless us..

It's a new's the last month of the year. It is not too late.....You can still achieve that goal...that dream can still come to pass....Just hand it over to Jesus Christ and he'll do you right.

You're welcome to the month of December, the month of Thanksgiving...The Month of our saviours birth... I decree concerning you and your household; thanksgiving will not cease in your home now and beyond in Jesus Christs name. ..... Happy New Month and merry Christmas in advance.  PAUSE!!...In case you guys have party in your house before Christmas, (that's a party with party rice)..abeg don't forget to invite me o even though I'm still watching my weight....*covers face*

Have a lovely 1st of December today...hehehe



  1. happy new month mobilizers.!!!!!! the way moby dey chop comment person no go know if na him be 1st to comment now. *red face*
    Moby can tell story for africa sha. *sips coke*


  2. You always surprise me all the time bolaji.Its like you av knowledege about eeverytin. God o, u know.Boy trouble? U know.How to kiss a boy you know, love nko you know.Abeg is there sometin u do not know.I am so inspired by this message.Its not always easy talking to people about God, lets be sincere.Its either they dont want to listen or they already heard wat u want to say, u get?so how do we really go about it?

  3. Hiya mamacita! Happy New Month eh....I love the lil story you got up there....Food for thought!...Uhmmm mami, why are you watching your weight?'s xmas mami!...Eat all them food you can lay your hands

  4. Happy new month Mobylizers, may all our wishes come true.

  5. y did u stop d rap nah??? happy nuuuu month MOBY

  6. Thanks for this inspiring post. Commenting for the first time ... Simi

    1. Welcome to the family Simi...we love you already... mwaaah

  7. heheheheheheheheheheehehheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh Chisos! Moby you are epic... No shade intended yeah, but this line though?! @ ""And for those of us that are born again"" It is well oooo... Mehn Bubba, its scary yeah, that we often times live like we know it all, and we own it all. We daily strive to be better than the next, to be smarter to be richer, but as Pastor Moby has taught us today, the life we live is sincerely not ours. So lets live each day like its ours, cause at the end yeah, when this life is over, it would be about how many lives we touched, as against how much we stored.

    Moby, you are an awesome lady, today you are crazy, tomorrow you are sane, you are just awesome by nature aswear. :) Cheers.

  8. Am inspired, thank you very much. Happy New Month Moby.

  9. Am inspired, thank you very much. Happy New Month Moby.

  10. Happy new month Moby. May we all be alive to say merry christmas and happy new ywar

  11. Inspirational and motivational talk

  12. HNM dearie, nice post jare! The lil story got me thinking

  13. Nice one Moby! really a great reminder for us all.

  14. Happy new month Moby and great post...


  15. The story got me thinking for a bit..Happy new month dear


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