Friday, 9 January 2015


Oya shokiiii ooooooo.....Jijo shokii


 I promised no more shoki on this blog, shey? 

Hmmmn what new dance style are we going to have this year?.....Maybe we should create ours.....abi?.......We would call it LIZER.....*big smile*......once I've created and perfected the move, I'll let us know...*hahahaha* but I'll need help...from God and man (meaning you...yes you).

This post is coming as a direct order from my oga at the top ooo....In fact, I was ordered, mandated, authorized, cornered......He didn't even try to toast me to help him put the post up...He said I must...(of course its Leboo *rolls eyes*).....Anyway, shey you will let me rest now (*turns to leboo*) we go....

Give your self the best wedding gift ever...

Or give your friend(s) a wedding "plus" that would leave them thanking you 4ever...

Now you can have what they had without you looking envious...

...Cos you deserve it!!!

So if they had the best wedding MC, ......Who says you can't???

Avoid having to re-do your wedding ( and all other events)......get the best MC!....

Distance is no barrier!.

#Hirethebest #getyourmcnow #planearly #thumbsup

Bolatito Charles....

@Titocharles45 (+IG)


Whatsapp: 08076504656

Call: 07011209592

Get a glimpse here:

The end.


That's it ooo....So for Mobylizers getting married or those that have or know people getting married....You guys should hire us ooo... yes including me..*straight face*.

And also, the next Moby Impressionz class (bag making / footwear making /make up classes +gele) starts January 15th.....Registration is on...

You can attend or sponsor someone to attend and start the business with that person working for you...see this link for more info:

Ok Mobylizers....I can already feel this year is gonna be great for all of us...

 In other news, who has seen the movie 'Annie'? I saw it yesterday. I should do a review shey?... My advice? Please go and see it. I loved every part of it.... minus the singing part sha. Its an amazing movie... I'm sure you would learn a thing or two from it.

Anyway, have a fabulous day. Mama loves you *kisses*



  1. Moby all you need to do is get me a husband, then you and Titto can take over, even the wedding planning. Of course he would have to be rich cos 2 broke people don't get married bah?
    How are you doing babe? *claps hand* *dancing Lizer* take enof pishos biko

  2. *clears throat* Moby is it not only LIFWT they paid you to advertise? Why did you now add Moby Impressionz?
    Abeg do and form the LIZER dancestep o
    How are you doing

  3. One way no enter market jaw. Good one.
    All the best.

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