Wednesday, 7 January 2015


My gist and my gbeborun cute 
Hello mi lovies......

Sup Mobylizers....

Ki lo n pop mehn?.....Y'all good?....

I have decided that this year, I am going to stop being razz. No more shoki on my blog anymore, no more over the top razz greetings and intro's, no more razz gestures...... no more *straight face*...

Someone suggested I do a tutorial of how I packed my braids during christmas... I remember. I need a good photographer. Once I get one, I will put up a step by step picture. Don't worry. This is what it looked like.
You all remember the sisterhood blogger's award I was nominated for the other day where I was asked to talk about a part of myself I struggled with and how I got out of it?.... If you don't, read the post via this link.

So a very beautiful and intelligent blogger friend of mine sent me a mail and suggested we start a movement on social media and in the real world. You see I've noticed that we all have insecurities.... Most especially women..Yes I said it..We all do!... Some years ago before Leboo became boyfriend,  I had lots of celebrity friends and I used to attend celebrity parties...(yea I know I'm a star...hehehe *pops collar*) At one of the parties, I met one babe like that. She is one of the finest girls I've met in my life. She's tall (I looked like a dwarf beside her), fair, beautiful skin but I noticed she had low self esteem. She came into the party shoulders down and I was wondering 'if a girl this fine and frosh (meaning extreme freshness) can have a low self esteem, who am I?'..... I later noticed she had bad dentition (more like terrible dentition) and so she didn't smile a lot hence her gloomy appearance.

I actually went to speak to her later cos she was alone all through the party and I discovered her dentition was practically her only worry in life.... What's the koko of my story? You shall find out very soon.... 

In my opinion, low self esteem is one of the reasons you'll see some people fix weaveons of over 100 thousand naira on their head (I still can't phantom this), buy cream to look fairer and do all sorts of physical alterations to look "better" puns intended. Do you believe that a girl I know spent about 120thousand naira on weaveon only and was asking me to borrow her money? Hian!!...Truthfully I would have borrowed her if I didn't know she bought that liability called weaveon. I went for a comedy show with Leboo during the festive period and Dedon (he is a popular comedian) was saying 'men do not notice all the extra touches and extra money women spend on making themselves look "good". If you like use mary kay or use white powder, as long as you look clean, any man will follow you go'. Morale of the story, men are blind. They do not see all the brazillian peruvian. They are only interested in what you can offer...I don't mean only sex o...Now note this, I am not castigating every one that buys big big money weave ons ooo....If you have the money, fine!.....its ok to feel pretty with ones self and occasional self indulging is good....but when you have to go out of your way or probably starve yourself, that's where I draw the line.

So myself and Ugo Ukam have decided to start this trend where we get to talk about loving ourselves irrespective of the obvious. I'm going to be talking to a few bloggers and when we finalise, I will be the first to give you guys the load down...*muah*

Who was at Ikeja City mall during the festive period? Omo na die oo!. People were practically sitting on the stair way to have picnic with their family. I was angry and irritated. Movies were sold out, eateries were full, ice cream was sold out in all eateries.... I was so angry ehn...and I didn't want to go out o... Tito just had to set me up...*rolls eyes*... This is what shoprite looked like.

The gbeborun I wanted to do....*clears throat* I found out that two of my girl friends are dating the same guy. boy...two girls...Moby's friends..!. 

Should I tell?

P.S: if any of my friends reads this and decides to ping me one yeye ping to ask me yeye questions, I will delete you ni sharp sharp...LOL... I came here to ask for advice. If you think your boyfriend is cheating on you, ask him... not closed!!..*straight face*

Guys what do you think I should do? Confess or keep my big mouth shut?

Ese modupe (Thank you)


*runs off*


  1. hey sweet...
    d idea is cool.
    n ur friends are on a long thing o. Abeg cut them short!

  2. Love this post! Can wait for the movement to start!
    Don't tell them anything

  3. Ah this your gbeborun is strong oh. LOL. About your friends dating the same guy I'll just leave it to play out or drop hints....but you nor go hear am from my mouth. Yes...we should love ourselves as women. Happy new year my fellow gbeborun

  4. That hundred thousand Naira hair thing is what I still don't understand even though am not against anyone spending outrageously insane money to look pretty, its their choice. I keep saying this, beauty is overrated. Your friends dating same guy? That is hilarious.
    Ehen Moby shebi you know you will soon become a celebrity make up artist by God's grace? Remember us then *winks*.

  5. Moby you are truly a drama does leboo cope wit you at all.I love the way you packed your braids, I'm waitin for the tutorial. About your friends, goodluck to them . don't say anything

  6. Hmmm.
    You want to cause hypertension among your friends abi?I can imagining them scratching their heads.
    Bet we need more gist nah.
    Does the Le Boo know they are friends?
    How you sef take know?
    Did the second girl know that her friend was already dating him or is it a case of genuine ignorance?
    Anyway I don't think you should tell them sha. Cos it will definitely cause a rift. Besides you can get caught in the middle of it.

    1. When Funmi decided to go all FBI on my ass.... see questions o... now I am truly running away. Any answer would leave a clue and I'm guessing someone might find out. So byeeeeeee

  7. *clears throat* same reasons why i didn't visit the cinemas over the festive periods (too crowded for my comfort).
    Insecurities? I'm gonna love that movement.

    Ps: no problem if a lady buys a weaveon worth over hundred thousand box as far as she doesn't go broke after. :D


  8. ! boy, 2 ladies! Opari! I don't know though. As for the Ugo's idea, sounds fabulous. Can't wait

  9. Hiya mami.....Erhmmmm...As far as I know...I am not a snitch.....buh if you feel comfortable talking to them bout it...then Great!......**waves at Tito**

  10. Your hair looks good. I suggest you tell your friend before it becomes too late.

  11. Ehrmmmm Bolaji this had better be good.calling you now

  12. Your hair looks nicely packed hun..the trend Idea is really good. I'll be looking foward to it. X

  13. Moby don't say anything oooooo.... Before they'll use you as settling point
    I'm definitely loving the movement already.People need to learn to love themselves no matter how horrible they look and realise that all the money and hair and nice clothes ain't gonna buy your self esteem back if you dont know where you lost it in the first place.

  14. looking forward to the per the gbebs...if i were you,i go spill am i no send so far i getr evidence.its none of my business if they gang up against you ooo

  15. I'm interested in your plan.
    As regards your gist, if they can handle it maturely, you can tell them. Else, siddon dey look

  16. Definitely love the idea of the movement already. Hmm I see leboos comment up dear. Some people will be borrowing food, textbook but you see the hair and clothes they wear *misplaced priorities*.
    Leave the two of em to settle their matter oh

  17. hahhaha.. i would want to know if i was yur girlfried oo.. just drop lil hints for them. Or set them up lolol


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